How to prepare lasagna with minced meat

you know how to create a piece of Italy right at home?Cook the lasagna with meat!Our step by step guide will help you to implement his plan, but video master class chef with a worldwide reputation will allow to prepare the dish according to the recipe of the Italian masters.

Lasagna - the inimitable "classics" of Italian cuisine, which has more than a hundred recipes and created from an unimaginable set of products and seasonings.At the same time, lasagna (layer cake) requires the skill to properly prepare the dough and successfully pick up meat and vegetable toppings, which is considered the pinnacle of culinary skill.How to prepare lasagna with minced meat at home?

apparent awkwardness of a prescription should not scare you - this dish is perfectly prepared in the home kitchen.A couple of experiments with the ingredients - and you treat your friends with pride authentic Italian layer cake with juicy meat filling and a crust of melted cheese!We'll tell you how to prepare lasagna with minced meat.

Experienced cooks argue that the puff pastry perfectly replaces the Armenian lavash, and instead of meat is perfect vegetable stuffing.Lasagna gives wide scope for culinary improvisation, but without fail the test sheets should be sauce missed the mark, and the top cake will certainly filled with cheese.


To prepare the dish you need sheets for lasagna, a kilo of minced meat, 0.5 kg of tomatoes, 150-200 g of carrots, onions and garlic, 200-300 g of cheese, a liter of milk, butter, flour,spices - basil, oregano, pepper, salt.

Test Preparation

If you can not buy ready-dried sheets of dough for lasagna, knead it themselves.You will need flour (0.5 kg), eggs (2 pcs.), Olive oil (30 mg), turmeric and salt.

in sifted flour, add the spices (salt and turmeric) to taste, type in the eggs and pour in the oil.Knead the dough until smooth, dense and resilient mass.By dividing it into several pieces, carefully roll out into thin sheets of rectangular shape and slightly dry.Then you need to delete one sheet of dough in lightly salted boiling water for 2-4 minutes, put on a baking sheet and coat with sauce.The dough is ready!


believed that to begin to cook lasagna with sauce best.Bechamel sauce recipe is simple.It should melt in a pan of butter, then add to the flour and fry everything on medium heat for two minutes.In the resulting mass pour the milk and quickly, without ceasing to stir the sauce, bring it to a total homogeneity.Pokipyatit sauce for 5-7 minutes.Add pepper and salt to taste.


  1. Finely chop the onions, grate carrot, chop the garlic, fry the mixture in the frying pan in vegetable oil.
  2. Tomatoes grind in a blender (instead sometimes use tomato paste).
  3. Add the resulting mixture was ground beef, crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano, basil to taste and simmer all for at least 20 minutes on low heat.

Cooking lasagna

  1. First, brush the bottom of the baking bechamel sauce to the bottom layer of the lasagne is not welded to it.
  2. Then lay out the dough sheet and liberally lubricate them new portion of the sauce.
  3. Put the stuffing on half sheets, pour the sauce and then it all, sprinkle with grated cheese.
  4. Cover the contents of the next layer of dough sheets.
  5. Top with the second half of meat, pour over sauce and sprinkle another layer of cheese.
  6. Cover mass of the third layer sheets of dough, brush with remaining sauce and cover with cheese.

number of layers of the cake depends on the number of ingredients and a wall height of the baking tin.

Baking lasagna

baking lasagna, place in a preheated 180-200 degree oven and bake the dish for 30-45 minutes.

If you are cooking "Italian pie" with minced meat in multivarka, then do it better in the cut sleeve for baking - so it is convenient to then be pulled out of the bowl.dough for lasagna sheets need to break off before Multivarki cup sizes.The number of layers - at your discretion.Prepare two hours of "quenching" mode or an hour in the "Baking".After cooking, let the finished dish a little cool - so climbing is easier to move away from the film.

Cooked lasagna must be cut into portions, put on a platter and serve with the vegetables and herbs.

little about climbing

  • Number of recipes lasagna count has not yet managed to anyone - it is infinite, and you can add those ingredients and seasonings that you like the stuffing yourself.
  • sauce for lasagna can be any - bechamel, which is considered the "classic" for this dish, successfully replaced other sauces, broths, and even ketchup.The main thing that you liked it!
  • filling - for every "taste": minced meat (mixture of pork and beef or chicken), vegetables, mushrooms and seafood.There is a vegetarian and even sweet lasagna with vegetables, fruits and berries.
  • Most housewives prefer to buy ready-made sheets of lasagna - it is almost Italian pasta based on durum wheat.But the real chef does not fall to the semifinished and finished own dough based on wheat flour.
  • If dough for lasagna sheets bought at the store - Examine the packaging method of cooking (some varieties require cooking in boiling water, the other - simple soaking).
  • dough sheet on a baking tray laid crosswise - each subsequent layer must be laid perpendicular to the bottom layer.Such a "dressing" make the pie a more solid structure.The lasagna pasta ready to be crunched slightly, but remain plastic.
  • best dishes for baking pan is considered a square shape or a deep glass shape having a non-stick coating.Thin-walled metal and aluminum trays and pans are not suitable - they are baked through unevenly dish, or burn the bottom layer of the lasagne.
  • If possible, choose a classic Italian cheeses - Parmesan or mozzarella.Ideal - a mixture of these varieties, although domestic cheeses, too, will not spoil the dish.Do pour each layer of cheese cake or just sprinkle - decide for yourself.
  • glass of dry white wine goes well with lasagna.

Having prepared at least once lasagna with minced meat properly, you will definitely love this dish.That is why we offer you cook it along with the main hero of the video - global chef Ilya Lazerson.