How to cook boiled pork home

you still buy boiled pork at the store?But it made at home, it is a much more juicy and flavorful.Check out our step by step guide for the preparation of pork, enter it in the bookmark and today, prepare for your loved ones this chic delicacy.

If you want to decorate the table a festive meal or just to please the household tasty cooked meat, ham - what you need.Properly cooked, it immediately spot all who try it.How to cook boiled pork home to every piece of juicy delicious meat just melted in your mouth, and golden brown and beckoned, we'll teach you.

How to choose meat for pork

Baked ham - it's not a piece of wiry, not very fatty pickled meat, grilled with spices.Traditionally, boiled pork cooked pork.It is best suited for this dish ham - there is very tender meat and a small layer of fat, which will make the dish even more juicy.Fans of less fatty foods for baking neck of pork used. If you move away from the classical version of grilled meat, for the preparation of pork is also used beef, veal o

r turkey.

to cook delicious juicy boiled pork, when choosing meat must adhere to three main criteria :

  1. color.Fresh meat should be pink or light red in color.Grayish tint indicate that the product is on the counter for a long time.
  2. Smell.Fresh meat has a sweet smell and spoiled - the smell of rotten flesh.
  3. texture.Fresh meat should be firm and elastic, and the surface should not stick to hands.

There is another way to determine the quality of the meat, but it can only be done at home.So, take a small piece of meat and fill it with boiling water.After five minutes, look at the water.If it is cloudy, and there are small floating rags - the product is not quality, if the water is clean and clear, with small patches of fat - that's all right, the dish will turn out tasty and healthy.

Preparing meat for roasting meat

rinse well under cold water and pat dry with paper towel. If a piece of meat is too bold for you, just remove the excess fat from the top, leaving about 0.5 santimetra.Obrezhte, if any, stubble and small thin slices around the edges.Pleven remove carefully so as a result of pork did not look rugged and ugly.Meat ready for marinating.

Before baking's future boiled pork and marinated bacon.To do this, use different techniques and ingredients - mustard, vinegar, lemon, pepper, herbs and much more.But there is a basic rule - that pork was juicy, it needs to marinate for 10-12 hours.If less - it does not have time to absorb the right amount of marinade, and more - give your marinade juice and will be dry.

Tip: when working with meat constantly stroking it, giving the desired shape, so that it stores it, and baked subsequently had a nice view.

This is interesting! Previously marinated meat, putting it into an anthill.Formic acid to soften its rigid structure, the main thing was to follow that ants do not eat the treat completely.

When the meat is well marinated, remove from the surface of excess marinade - most of peas mustard or pepper, to all this is not burnt.

Prior to baking, fry the meat on all sides.Quite a bit, just to come from thin crust, and juice during roasting remained inside.For this you need a good pan and warm up for about 20 seconds to fry each side.For frying oil is not useful, it should be done on a dry frying pan.

Baking pork

for roasting pork using different methods - cook it in the oven, or in Aerogrill multivarka.But more traditional it is obtained only in the first two cases, as multivarka stewed dish is greater than baked.

in the oven boiled pork baked in the sleeve or foil.When roasting in the sleeve, it is pierced with a fork in several places, so that the steam does not ripped film.

To bake boiled pork in foil, fold it in layer 4 and the matte side lay a piece of pickled.He wrapped tightly enough.Put packaged boiled pork on a baking sheet and fill it in about 150 ml of cold water, it will create a hot steam in the oven, will create additional moisture and provide a uniform baking on all sides.Bake the dish at 180 ° C, do not lower or lift the degree during baking.

This is interesting! To properly calculate the time of roasting meat, cooks use this formula: 1 kg of meat = 1 hour baking.

When the meat is ready, remove it from the oven and give it to cool without opening the foil or sleeve to pork "rested" and walked out well engorged juices.

cooking secrets pork

So, select the basic secrets of cooking fragrant juicy pork:

  • Marinate 10 to 12 hours.
  • Bake at 180 ° C.
  • Fry the meat in a well-heated frying pan before baking.
  • bake in foil, add water to the pan.

As home cook boiled pork: recipes

Dietetic baked turkey

This dish is turkey not only a low-calorie, but also has a special delicious flavor.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg of turkey fillet, ginger, rosemary, coriander, sage, salt, white semi-sweet wine.

turkey fillet we clean of unnecessary fat and hymen.Prepare the marinade: little, to about 35 ° C, heat the wine and add half a teaspoon of rosemary, coriander, saffron.The wine warmed spices better reveal their flavors and enrich their meal.Three of on a fine grater ginger (50-80 grams) and add to the marinade.We solim it (about 1-1,5 tablespoons of salt).The marinade is ready.We leave it to our meat for 10-12 hours.

The well-heated frying pan fry a piece of meat on all sides until a thin crust, put it in the sleeve.Pierces holes in the sleeve a little bit and send it in the oven.Bake at 180 ° C for 1.5 hours.When the pork is ready, we get it, cover with a clean towel and give cool.The dish is ready, as a side dish can make a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

How to cook boiled pork pork

This is a traditional recipe of juicy pork, baked in the oven.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg of pork leg, head of garlic, ground pepper, ginger, bay leaf, French mustard, salt.

My ham and we clean.To rub it with a mixture of salt and pepper.We make small incisions with a knife, inside which also rub our mix.Each incision is put a piece of bay leaf and half the garlic cloves.Prepare the marinade.Fractions in a mortar and 5-7 cloves of garlic, add salt, ginger and mustard.Ham coated with marinade and kept it in the refrigerator for 10 hours.

When marinated meat ready to bake, remove unnecessary marinade.Fry in a pan piece, zamatyvaem it into 4 layers of foil and the pan with cold water, send it in the oven to bake for 1.5 hours at 180 ° C.

ready to give the meat to cool in the foil.When it becomes cold, thinly sliced, spread on a salad leaves and decorate with olives.

How to cook boiled pork beef

This dish of beef can be a bit dry, but in our unique recipe found a special solution to pork beef turned out tender and juicy.In addition, the section it will look incredibly beautiful.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg of beef, 2 long carrots, pepper powder, honey, French mustard, vinegar, ginger, rosemary, coriander, saffron, salt.

Prepare beef and make it sharp long knife holes.The holes along the fibers do, try to pierce the meat thoroughly.The surface of the meat rub a mixture of salt and pepper into narrow slits she too must fall.Carrots cut into thin strips with a thickness of approximately 0.5 cm. Carrot sticks neatly put into the holes.Prepare the marinade: 0.5 cups of vinegar mixed with 0.5 cups of cold water, add ginger, rosemary, coriander, saffron and salt.

Withstands packed with carrots beef marinated 10 hours.After roasting on all sides in a frying pan, give it a little cool.When the meat is at room temperature, rub it with honey and mustard, and after 10 minutes, packed in foil for baking.Bake boiled pork 1.5 hours at 180 ° C.

to serving the finished product is cut into thin slices.Serve it with sour-sweet sauce.Each piece will be visible slices of carrots, so the pieces will look amazingly beautiful.

How to cook boiled pork veal

With this recipe you will prepare not only festive delicious meat, it will also be dietary.

Ingredients: 1.5 kg of veal, 1 lemon, 0.5 liter of cherry juice, 300 grams of prunes, ginger, rosemary, saffron, salt.

Prepare veal.Rubbed it with salt and ginger.Make holes in the meat and shpiguem their pre-washed prunes.Prepare the marinade: mix the juice of one lemon and cherry juice, warm water bath to 35 ° C.The mixture is heated add the ginger, rosemary, saffron, and salt.Veal marinated stand for 12 hours, then bake in Aerogrill.As in the oven at temperature exhibit Aerogrill 180 ° C and 1.5 hour bake plate.This dish is a perfect accompaniment with cranberry jelly.

Video master class from the chef Ruslan Tangirova help you quickly learn all the subtleties of cooking pork.