How to cook simple curd cheese cakes

Cheesecakes - the name that came to us from antiquity.Before the word "cheese" refers to nothing more than a cottage, and only after some time, after the appearance of the usual hard cheeses, there was a division.This tasty dish becomes a great decoration for any table - both festive and everyday.In order to please the home curd treats, you need to know how to cook cheesecakes.The ingredients used in the composition may vary depending on personal preferences cook.

Recipes cheesecakes with photos

Interesting recipes cheesecakes to help the hosts to quickly and easily make a delicious meal.Below will be discussed ways of preparing simple curd cheesecakes using semolina, cheesecake with sweet raisins, cheese cakes without eggs.Every girl certainly will find a suitable recipe that complements the morning, afternoon or evening meal.

From cheese curd

- the main ingredient used in the manufacture of cheesecakes.You can buy foods stores or make your own buttermilk curd.Cottage cheese deli

cacy may be sweet or salty.Below it will be discussed how to prepare a classic cheesecake, which are ideally suited for a delicious hearty breakfast or as a dessert after the other main meals.They are eaten at lunch or lunch.


Half a kilogram of cheese, 2 chicken egg yolk or three hundred grams of flour, 4 tablespoons sugar, a little salt (about a pinch), a bag of vanilla, vegetable oil and butter in half roasting cheesecakes.

method for preparing

  1. Blender mix well cottage cheese, if the device is not - product mash with a fork, add fresh eggs, sifted flour through a sieve, sugar, salt, vanilla and butter.
  2. Take a tablespoon of the dough, place the flour spilled on the surface, roll, give the treat future shape.
  3. Place the cheesecake in the pan.
  4. Fry it up until the edges are lightly browned, each side is prepared under the lid closed.Cheesecakes are ready!

Simple cheesecakes

Simple savory cheesecakes prepared with vegetables or herbs.As the plants or herbs are added to the dough mass, using any plant - it can be a fresh dill, parsley, and often add onion or garlic.Serve these dishes better with sour cream or other savory sauce.


To prepare savory breakfast or snacks you will need: 500g cottage cheese low fat (allowed to use the product under the 0% fat), 2 raw eggs, 80 grams of cheese or salted cheese, a little flour (2 tablespoons, a pinchsalt, a variety of vegetables and herbs, spices, oil for frying.

method for preparing

good mash with a fork cheese, separately, beat two eggs, grate cheese or cheese, mix well until smooth. Then pour the right amount of flour and allthe remaining components to taste. Sprinkle the surface of the table with flour, put back the dough, form cheesecakes. Product fry until golden brown (3-5 minutes on each side).

cheesecakes with semolina

Semolina - a great addition to cheesecakes.Some people like this way of cooking, add to the basic cereal curd test.Ready-made sweet cheese pancakes with semolina usually served with a variety of jams, jams, condensed milk, sour cream.The products can be fried with a crispy coating.


All components for making cheesecakes mannyh the same as in the recipe for which are preparing classic cheesecakes.However, in this case the flour is replaced with semolina grains - you need to add about three tablespoons of useful product and test it to be tastier, before cooking it is desirable to give a good brew and swell.

method for preparing

Stir cottage cheese, eggs, semolina.Add four tablespoons of regular sugar, a pinch of salt, a bag of vanilla sugar.Allow the dough to infuse for half an hour before the beginning of shaping the future of dessert.As time passed, give the dough should look, fry until golden hue appears.The finished dish immediately serve.

Cheesecakes oven

If you follow the diet, choose a recipe using the oven.In this case there is no frying only slightly processed form of vegetable oil for baking.This may be a pan or a special molds - choose based on their preferences.The number of used products depends on the quality of curd mass: non-greasy, dry and crumbly cheese requires fewer decoys than indicated in the recipe, or lack of it, but to greasy, wet - it is better to add more grains.


What is needed for cooking: four grams or half a kilo of fresh cottage cheese average fat content, five tablespoons of flour, four tablespoons semolina, one chicken egg, three tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder, a little sour cream, oilbaking.If the dish is served to children, it is better to cook without baking powder.

method for preparing

How to cook the cheese cakes in the oven: a good mix cottage cheese with eggs, semolina, add flour with baking powder.On flour give the future shape of the dish, carefully lay out on a baking sheet, greased with butter, dessert properly lubricate the sour cream.Bake about 30 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven - the product is ready for the meal!

Delicious cheesecakes with raisins

Raisins - a favorite treat of many people since childhood.Here is the recipe, which shows how to cook cheesecakes with raisins.The finished product goes well with fruit jam, a variety of jams, sour cream or condensed milk.Also raisins into the dough may include dried apricots, nuts, mint, apples, pears.


Which components can be part of: a pound of cottage cheese weight, two eggs, flour (two large spoon with a slide), two tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar if desired, a pinch of salt, raisins or dried apricots, apples, pears, vegetable oil.After roasting, you can decorate the condensed milk, sprinkle chopped nuts.

method for preparing

How to prepare raisin cheesecake: thoroughly mix the ingredients until smooth, then pour the right amount of raisins to the dough, but do not overdo it, otherwise the final product will be too sweet, crumbly.Then shape the mass of cheesecakes, roll in flour or breadcrumbs, fry until golden brown.

Cheesecakes without eggs

Some people do not like eggs, or their use is not desirable for health reasons, so there is a recipe for dishes without using them.In the case of cooking without eggs, you should pay attention to the quality of cottage cheese: it should not be too wet, greasy, so that the product does not fall apart on the way to the table.

ingredients for a delicious final product will need a pound of cheese of medium or low-fat (if curd got wet - to properly drain the excess fluid), and 5 tablespoons flour 3.5 tablespoons of sugar, a little salt, vegetable oil, sour cream.If you wish to add to the dough a raisins, chopped apricots, apples.

method for preparing

How to cook a delicious cheese cakes without eggs: mix well cottage cheese, flour, sugar and other ingredients, pre-steaming with hot water, add salt.Prepare the dough, you can with a pinch of baking soda, which will add splendor to the future product.After thorough mixing and smooth, shape cheese cakes, fry in hot oil.When the crust is golden on both sides, curd ready for filing with sour cream or other sauce!

How to reheat frozen foods

There purchased cheesecakes, semi-finished products, which are designed for people who do not have extra time for the selection of the necessary ingredients, kneading dough and other relatedwith cooking things.Typically, the finished products must be frozen immediately after fry dostavaniya from the freezer.To do this you need a good warm up the pan, or semi-finished products will begin to stick.It is recommended to heat the semi-finished product to high heat for 30 seconds on each side, but this dish is allowed to fry an additional 5 minutes.

Video recipe of curd cheesecakes home

Home meal with curd pancakes - it is always nice, but on the video master class shows how to make a simple dessert became more and insanely beautiful.Garnished with fresh fruit, sweet sauce, served with a little sour cream pialki - it looks wonderful and will make every breakfast is special.See the graphic recipe cheesecake and beautiful design: