How to cook frozen seafood mix

How to cook frozen seafood mix, and what constitutes a magnificent meal?How much and how long you need to cook seafood and whether they are subject to pre-defrost?All these questions will be discussed below.Join now!

Typically, seafood cocktail or platter is called a mixture of seafood.In its composition are mainly shrimp, mussels, squid and octopus.Recipes using seafood myriad.From seafood included in the mix, you can make great snacks, cook the first dish and dizzyingly delicious hot.It is not important what you prefer, because in any case result in the form of easily digestible and healthy food, you are guaranteed!

What to look for when buying seafood mixture

Buy this ice cream cake mix in our time is very easy, because it is sold in any supermarket.If you look closely at the package, you will see on it is not only the name of the manufacturer and the supplier of the product, its composition and shelf life, but also the instructions for use.The photo shows the seafood - a cocktail of octopu

s, squid, and crab sticks.

In stores there syromorozhennye and cooked frozen seafood cocktails.Note: buy more profitable already cooked seafood, as syromorozhennye during cooking will lose about half of the weight.

sale seafood in transparent and translucent packaging.Take the time to consider whether separately from each other are mixed seafood.If the octopus, squid and mussels stuck, then the package is already exposed to defrosting or improperly stored.

Consider also the appearance of a mix of seafood, noting their consistency and color, buying fresh produce - smell, there are no sour smell.On the mussels must be no blackening, while octopus must be dark in color.High-quality shrimp have a regular shape places and squid should ideally be tight.

How to cook frozen seafood mix: recipes

Each ingredient is part of the seafood mixture, sells ready-to-eat, cook and cleaned.Marine made cocktail used as part of a dish or as its base.Because of its ingredients, chef of the world baked, boiled, fried, make great snacks, salads, excellent first courses and even soups.But such a dainty dish may taste not only in the restaurant, but also learn how to cook at home.

Before cooking frozen products necessarily need to defrost, then - wash seafood.It is best to defrost a refrigerator, the mixture was left for two to three hours.If pressed for time, thaw the semi-finished product at room temperature.If you thawed seafood and cooking postponed to the next day, salting them, but do not be repeated frosts.

Tip: cook seafood for a long time is not recommended.Optimal cooking time - no more than 5 minutes, for a more prolonged exposure to high temperatures octopus or squid tender meat will be very tough.If the seafood mix was thawed, do not give it to re-freeze.

Pilaf with seafood from Pierre Ducane

Seafood become full-fledged substitute for meat in these dishes, such as risotto.And your guests will appreciate the surprisingly harmonious taste of the food, as well as your non-standard approach to the process of cooking.

Prepare the risotto with seafood simple.Use the step by step recipe for the world-famous nutritionist, whose name - Pierre Duke and apply a new way of cooking, which could not previously know.

Boil the rice until cooked, and then proceed to the preparation of a set of sea.Fry in a pan with butter grated carrot, finely chopped onion and bell pepper.Do not forget the garlic, salt and black pepper.Add spices, focusing on the taste.Once the vegetables are cooked, add them to the mixture thawed sea (remember that it is necessary to pre-wash), and fry and extinguish the gas station for pilaf for about 10 minutes.To end the cooking process, mix rice with seafood.

You can add to the risotto tomato paste or tomato, such ingredients can emphasize the savory flavor of seafood.If you like spicy taste, then add a little crushed red pepper.This dish is tasty and healthy, low in calories and is included in the menu of some diets.

Pasta with seafood

Another great idea is to make the procedure all boring pasta nautically in luxurious Italian dish worthy of submission to the "star" restaurant.So just replace the minced seafood cocktail, and before serving, sprinkle with spaghetti or pasta with grated cheese and herbs.Seafood is necessary to fry pan with the addition of olive oil.As a result, you get a great low-fat and fried seafood sauce.And it might not have this option to exchange the dishes to the classic pasta nautically.

Great pizza with seafood cocktail

When the guests at the door, and the time for cooking you by force 20 minutes, use fresh-frozen seafood cocktail for the preparation of a luxury pizza.You will save the base for pizza.Brush the dough with tomato paste or mayonnaise, spread out evenly through pizza thawed seafood, add the blanched tomatoes, olives and bake pizza in the oven for about 15 - 20 minutes.Do not hesitate, guests will appreciate your pizza with a bang.

Cooking seafood soup

Seafood soup - excellent first dish that is cooked very quickly and easily.As the ingredients you need to take useful for the organism celery, leeks, onions, carrots, half a glass of white wine, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh herbs and seafood cocktails.

To begin fry in butter all the vegetables, then place them in a pot of boiling salted water.Boil the vegetables for 20 minutes, then strain the broth.Add the strained soup wine and broth, bring to a boil.Thawed seafood should be cleaned, scalded with boiling water, and add them to the broth.After 15 minutes, the soup will be ready.To decorate the dish sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Julien seafood and mushrooms

perfect combination, which is appreciated by gourmets all over the world, is a cooked mixture of seafood and mushrooms.Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this dizzying taste and cook the julienne of seafood mixture.Thawed seafood boil for 5 minutes, adding water, salt and bay leaf and garlic to flavor the sauce.While seafood is cooked, do some cooking sauce.

Separately, fry the onions and mushrooms, add them to the seafood.Sauté a few minutes, giving a mixture of ingredients "to make friends".Next, add a spoonful of flour in a pan, pour half a cup of cream, salt and pepper the resulting sauce.Keep track of the process: the fire should not be too large so that the flour is not burnt.

Just in front of you will change the consistency of the contents of the frying pan, and when the sauce is similar to sour cream, put the dish in the molds and sprinkle with cheese.Next, you need to bake the dish.For this bake in oven for about 10 - 15 minutes at 180 ° C.Be sure to decorate with greenery julienne, because thanks to this dish will look very presentable.

Sea cocktail soy sauce

«correct» sauce - one that will help to reveal the taste of seafood.Start cooking with defrost sea cocktail.Salt seafood, add a little soy sauce and let the mussels, shrimp and squid in it somewhere marinate for half an hour.

To save time, peel the garlic and onion and fry them in olive oil.Add the cream to the pan, half a spoon of soy sauce and pepper to taste.Next, add the seafood and cook everything a couple of minutes.If you are not a fan of soy sauce, replace the cream - and seafood cocktails will be more easy.The dish is prepared simply and quickly, and the taste of it necessarily will win your family.

Sea cocktail beer

mixture of seafood - is not only a delicious meal cooking, but also a product that would be a great snack for any beers.Seafood should be thawed and marinated in a mixture of two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of soy sauce.It is worth to add to marinade a few slices of lemon.After 15 minutes, place the seafood in a colander to stack the marinade, and cook seafood in a pan for about 5 minutes.This snack to beer you definitely have to taste.

Cooking seafood mix in multivarka

mixture of seafood is easy to prepare, not only in the pan, frying pan or the oven, but in multivarka.Pour into a bowl Multivarki olive oil, then add the onion cubes and turn the "Hot" mode.Once the onions become golden, put in a bowl of seafood mix and finely chopped garlic (to taste).After 5 minutes, add the chopped tomato seafood one or two or three tablespoons of tomato paste.
magnificent dish is ready, and bring to the table it is appropriate with rice or pasta.

Certainly after you prepare all of these recipes, you pozaviduete people living near the ocean.That someone can have fresh seafood in unlimited quantity!Do not despair, because the feast on mussels, shrimp, octopus, squid and other seafood you can away from the ocean and through the use of a mixture of seafood.

Benefits seafood

From the ancient times were considered gourmet seafood and exquisite food that is highly prized by gourmets.

truly magnificent addition to taste, raw seafood, fresh or fresh-frozen, included in the mixture, are very useful.For example, shrimp, octopus, squid, mussels and other seafood - sources of vitamins A, D, E. Sea cocktail - it's very easy, dietary meal, which is a low-calorie, but it provides a feeling of fullness all day long thanks to its high content of proteinits components.It is a vegetable product, replaceable meat.

Read more about cooking from a mixture of seafood you can see in the video.