Meat in French

How to cook the meat in French?Probably every good housewife has its own special recipe of the dishes.Some people prefer a more traditional scheme - meat, potatoes, mayonnaise and cheese.Someone who likes to experiment, diluting pineapple dish, dried fruit, apples, pickles and so on.Some like to cook only chop with spices and cheese.The choice is yours!

In any case, the main thing in this dish - meat, although this word is allowed to understand the different ingredients are not related to each other.Traditional culinary choice is limited beef or pork.But there may be options with lamb, chicken, meat, turkey, sausage, ham, liver or fish.It's all purely personal, if only "meat" was fresh.

How to cook the meat in French step by step instructions with photos


  • Meat
  • spices - sweet paprika, oregano, curry, nutmeg,oregano, black pepper and a little coriander.
  • Sol
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Sour cream (mayonnaise)
  • Cheese


First, you need to cook steak.We do it

out of veal rump.

  • Once defrosted meat begins to succumb to the cutting knife - Get them.Cut it into portions pieces of rectangular shape and each well repel.

Tips: If you are using chilled meat, the first thing to do - is to wash it.Then wipe dry with a towel or napkins, and start cutting.If the meat is frozen, let it stand for a while at room temperature.Do not defrost meat by microwave or under water, it could worsen the taste.

  • Lay the slices on a baking sheet or in a baking dish.Sprinkle with spices and salt.
    We use sweet paprika, oregano, curry, nutmeg, oregano, black pepper and a little coriander.You can use a different set.

Regarding onion: if you do not like the combination of onion + potato or do not carry the smell of onions, do not use it in this recipe.But most cooks are advised to do so, because the meat and onions, these things are inextricably interconnected.

  • For the second layer, we use tomatoes.You can experiment by adding other ingredients described above (oranges, pineapples, mushrooms, etc.), or to exclude the intermediate layer.

  • Further, potatoes.Clean, cut into slices or polukruzhochkami.We put into shape.

  • Sprinkle with spices and salt.You can repeat the same set of spices, only the number of make less than half in the layer of veal and coriander excluded altogether.

  • Which meat in French without mayonnaise?That's right, very lean.The exception becomes fatty pork.But what about those people who do not eat mayonnaise - replace it with sour cream.What, in fact, we do.

  • submit forms for baking in a preheated 200 ° C oven.After 15 minutes, take out the dish and sprinkle it with grated cheese.

Tip: If you do not like fried cheese too, can do this procedure later.

  • is sent to all the contents of the oven for another 25 minutes at a power of 200 degrees.

Once formed a golden crust, the meat is prepared in French!

To verify this for sure pierce with a toothpick dish.If punctured easily, then the dish is ready to eat.Bon Appetit!

Meat in French with bechamel sauce

It's the same dish, the recipe of which is described above, but it is not dressed with mayonnaise and delicious bechamel sauce.To prepare the sauce:

  • Send butter in a small pan rastaplivatsya.
  • At this time Brown the flour in another pan.Once the flour has darkened, add it in the oil.
  • Then add broth in small portions, carefully mixing the whole texture.And cook the composition to evaporate 50% of the liquid.
  • Add the cream and continue to cook until the sauce will not get mushy state.
  • evenly distribute the bechamel sauce on the top surface of the layer of potatoes and send the dish in the oven.
  • After 25 minutes, add the grated cheese, wait until turning it into a golden crust and can serve the dish to the table.

Meat in French in multivarka

This recipe uses all the same set of products, but instead of veal taken pork.

  • Take the pork and cut its a la carte pieces.Potatoes and onions cut into half rings.We grind parsley and dill.
  • lubricate the bottom Multivarki oil, put the ingredients in layers.Each layer of salt, pepper and add favorite spices as desired.

Tip: if you like fatty and succulent dishes, lubricate each layer with mayonnaise, if you want a meatless version - Lubricate only the top layer.

  • At the end put grated cheese on top.
  • In multivarka menu, select baking mode, set the timer for 50 minutes.

How to choose fresh pork and beef

  • to prepare tasty pork in French, it is necessary to take not too fatty part.Ideally suited loin, neck or ham.If you use more fatty pork pieces, discard the mayonnaise, replacing it with fat-free sour cream.Otherwise, the dish will inedible.
  • clippings color should be uniform, the fat layer should have a light, almost white shade.If they are yellow - pork is an old or stale.
  • also tell about the freshness of its flavor and firmness of the fibers.So feel free to sniff and touch the meat, especially if you get it on the market.
  • beef should be uniform in color.The lighter the meat, so it is younger.Too bright beef color may indicate that the animal slaughtering, because he had not drained the blood.This is usually done to weight mass.During cooking, the blood will come out, especially unpleasant phenomenon in soups.Regarding the fatty layers recommendations are the same as that of pork.
  • summer meat products a better buy in the supermarket.In the markets they expose to the wind, and to improve the appearance of the sellers are sprayed with water.As a result, the product is in the heat in a pool of water - this is clearly not improve its taste.

Useful tips

  1. Some cooks are advised to cut meat denser pieces, for thus it will be much juicier.But before baking should be well-fry each piece in a frying pan until crisp.
  2. meat batters need, covering it with cling film, so your kitchen will avoid blood spatters.
  3. Tasty dish of marinated meat out.The marinade makes meat tender and product adds piquancy.This maneuver is perfectly correct the situation with a rigid beef.In addition, to reduce the time of cooking.
  4. To bow was more delicious, it is also pickled.This will require cold boiled water, sugar, salt and few drops of vinegar.No more 30 minutes to the bow had a well marinated in the liquid.
  5. To make better use of baking pan or baking dish coated with Teflon.If you are cooking a small portion, you can use the pan without handles, better than cast iron or thick walls.So your dish propechetsya evenly.

And finally, we offer watch a video tutorial on cooking meat in French with tomatoes and mushrooms in multivarka.

Which meat recipe in French you have chosen French for cooking meat?Share your impressions in the comments.If your own recipe a distinctive taste or composition of the ingredients, and write about it in his review.