Cooking marshmallows at home

Homemade marshmallows and products available in the stores, are different in terms of benefits to the body.Treats made with their own hands, contain more useful components.The main drawback of candy store is the content of dyes, so better to give preference to the classic varieties without additional additives.Thinking about how to cook marshmallows at home in the first place, consider some of the nuances.For example, if you follow the rules of the diet, the dish must be prepared with a reduced sugar content.

How to make delicious homemade marshmallows - recipes with photos

Marshmallow is prepared in several ways.As the dye is better to use natural ingredients - fruit puree, chocolate, cocoa.The best flavors are considered vanilla, cinnamon.Definitely answer the question of how to make marshmallows at home, it will not work, even an experienced pastry chef.At the housewives have the opportunity to carry out a host of culinary experiments not only the ingredients, but also to the methods of decorat

ion of sweet treats.

most common and simple home cooking options are considered delicacies such varieties as classic marshmallows, fruit, chocolate and apple.Decorate traditional sweets balls glaze, chocolate chips, melted chocolate or icing.Having mastered the basic principles of cooking, you will learn how to do it with toppings.

Classic marshmallows

To prepare the classic marshmallow prepare 1 kg of sugar, 25 g gelatin, a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and soda, as well as a small amount of citric acid.Gelatin be diluted with liquid strictly according to instructions requirements.Variety gelatin products does not matter.Sugar pre-fill a glass of water.The resulting mass of mix well and leave to infuse for two hours.

further preparation process will take place in several stages:

  1. Sugar workpiece put on a slow fire and boil for 6-8 minutes, stirring constantly mass spatula.
  2. Connect sugar mass with gelatin, stir well and beat with a mixer until a thick mixture.
  3. Carefully pour the weight of the whipped sugar, one tablespoon of citric acid.
  4. By contents of the container, add the remaining ingredients - vanilla sugar and baking soda, all the components again beat with a mixer.
  5. Making preforms traditional form will help you cooking syringe.
  6. Portions place on a cutting board or a flat plate and then place in the refrigerator for several hours.

During cooking zephyr mass is important to shake up and stir the mixture thoroughly as possible.At each stage of this process should take 5-7 minutes.The mixer is recommended to put on the minimum speed mark.Whisk to mix and weight should be almost constantly.Spread on the workpiece should be clean and dry surface.Grease or oil the plate board is not only unnecessary, but is not recommended.

Homemade marshmallows with chocolate

The question is how to cook marshmallows at home with chocolate, involves two recipes.In the first case the classical sweetness pour melted chocolate.The second method is to add to the bulk of a small amount of cocoa powder.Combinations of compounds for the preparation of chocolate, there are several treats.

Options chocolate marshmallow recipes:

  1. a water bath melt the right amount of chocolate.Quality chocolate does not matter, look original combination of several varieties.Preparations made for the classic recipe, pour the chocolate mass, and refrigerate for several hours before being cooled.
  2. During cooking, add the sugar mixture to the weight of a few tablespoons of cocoa powder.As a result of these actions you'll have plenty of brown, and the best decoration for the final delicacies will be chocolate crumb.

recipe apple marshmallow

To prepare the basis for apple marshmallow pieces need:

  • 500-600 g pulp of apples;
  • 10 grams of gelatin;
  • 1 tsplemon juice;
  • 5-6 egg whites.

apple pulp pre-bake in the oven, and then rub on a small grater.In a separate container, whisk the egg whites.Gelatin soak in liquid as indicated in the instructions.Applesauce connect with whipped whites, gelatin and lemon juice.The resulting mass of slightly beat with a mixer and form a blank marshmallow on a baking sheet, plate or paper.Cooling is necessary to treat a few hours.

Zephyr from applesauce without gelatin

Apple marshmallow has a slightly sour taste.This meal will appreciate the young mothers.sugar is not very useful for the child's body, and in this case for the preparation of sweet treats him will need a minimum amount.The child does not have to limit in a favorite treat (we have in mind a reasonable amount).The process of preparation of marshmallow pieces of apples requires certain time-consuming, but the complexity is no different.

In one cup of sugar, prepare a small amount of vanillin, one egg white, a teaspoon of lemon juice, 5-6 medium size apples, two cups of cream.Apples pre-wash, peel and remove the seeds.The pulp is grind in a blender or rub on a small grater.Prepare a homogeneous mixture of applesauce, sugar, vanilla, egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice.The ingredients are thoroughly mix.Use of gelatin in this case is not required.

cooking process marshmallow pieces of apple mixture:

  1. Capacity weight with apple, place in a saucepan with cold water.
  2. Whisk the workpiece to a white color and thick consistency using the mixer.
  3. Using a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream.
  4. Connect cream with apple harvesting.
  5. With pastry syringe shape marshmallow compositions.
  6. Place the workpiece in the refrigerator for several hours.

Video: how to cook low-calorie marshmallows without

Sugar Sugar is a traditional ingredient for marshmallows, but there is a special recipe for sweet treats without this ingredient.This version has a low content of calories and is optimally suited to complement any complex diet.This method describes in detail the video: