How to cook pork with potatoes in multivarka

Want to save time, energy for cooking dishes from the usual products?Tasty, satisfying and above all to feed a family?Then prepare a traditional favorite dish - roast pork with potatoes.For ease of use multivarka.Although nutritionists are not happy with the combination of starch and mealy potatoes with meat, but roast surely please a strong half of mankind.

Recipes dishes from pork and potatoes multivarka

juicy tender flesh of pork, razvaristaya potatoes with vegetables - plenty of hot recipes.Adults adore roast with mushrooms cooked in multivarka, and the children are asked to treat stewed potatoes with low-fat meat.Try to cook these dishes on the following recipes and then add them to your personal Povarskaya book.

Roast pork with potatoes and mushrooms

buying pork on the market, give preference to the blade or ham with a minimal amount of fat.Fragrant flavor the dish will give wild mushrooms: boletus, chanterelles, mushrooms, butter mushrooms, but the fit and mushrooms, oyster

mushrooms.The ideal would be a combination of the following products:

  • 1 kg of lean pork;
  • 0,8-1 kg of mushrooms;
  • 1,5-2 kg of potatoes;
  • 1-2 bulbs.

Peel potatoes peeled, cut it into small cubes.Mushrooms thoroughly washed, cut into thin slices half a centimeter thick.Remove husks from onions, shred blender in order to avoid the flow of tears.Meat is desirable to cut into medium-sized pieces, as in the photo.

Multivarki spread in a bowl of pork.Turn the "Hot" mode, cook 5 minutes.If this function is absent, it can be replaced with "Baking" included 15 minutes.A little secret, thanks to which the result will be excellent: the meat turned out juicy, with a primary heat treatment should not be add salt, spices lubricated.

Add the meat pre-prepared vegetables and mushrooms.Salt, pepper, spices laying.Fill the cream sauce: 5 parts of water add 2 parts sour cream, 20 g butter, 40 g of vegetable.After an hour and a half on Multivarki mode "quenching" roast is ready.

Baked potatoes with pork

To select hot meat from the neck or sacrum.Such meat is juicier, and the need to add oil will be reduced to a minimum.To "hazards" as small as possible, the meat cut into small pieces without first obzharivaya.Capacity for cooking fill the main components of food - a layer of pork (1 kg), finely chopped onions (1 onion), potatoes (1.5 kg).Seasoned with salt, pepper mixture.Sprig of rosemary will give a slightly spicy flavor, and the cheese will soften it.

Fill boiled water (0.5 L), turn key "quenching."Just before ready (about 5 minutes) Take 100 g of solid cheese, coarsely grate.After extinguishing the signal of the end of the add it so as to obtain a cheese coat.A few minutes before the selected mode - hot to be served.

ragout of potatoes and pork multivarka with photos

unusual and extravagant will stew in Bavarian.Preparation is divided into two stages.On the ground - boil pork knuckle in beer broth.In the broth add: onion whole, small carrots, two tomatoes, cut in half, a couple of pieces of pepper without seeds and stalks, sweet pepper and laurel.Do not forget the most important thing - a glass of dark beer!Close the lid, select the menu "Quenching" mode.An hour later, the broth is ready.

second stage.During cooking, the ingredients will be needed:

  • pork - 1 kg;
  • potatoes - 1.5 kg;
  • Onions - 3 pcs .;
  • carrots - 3 pcs .;
  • salt, pepper, paprika - to taste;
  • beer broth.

To decorate the dishes may need greens.Pork cut into pieces of medium size;potatoes - into slices;onion - half rings, carrots - julienne.Spread in layers in a bowl, add salt and spices, pour beer at the end of the broth.After 2 hours, an appetizing potato and pork stew in multivarka ready.