How to make a home in a stew multivarka

Why all people, without exception, like stew?Because with the help of delicious and satisfying to be nourished family and guests.Using stew and all that lying around in the fridge, resourceful housewives cook just did a royal dinner.But to make the stew really tasty and useful - it is necessary to cook at home.Stew in multivarka - a pledge for the future perfectly cooked dishes.And no matter what meat will be used: pork, chicken, rabbit, turkey or beef - multivarka make any delicious.

How to cook the stew in multivarka

multivarka home cook most tender stew, and when the machine is still a pressure cooker, the process will be fast.Meat choose any, to taste: beef, pork tendons or cartilage, add lamb, a couple of chicken thighs with the skin and will stew - Yum!If you want an aristocratic version - no problem.Buy tenderloin of pork and beef pulp, but the pieces in this case it is better to choose fat: Jelly stew reached after boiling fat.Pay special attention to the quality of cutting.It should not b

e frozen, only fresh.

For our meals we take 500 grams of stringy beef, mutton, 300 g and 700 g of fatty pork pieces.All pieces can cut average, pepper, salt to taste, add a couple of bay leaves.Mix well and let it brew for about 40 minutes.The water added is not necessary, because in the process of cutting the marinade will give juice, which for the dish enough.After 40 minutes multivarka include quenching 2:00 regime and all its load.After the beep, leave the pressure on the top three, continuing the "torment" of our stew for another hour and a half, and then the finished product decompose on the banks.

Stew Chicken

Chicken stew in multivarka preparing even easier.Chicken in a wonderful technique comes out tender and juicy.For this recipe, take gutted not frozen chicken 4.5 kg, carve it into pieces.First, cut along the carcass in half, and then cut off from every part of the ham, divide it by the thigh and shin.Using a sharp carving knife to cut off the neck broth, and each piece is carefully laundered under running water from dirt and gore.Then, remove skins from all the pieces, by rubbing dry with a paper towel.

Cut away the flesh from the bones, and the bones are not thrown away, they too will need to broth.Capacity Multivarki has the right amount of meat for so many, so all the pieces lay processed by adding a small amount of water (100 ml).The remaining liquid will give the chicken during cooking.Multivarka set at 4:00 extinguishing mode, but before the end of the program add black pepper, bay leaf, salt to taste, stir and leave to prepare before the end.After the end of the regime sterilize jars, should be laid ready chicken and a tight-fitting lid.

Stew of elk at home

Not many people had to try elk meat, and those who tried the elk stew, be sure to confirm that this dish is great.Be sure to try the meat of moose, elk meat for the future because it easy to cook at home, even if you are not different outstanding culinary skills.If you observe the technology of preparation properly, all independently prepare multivarka.The taste reminds elk beef, so goes well with pasta, potatoes, barley, buckwheat.

Prepare for fire need only pieces of meat without bones, cleaned of films, finely chopped, as beef stroganoff.At one kilogram moose fillet should buy 60 grams of fat fat without slots, add 6 pcs.bay leaves and about 90 g of salt.To add spice to the mixture of hot peppers (10 g).Then cut the elk thin pieces, repel, because it is dryish and rude.If the animal was more than 3 years, the meat should be soaked in white wine for about 8 hours.

Then elk laid in Multivarki capacity, add a little vegetable oil, then fry mode a few minutes fry it to lightly covered with a crust, and then move to the extinguishing mode, exposing multivarku hour and a half.After the end of a given program, the machine automatically should go to keep warm mode, so reserve multivarku running for several hours, and then added to taste chopped onions, grated carrots and other vegetables.Elk salt, pepper, add any herbs to taste.

Stew Beef

Beef stew cooked in the easiest multivarka.To do this, stock up 2 kg of beef, then rinsed meat, dry them with a kitchen towel, chop, put in a bowl Multivarki.Beef is not fat, so it is better to add lard, about 100 grams per kilogram of beef.Configuring multivarku on extinguishing mode 4 hours leave to prepare the dish.

When there will be one hour before the time the meat should fill with spices, salt, add the bay leaves and herbs, if you wish.After cooking beef stew with Zhirkov formed expanded by banks and placed on the day where the heat, and then stored in the cold.Stew cooked so that will be stored in the refrigerator without freezing more than six months.

stew of pork from pigs

stew in multivarka unlikely someone will be able to refuse.This exquisite delicacy and a great help the hostess, when there is no time to cook.Pork stew, cooked at home is much better any store canned meat, where it is not known which ingredients.No corned beef stored for future use, sometimes simply impossible to do, especially if an urgent need to feed a few people and the bank stew quickly turns into a whole pot of pasta nautically or delicious homemade borscht.

So, the recipe classical swine stew:

  1. Take about three kilograms of meat, rinse under running water, clear of films, but not peremachivaem.If you want to use a pig's head, it is necessary to pre-soak for 6 to 8 hours.Before cooking the meat is better to dry with a towel, because the less water get into multivarku, the tastier will prepare braised pork.
  2. After all the preliminary procedures pork cut into small pieces, no more than a hen's egg, keeping the proportions of fat.If the meat mixture is oily, it will acquire the taste of fat, and when fat is not enough, the stew will turn out not very tasty.
  3. spread the pieces, add spices, bay leaf and turn multivarku for 4-6 hours (time depends on the density of the pork).After cooking the stew is best stored in unsealed containers in the cold.The sealed pork stew should be prepared using the autoclave to keep its food security.The photo application of autoclaving:

boiled meat and the cost of the individual fibers.Three kilograms of pork is expected to take 3-liter jars of corned beef.Multivarka makes stew juicy and tasty, especially the hostess always confident that feeds the family and guests with natural, high-quality products.Stored pork stew in unsealed containers up to two months in a freezer.

Stew Rabbit Stew in

multivarka we want to prepare for the future, but for the meat stored for a long time, need lard.extra fat is not required for fatty pork, and dietary fat rabbit you need to buy, because the rabbit - it's easy meat.In order to try the delicate rabbit stew cooked in multivarka, we need:

  • rabbit carcass wash, cut the meat flesh.
  • towel-dried rabbit meat is cut into small pieces about 2 cm and salted.Set multivarku on cooking mode, put the meat and fry a few minutes, until it is covered with a ruddy crust.
  • Pre-cooking fat is needed.Bowl Multivarki laid sliced ​​fresh bacon (100 g per kg of rabbit), laid on top of a few peas black pepper and extinguishing given program for 4 hours.After leaving the program for a few hours in the heating mode, the dish Multivarki to cook the meat completely.
  • spread the stew in a pre-sterilized jars, cover with conventional plastic lids and store in refrigerator for up to 2 months.

Video recipe: stew in multivarka-cooker for the winter

multivarka prepare our delicious stew of beef and how it is done, you can look at the video: