How to make cheese from kefir at home

main ingredient needed for rapid manufacture of cheese is yogurt.Nutritional value of the food is not inferior to similar products made using the c greater number of components.Cottage cheese from yogurt to a reduced-calorie recommended to use for those who suffer from digestive disorders or arrange fasting days.

How to make homemade cottage cheese from yogurt - the best recipes

Some prefer sour and crumbly cheese, and other mixed bulk of fruit, sour or sweet ingredients, making it a sweet dessert.At home, many culinary experiments carried out and the result of each you'll learn new subtleties of connection and processing components.Kefir cheese produced grainy and slightly salty, as a thick sweet mixture the consistency of cheese or durum.Private preparing its kind in the frozen yogurt.

Cottage cheese from yogurt and milk

To prepare air and gentle cottage cheese weight, you will need just two components.Select the better products in a ratio of 1: 1, such as 1 liter of yogurt prep

are the same amount of milk.

- bring to a boil the milk;

- Mix the milk with the second ingredient;

- cool the mixture;

- using gauze separate the serum.

Of frozen yogurt

frozen yogurt preparing a dish that resembles cottage cheese in consistency.Note that the process takes longer than the other recipes.The product will be ready for use after 8-10 hours (since the start of freezing to prepare the final result):

- yogurt should be frozen in the freezer (best left blank in the cold all night);

- Put ice on the cheesecloth and allow the separation of the serum;

Recipe in multivarka

To prepare the cheese is often used multivarka.Special container filled with yogurt, and then run mode "heating".Do not forget to monitor the temperature, which should not exceed 80 degrees.Otherwise the mixture will lose its flavor.

  1. Fill saucepan Multivarki drink.
  2. Select mode.
  3. Warm the liquid for at least 40 minutes.
  4. Separate the curd from the whey.

The microwave

Quickly cook curd soft consistency helps microwave.Under the influence of heating the mixture is divided into two parts - the curds and whey.Separating the products from each other should be using gauze cloth.

main nuances:

  1. in the microwave, you can select "defrost" or any other program for the dishes, the preparation of which involves the use of a temperature of not more than 80 degrees.
  2. heating process should be at least 30-35 minutes.

Recipe curd of yogurt for infants

children, doctors recommend to introduce cheese ingredients in a child's diet from an early age.Particular attention should be given to the addition of ingredients and the most mass consistency.Try to remember the nuances:

- kefir mixture should be uniform;

- with the addition of fruits follow their finely ground;

- if you are allowed to sour milk or yogurt, these products for baby food is not acceptable.

Calorie cottage cheese with kefir

Calorie and benefits of home cheese mixture depends on the degree of fat content of the selected ingredients.If you are dieting, the weight for making better use of low-fat milk and yogurt, or foods low in fat.

minimum fat kefir cheese in any case not less than 3%, and the maximum - no more than 18%.Average calorie figure is 230 kcal per 100 g The main advantage of it to store products - the ability to control how the taste and caloric content indicators.By using one liter of 200 g of the beverage manufactured curd mixture.If you use low-fat ingredients, its calorie content is reduced to 88 kcal


  1. Weight prepared on the basis of the frozen yogurt becomes crumbly and dry.Eat a home product is only recommended with the addition of other ingredients.
  2. Kefir cheese with milk resembles the consistency of cottage cheese.This mixture is used for the preparation of fillings for cakes.
  3. most delicious curd mixture is prepared as a result of the pre-heating of kefir drink in multivarka or microwave.Its taste is more intense, and the consistency and even calorie easily controlled thanks to the serum.
  4. Curd any consistency, prepared on the basis of kefir, is delicious store varieties.Even items from the same manufacturer with the same label can be different according to your taste.Home versions are prepared taking into account any preferences.


cheese manufacturing example of kefir on the basis of clearly demonstrated in the video lesson