Which foods contain starch

every day supporters of proper nutrition becomes greater.People are paying more attention to their health, appearance.Among the substances that contribute to excess fat folds, its place of honor starch.It is found in vegetables, fruits and other foods.Many people are interested in what foods contain starch, and try to protect themselves from its use.So whether it is necessary and what is harmful, and the use of starchy food?

What foods contain starch?

necessary to pay attention to the fact that all foods are composed of proteins, fats, sugars and starches in different quantities.The latter is a complex carbohydrate, it is necessary for the normal development and functioning of the human body.This carbohydrate can be of two types:

  1. Nature.This type of drink safely, without worrying about their health.Such natural carbohydrate include cereals, root vegetables, potatoes, lentils and cereals.
  2. Refined.The starch may be corn, wheat, potato, rye, rice, and barley.Carbohydrate fills the body with unnece
    ssary calories.If, for example, to dissolve the refined powder with water, you get a sticky, unpleasant to the touch a mixture.It is usually used to improve the taste but also to regulate the consistency of products.Therefore, starch is added to a variety of sauces, yogurt, milk drinks, pastries, even in baby food.

Almost all of the products that are in the human diet, in one form or another contain starch.Lovers of good nutrition insist not to combine their menu a large amount of carbohydrate to protein.Mainly cereals, legumes grains contain these two substances.Did not need them.Cereals are necessary for normal functioning of the human organism.Knowing where the greatest amount of starch and protein, balance your diet as much as possible.

Starchy legumes and cereals

In all of these cereals heavy carbohydrate level is greater than 70%, so when a diet is better to eat light soups without cereals.For crops containing a high percentage of starch, should include:

  • rice (80%);
  • corn;
  • oats;
  • wheat.

high level of carbohydrate include legumes such as: lentils, soybeans, beans, peas.If you want to lose weight, it is best to exclude them for a while from the diet.Completely forget about it, do not need a human body marked products is still necessary because of the content of a number of legumes in nutrients.

List starchy vegetables

This carbohydrate is found in many vegetables.Most starches contain roots, that is, those vegetables that grow underground.The group with a moderate content of starch include carrots, eggplant, beets and zucchini.They are perfectly combined with each other as well as with other non-starchy vegetables.Among them a special place is occupied by the presence of starch:

  • potatoes;
  • corn
  • yam;
  • pumpkin;
  • Jerusalem artichoke;
  • radish;
  • squash.

This is far from the whole list, because the carbohydrate is and all edible roots, including celery, parsley and horseradish.Non-obviousness for such a list is cauliflower.Starchy vegetables have a special feature: they require the addition of "light," fats.Among these are considered to be a vegetable oil, cream or sour cream.The combination of carbohydrate and fat as such provides an optimal absorption dishes.

Table products with high starch content

order to throw off excess weight or stick to the right diet, you need to take a closer approach to the selection of useful components of the diet.Do without glycogen human body simply can not.Therefore it is best to have on hand a list of foods that have high levels of this substance, and to protect themselves from the leaders of the list.Thus, the largest number of carbohydrate contains:

  • legumes - beans and chickpeas, the percentage of material here reaches 40;
  • potatoes - an approximate rate of 18-20%;
  • cauliflower;
  • Jerusalem artichoke;
  • corn;
  • squash;
  • pumpkin;
  • yam;
  • radish.

Which foods do not contain starch?

There are products that do not contain starch and are necessary and useful to the full development of the human body.On their basis prepared many diets.Feel free to use them without worrying about the extra kilograms.This should include:

  • meat of any animal;
  • fish and seafood;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products.

plant may also contain starch.Among vegetable origin does not contain glycogen:

  • onions;
  • cucumbers;
  • chervil;
  • gherkins;
  • red cabbage;
  • tomatoes;
  • dill;
  • broccoli;
  • carrots.

These vegetables have different nutrients.Many people believe that fruits contain starch.In fact it is not.The maximum value of the substance, which are found to be not more than 1%.The only exception is considered to be a banana.Depending on the variety and maturity of the presence of the carbohydrate may be from 7 to 20%.It is best to buy the ripe, even a little dark bananas.The level of carbohydrate are lower than those of green bananas.

list of ingredients that contain the substance, long, therefore exclude such foods from your diet is impossible.There are a lot of photos and video, which can give a complete picture of what foods contain starch.With their help, you can make a rational and useful diet.Determine carbohydrate content can be at home with the help of a simple test, which is presented in the following video.

energy, strength, good health - it provides a product with this substance.In order to reduce its negative impact on a person's weight simply need to know what, when and how much to eat.Determine the order in which foods contain excess starch, provide a high quality, complete, and most importantly, a balanced diet.