The classic recipe herring under a fur coat

classic recipe for this salad will paint your culinary weekdays and in the eyes of the household will ignite a spark in anticipation of a delicious meal.Follow our instructions and tips, you can not only expertly prepared a herring under a fur coat, but also learn how to choose the right ingredients to the dish and beautifully serve it to the table.The case for small - to read our article and repeat everything exactly!

classic recipe herring under a fur coat


  • Herring - 2 pieces
  • Potatoes - 3 pieces
  • Carrots - 3 pieces
  • Beetroot - 2 pieces
  • Onions- 1 piece
  • eggs - 4 pieces
  • Mayonnaise - 1 pack

method for preparing

Step 1

Wash and boil the beetroot classical or quick way to readiness.You can use Transfer to a bowl and cool dry.

Step 2

Boil carrots and potatoes in their skins about half an hour.Put on a plate to cool.

Step 3

in boiling water boil eggs no more than 10 minutes.Drain the hot water and pour them cold so they have cooled


Step 4

To cut herring: separate head, clean the innards, rinse.Clear herring from the skin, cut off the tail and fins.

Step 5

herring Split into two parts, notched along the back.Remove the backbone and all the bones (for convenience, you can use a pair of tweezers).

Step 6

Fillet of herring into small cubes.

Step 7

Clear boiled potatoes peeled, grate.

Step 8

Remove the shells from the eggs, rub them on a grater medium size.

Step 9

Purified carrots grate of medium size.

Step 10

The cooled beets to clean, grind using a medium grater.

Step 11

Peel and finely chop the onion.Put in a bowl and pour boiling water to remove the pungent smell and pronounced bitterness.

Step 12

Share on large platter layer of grated potato, smear it with mayonnaise.

Step 13

Share on potatoes chopped herring fillets, mayonnaise fluff layer.

Step 14

Drain the water from the bowl with onion, dry and put on top of herring.

Step 15

even layer put grated eggs, sprinkle them with mayonnaise.

Step 16

Put grated carrots, sprinkle the top with mayonnaise and this layer.

Step 17

To form the last layer of the beet salad, with mayonnaise.Put it in the fridge for 3-6 hours, so it is well soaked.

Classical Dressed Herring roll

View classic salad of herring and vegetables when applying for a table can be a standard or original.We offer to experiment and cook the herring under a fur coat in the form of a vegetable roll.A set of products for this dish remains the same, changing only the technique of cooking.To make the salad a desired shape required food film - do not buy too thin, so that it does not break at the crucial moment!


  • Boil the vegetables and eggs, peel them from the skin and grate on a separate medium grater in different bowls.
  • To cut herring, cleaned of bones and entrails.Finely chop the fillets.Instead
  • plates spread out on the table the film.Share it prepared foods, but in reverse order: beets, carrots, potatoes, eggs, herring and onions.
  • Each layer is well fluff mayonnaise.With the help of the film gently roll roll dish, fixed edge and send in the refrigerator for a night.

How to decorate a herring under a fur coat

At present the hostess should be a lot of techniques of decorating dishes, especially if it will be exhibiting at the holiday table.So, herring salad for vegetables often served in individual salad bowl and garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber or boiled carrots.Dish, laid out on a large plate, decorated with pomegranate seeds, canned corn, olives, grated cheese.

These Weaver even learned how to lay out a salad in the form of various shapes -. Snakes, fish, horses, etc. Take note of these tips on to amaze friends and visitors not only excellent taste dishes, but also its appearance!

How to choose a herring

  • Check the gills.When choosing herring gills look at her - dull brown color and unpleasant smell indicates that the product is long overdue.Elastic dark red herring gills indicate freshness.
  • attention to the eyes.Herring salting is different degree from mild to silnosolenoy.If your taste salted - take herring with red eyes.This fish has high fat content.Muddy eyes are at the roe herring - it is non-greasy, because many moved during the spawning season.If desired, you can pickle herring alone.
  • Determine the touch.If possible, touch herring finger and press down on the carcass - it must be resilient and quickly take initial shape after pressing.Also note the condition of the skin.Yellowish and brown stains, plaque, cracks indicate a violation of conditions of storage of fish.
  • Rate mouth shape.In order to determine the herring floor vote the shape of her mouth.Small round mouth - in females, and a narrow elongated - only in the male.True fans of this fish claim that males are much tastier than the females.

Useful tips

  • Add a little grated cheese salad or sauerkraut - the dish will become a unique spicy flavor.
  • Replace raw onion fried in a pan, if you want a herring under a fur coat is not bitter.
  • Enter into the apple salad, so it turned out sweet and juicy.
  • Want to dish turned out the air?Grate the vegetables directly into a salad, rather than in a separate bowl.
  • Grease a dish with oil sunflower, before it spread on the ingredients.

How to cook herring under a fur coat, watch this video:

Herring under a fur coat - it is a universal and very tasty dish, suitable for the festive table, and for a simple family dinner.Decorate it, add unusual ingredients, experiment with the form and submission!

We have considered only two recipe cooking meals, and on what recipe cook herring under a fur coat you?Share them in the comments after the article.