How to cook the jam of red viburnum

late autumn, just after the first frost, it's time to gather the clusters of red viburnum.This berry has long been famous for its beneficial properties for the body, pleasant and unusual flavor.Viburnum is widely used in folk medicine and cooking.Mistress in the home cook with its participation teas, herbal teas, fruit drinks, and most importantly - the jam.Jam of Viburnum has a delicate taste and light acidity, which can be easily adjusted using sugar.It is a useful and original dessert for tea and an effective way to boost immunity.

jam viburnum red: benefit and harm

Berries of red Viburnum recommended to use in any form: juice, juice, fresh or as a filling for a pie with jam.It has long been treated with such diseases: colds, gastritis, hypertension, cough, heartburn.The use of useful viburnum?Useful properties of it are numerous:

  • These berries contain vitamin C, in the amount - up to twice the content in citrus fruits;
  • iron content in Kalina more than oranges and lemons, about
    5 times;
  • Viburnum is rich in tannins, vitamins A, E, natural acids, antioxidants.


  • Doctors do not recommend eating the berry and its juice for people suffering from chronic kidney disease, heart and liver;
  • Kalina has a strong effect on blood pressure, therefore it is necessary to refrain from its use for people suffering from low blood pressure, ie reduced pressure;
  • before use Viburnum during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be consulted with a doctor.

Raw cooking in the winter, "through a meat grinderĀ»

To save a maximum of useful properties Viburnum is desirable not to give away its thermal treatment or minimized.To this end, we came up with a recipe simple, tasty and healthy jam from viburnum without cooking.Berry for this jam is important to collect after the first frost - then it will be much less bitter.This delicacy is prepared quickly, but a small shelf life.Keep it should be in the refrigerator, not to spoil.In winter, raw jam - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals!

Preparation of crude jam:

  • Kalina need to carefully sort out, freeing from the twigs, and rinse under running water, then grind viburnum berries through a meat grinder or a blender;
  • The resulting mass pour the sugar in a 1: 1 mix thoroughly;
  • Further Spread jam on the resulting clean sterilized jars, close the lid.

This delicacy can be used for effective prevention of multiple sclerosis, strengthen the immune system, the successful treatment of colds and heartburn.

How to make jam from viburnum in multivarka

In the current age of technology real help for housewives became multivarka.With this machine is easy to prepare a variety of dishes, including Kalinovoye jam.To do this:

  • Stir, boil water with sugar on the "quenching" mode;
  • Put there viburnum washed and cook minutes 5 minutes, with the lid open Multivarki, stirring regularly;
  • Allow to cool, then again need to boil for 5 minutes with "quenching" mode;
  • Then add frayed with lemon zest, and cook for another 5 minutes.Kalinovoye jam in multivarka ready!


options There are many options for making jam from viburnum.For example, the classic Kalinovoye jam, five-minute jam with pumpkin and honey, citrus (orange and lemon), raw Kalinovoye jam, jam seedless jam viburnum, guelder rose jam, apple jam with the addition of juice Kalinov.These options will appeal to all - even those who are considered unpleasant taste of Viburnum.Consider more recipes of different options Kalinovoye jam below and pick up the desired option.

How to make a delicious jam seedless and with seeds

not all housewives are doing for the winter Kalinovoye jam, often due to the presence of stones.Knowing a few secrets, you will not be easy to cook a delicious jam seedless.For this Viburnum berries must be rubbed through a large sieve - in the end you'll have a snowball homogeneous paste pitted, to which only add the sugar remains.Uvarov this mass over low heat until thickened.For this purpose, use viburnum juice, which is boiled with sugar and starch until the jam.

For clarity, see video recipe Kalinovoye jam seedless:

Bones Viburnum contain a large amount of nutrients, therefore, traditional medicine recommends cooking jam with seeds.If you miss a whole berries through a meat grinder or vzobete using the blender, then izmelchatsya bone, and hence, will not be greatly felt.You will only add sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, frayed with orange zest - will turn out tasty, the most helpful Kalinovoye jam.

jam viburnum with apples and honey

Kalinovoye jam with apples and honey - this is the original, healthy dessert that is suitable for those who adhere to diets.To make it, you need to wash the apples, remove core, cut into slices, put the stew with a little water.When the apples are tender, add the honey to taste them.With the help of juicers make juice viburnum, add apple jam, and then a little boil on low heat.This dessert does not contain sugar, so it can be consumed without harm people with diabetes or obesity.

with orange or lemon

To make this jam from viburnum, make sugar syrup: 400 ml of water take 800 grams of sugar.Pre-washed pour berry syrup, leaving a 5 - 6 hours.Then viburnum peel from the syrup, pour the juice of 1 lemon, add the vanilla sugar, grated lemon zest or orange syrup, boil 5 minutes.Then again fill viburnum syrup, simmer 10 minutes.Remove the jam from the heat, leave to infuse for 4 hours after which, once again boil until thick.Hot pour it in sterilized jars, lids tightly closed.

From viburnum and pumpkin

To prepare this unusual jam, take 1 kg pumpkin, peel off the skins, cut into small pieces.Pour her a glass of water and boil for some time well into the pan until it becomes soft, then grind in a blender or rub tolkushkoy.Kalina carefully wash, scald with boiling water, rub through a sieve.Add the pumpkin puree Kalina and sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.The mixture should be left to infuse for a few hours.Then, you need to cook for an hour jam, stirring constantly.Grab the goodies it has delicate aroma and pleasant acidity.

How to cook the jam from viburnum: recipe with photo

to cook classic Kalinovoye jam you will need:

  • 1 kg fresh Viburnum;
  • 2 glasses of water;
  • 800 grams of sugar.

  • Fresh viburnum, rinse thoroughly under running water and separated from the twigs, cross, throwing out spoiled.
  • Put the berries in a heatproof bowl, pour 1 cup of water.In a preheated 180 degree oven, put a container with a snowball, and cook until until the berries are soft.
  • use separate pan to prepare the syrup: pour the sugar, fill it with the remaining glass of water, mix thoroughly.Bring the weight to a boil, stirring constantly.Should get a uniform thick sugar syrup.

  • Protushennye remove the berries, put a sugar syrup.Simmer over low heat for half an hour, still stirring.
  • Remove the jam from the heat, and cool down his brew for about 6 hours.

  • After this time, it should be again put on fire, bring to a ready, stirring regularly and taking froth.
  • Ladle hot jam at pre-sterilized jars, cover tightly twisting.A classic jam viburnum ready!