How to cook a poached egg

The best start to the day - eggs for breakfast.This is a useful and tasty dish contains amino acids to build muscle, not fat, as well as many of the components of caring for the health of our nails, hair, skin.Poached eggs without the shell, but with a welcome creamy yolk inside, wonderfully combined with toast, salads, pastas, sauces, each time getting a new taste.Eaten for breakfast egg reduces the total caloric daily intake, and if it will still be poshirovannym, then to high-quality breakfast we get another gift, and pleasure.

eggs - poached recipes with photos

poached French invented in XIV century and since then has continuously improved the dish.Now there are many different options for its preparation, which is not as difficult as some people think.The main thing when choosing eggs to pay attention to the integrity of the shell, and stored in a special compartment of the refrigerator no more than four days.

Classic version of course - is to break an egg into boiling water so that the yolk

is not flowed.After boiling for about 60 seconds, the water must be removed from the heat, but leave the egg for another 10 minutes to "come down" to the desired state.And that happened as the French, the eggs must be fresh: not older than 4 days.Taking poached from the water, it should be salt and pepper, sprinkle with cheese or pour any sauce to taste, and if there is a desire to pierce.

in silicone molds

Not everyone goes the right dish, when the egg is broken down directly into the boiling water.At this point the protein spreads on the water, but in order to achieve positive results, you need to spend more than one dozen eggs.But contemporaries come up with a unique solution - silicone molds that are used for cakes or muffins.This option, however, will need multivarka or steamer, but these newfangled devices already have in the kitchen for many housewives.But if they do not, the water bath in a conventional plate also has not been canceled.

To prepare a delicious breakfast take a silicone mold, grease it with butter or oil, pour the egg, put cheese and chopped fresh herbs.Put the form in a container of boiling water, cover with cling film.Cook should be 3 minutes, then gently pull out, pour the sauce and have breakfast with a good appetite.If desired, the time can be increased, while French breakfast "bag" is cooked hard-boiled, not runny.

In multivarka

Modern multivarka help achieve the perfect French poached.This will require a special silicone mold and stand steaming dishes.

  1. Carefully pour the egg into the molds, so as not to damage the yolk, salt, set in a bowl Multivarki.
  2. mode select "steaming" and time - 5 minutes.
  3. To yolk remained liquid, 3 minutes multivarku open, the remaining time preparing our dish with the lid open.
  4. We spread ready poached on a plate and feel in France.

in plastic wrap

Even our grandmothers have come up with a way to make delicious egg yolk liquid via food film, and they come out very beautiful.For the preparation you will need 2 pieces of 25x25 cm of the film, and an action plan following:

  • boil water.
  • Cut the desired size of the film, with a brush lubricating oil.
  • film is placed in a small bowl, gently hammering egg.
  • film edges lift and fasten the top.We try to not stay in the air.
  • Drop bags at 4 minutes, keeping the edges of the film over the surface of the boiling water.
  • We took out bags and ready poached spread on a dish.
  • Served with crispy bacon, croutons, peppers, or put on a sandwich bread.

into molds

cookie cutters you can use any, not just silicon.Brush them with oil, pour 2 tablespoons of sour cream and hammer one egg.Add salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little butter.In a large frying pan, pour water Boil it and put the molds.The fire must be weak, but the water is boiling.Cover the pan with a lid and leave the dish for 6 minutes, then remove from the molds ready poached.

The microwave

Cook French poached easily and in an ordinary microwave oven.For this we need the ingredients:

  • 200 ml of water;
  • volume bowl;
  • fresh eggs;
  • 0,5 h. L.vinegar.

bowl should fill just a boiling water, add the vinegar.To this mixture is carefully poured into the egg, and then placed in a microwave bowl for approximately 50 seconds at maximum power.Ready poached skimmer is removed, put on a plate or parchment to left water and then be served with black bread, lettuce, chicken liver pate, or any other favorite food.

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