How to cook pancakes with milk

Perhaps no one will refuse to enjoy a warm and fragrant pancakes with milk.Yes, even with some stuffed with jam and a bit of sugar.What would you say, if they themselves can prepare these pancakes right now?Just continue reading this article to the end and repeat the practice.

How to cook pancakes with milk - traditional Russian dishes, recipes that every home on your own.Even if they are the same, every woman is preparing pancakes on his own.But in any case, to prepare at least some pancakes, you need to know some secrets and tricks of making this delicious dish.

Speaking of pancakes, pancakes, we mean to wheat flour and milk.Although this is only one option for preparing such a batch.There are many recipes for buckwheat, oat, barley or rye pancakes.Knead allowed them too on different components: sour milk, yogurt or water, with or without eggs - you decide.We consider the pancakes have become classics in the Russian family tables.

How to cook pancakes on

milk for preparation we need

4 eggs, 3 tablespoonssugar, 1 tspsalt, 250g butter, 1 tspsoda, half a lemon and a half cups of flour, 1 liter of milk and half a cup of boiling water.

We start our culinary journey with food preparation.Sift the flour and leave it to warm up at room temperature.If your meal and so kept in the room, you only need to sift it.We get out of the refrigerator eggs and milk.Butter should be divided by 180, and 70 grams.


Take a deep bowl or saucepan, break the eggs into it, pour the sugar and salt.All that you need to mix this well whipped, for this use the whisk or mixer.We use a mixer, due to the fact that it greatly simplifies the process and reduces the total cooking time.

If you use the recipe above, you should know the pancakes you will be sweet.Those who intend to make a sweet filling, the amount of sugar in the dough, it is desirable to reduce to 1 tbspSweeten the dough you have time after the first sample of the finished pancakes.

Cooked previously 180 g of an oil ship to drown a small frying pan.

At this time, take a soda and extinguish it with lemon juice.Instead of soda is permissible to use baking powder, which does not require cancellation.

Pour in eggs 250 ml of milk and stir the entire mixture thoroughly.Then, continuing to whisk, slowly pour the flour there at the end we add baking soda or baking powder.Thins the consistency of the second glass of milk.

At this point, our oil has had time to melt, which means that it is time to send it to our dough.Then pour the milk residues.And at the end we add half a cup of boiling water.To the dough is cooked it should pour slowly, carefully mixing the resulting composition.

As a result, we should have the consistency of dough, as a 1% kefir.The thicker your mixture, the thicker will be pancakes.If the consistency is too thick, dilute it with milk if too much liquid - sprinkle flour.

In order to have turned out delicious pancakes, the dough should be reached, swell.To do this, we leave our train for 30-45 minutes alone.


important factor in baking pan pancakes plays, where all the action will take place.Ideal - is the iron.But this pan must necessarily be suitable for cooking, with a good bottom for uniform filament.If the bottom is curved, some part of the pancake is burnt, and some risks undercooked.In the absence of a pan, use any other with thick walls.
good pan - this is half the battle, but it still needs to be ignited at 100%.We use a cast-iron skillet and fired it without special techniques.Pour oil, wait until it begins to smoke, pour out the excess liquid and start the oven.

But, anyway, the first pancake is always lumpy goes.To have not suffered such trouble, ignited a pan with salt.Pour a small amount of coarse salt, wait until the browning, and then clean the pan with a napkin.Next, grease with a brush or sponge the surface of the frying pan with oil and start baking the first pancake.

ladle or large wooden spoon scoop the dough and gently pour it on the surface, bending and turning the pan to the next pancake flowed evenly.As soon as you notice that the edges is grilled, with a spatula to pry shallow pancake and walk way along its entire circumference.Next, you need to flip a pancake, it is done with a spatula or your hands.To avoid burns, use a cloth gloves.

wait for the second side browns, and then shift the pancake on a plate.Try it if everything is fine, we continue in the same spirit, is not lubricating the surface of the pan.This should not be done, due to the fact that in the pancakes already contained a certain amount of oil, which will not allow the dough burnt.

Baking time varies depending on the thickness of the dough.The thicker pancake, the longer it will need an oven.At the same time that he did not burn, it is necessary to regulate the temperature of baking.The thin pancakes are baked and quickly over high heat, what we actually do.

Bake pancakes all, putting their stack.If you do not plan to do any filling, after baking can immediately greased pancakes remaining 70 g of oil.You can do it with a piece, and you can thaw and use the brush to apply oil on the pancake.We plan to do the filling, so long as we put a stack of pancakes.

After the last pancake ready and laid out on a plate, you need to flip the stack.Each pancake on the inside need to be oiled before you put the stuffing.Do not put more than 1 tablespoon of stuffing, or pancake risking break.


stuffed pancakes permissible anything: caviar, meat, cheese, some garnish, ham, crab sticks, honey, condensed milk, jam and so on.If only you like, and the rest does not matter.We will do 3 types of toppings .

first - tomatoes and cheese.To do this, we will cut the tomatoes into small cubes and cheese.In our family, like greens, always and everywhere, so filling, we add the parsley and dill.

Pancakes with a stuffing need to reheat before serving in the oven or microwave to melt the cheese inside.

second type of filling is the same, only here add more cucumber.This radically changes the whole texture.And before eating a pancake is not recommended to heat, so the cheese of the ingredients are allowed to be deleted.But then again, we all love cheese, so that is where we leave it.

Well, as without a sweet filling - apples with condensed milk.Take apples, better to use sour-sweet juicy variety, and we shall cut them into cubes.Add the condensed milk and mix all these goodies.Nafarshiruem pancakes and will gladly eat them with unsweetened tea.

Tips and tricks

  1. Some housewives recommend kneading pancakes traditional way, plunging all the ingredients into the flour.This method is the place to be, he is no worse than ours.Everyone is preparing, as it is convenient.
  2. Most recipes instead of butter is added to the vegetable.In general, the oil in the pancakes you need to ensure that they do not burn.But butter is not only cope with this problem, it makes our crepes more tender and tasty.With tenderness increased fat content. Besides, vegetable oil there is one drawback, as if you have not mixed and not whipped, it rises to the surface.Why it is necessary to stir constantly, not like some cooking.
  3. is recommended to have a separate frying pan, only for the pancakes.Prefer cast iron, due to the fact that the porous surface of the metal is an excellent non-stick coating.
  4. For lubrication pancakes and frying pans we use a special brush.If you have not purchased this, you can use a potato half.To do this, clean it, wash and pat dry with a cloth - our potato brush is ready.Dip it in oil and lubricate the surface of your pans before cooking.
  5. If you like lush, healthy and low-calorie pancakes, at the end of kneading, add a spoonful or two of bran.
  6. to increase the pomp, it is permissible to add the yeast in the dough.Only for this they need to be pre-diluted with warm milk in a proportion of 1 cup of liquid 20 g yeast.Then add half a cup of flour and beat with a mixer brew.Give her infusions of 40-60 minutes, and you can add the remaining ingredients pancake.
  7. Delicious pancakes prepared with sour milk.With a sweet and sour taste, they are a real treat for the sweet tooth.The main use of natural milk, which has recently turned sour, that is, the day before it was fresh.When the milk begins to turn into yogurt - it will not work for these pancakes.
  8. Handling Ruddy baking need using sugar.If pancake capricious and not browning, then the sugar is not enough.Add 1 spoon and compare the result.

After we learned the basics, and reviewed all the details of making pancakes tricks, you will not be huge work to create this delicious dish with your hands.Try, experiment with toppings and eat delicious.Sometimes full of happiness lacks only the pancake!

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