Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke : the benefits and harms

In modern society, it is fashionable to be treated exotic plants.However, sometimes vegetables from the garden near the house have at least healing properties than strange fruits, herbs.A great benefit to the human body can bring an ordinary artichoke.This root vegetable has a lot of useful, nutritious properties.What diseases will be cured artichoke?How to use artichoke for cooking medicinal potions and treatment of various diseases?

What is a Jerusalem artichoke and how it is useful?

Jerusalem artichoke - a perennial tuberous plant, which was brought to the continent of North America in the 18th century.Jerusalem artichoke is also called Jerusalem artichoke, or Jerusalem artichoke, but officially it is called the sunflower tuber.It belongs to the Asteraceae family, genus sunflower.Jerusalem artichoke in appearance is similar to the root ginger root, and the taste is reminiscent of sweet potatoes.The ground part of Jerusalem artichoke grows to 2-4 meters and resembles a sunflower.

Botanists are more than 300 varieties of Jerusalem artichoke.This plant unpretentious, so grows well in wet soils and in low light.What Sweet treats?The use of artichoke improves the functioning of the nervous, endocrine and immune system.A particularly positive influence on the use of Jerusalem artichoke condition of the digestive system.More sunflower tuber cleanse the body of harmful radioactive substances.Jerusalem artichoke has many medicinal properties and can help:

  • enhance immunity;
  • reduce blood sugar levels;
  • eliminate joint pain;
  • improve circulation;
  • reduce stomach acidity.

The chemical composition of Jerusalem artichoke

artichoke for its nutritional properties is considered more valuable than potatoes and beets.The juice of the plant, stems, leaves, roots of Jerusalem artichoke is used to treat various diseases.Jerusalem artichoke has many medicinal properties, which are caused by a particular chemical composition of this plant.Jerusalem artichoke contains the following nutrients, trace elements:

  • antioxidant properties of sunflower klubnenosnogo due to the presence in it of amber, raspberry, apple, fumaric acid.
  • Jerusalem artichoke contains approximately 8% of silicon.A small amount of artichoke is able to meet the daily requirement of man in this matter.
  • potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc - rich in these elements of the artichoke.
  • Jerusalem artichoke contains a lot of vitamins B and C. These substances in Jerusalem artichoke is greater than in the beet, carrots, potatoes 3 times.
  • In Jerusalem artichoke contains pectin, which purify the body, have a positive effect on bowel function and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood.
  • sunflower tuber contains up to 15-22% of inulin, which makes it a unique natural remedy for lowering blood glucose.This plant is widely used in the manufacture of foods for diabetics.
  • tubers of the plant contain a lot of protein, which is 3.2% of the total weight of the root crop.

Medicinal properties of artichoke for human

rich composition of Jerusalem artichoke makes this plant an excellent remedy for various diseases.And the healing properties have roots, sap, stems, leaves of the plant.Routine prophylactic use of Jerusalem artichoke can help prevent and cure many diseases.Doctors have long noticed that the use of this plant root helps prevent heart attack, stroke, stabilize blood pressure and even improve vision.

In diabetes

official medicine and folk recognizes that Jerusalem artichoke has healing properties and recommend it for prevention, treatment of diabetes mellitus type I and II.For patients with diabetes first type of therapeutic effect from the reception of Jerusalem artichoke (raw fruit juice and herbal teas) manifest when the patient will eat plant roots on a regular basis.Getting in the human body, inulin into the organs and replaces in the metabolism of glucose.Because of this the cells receive the necessary energy.Inulin

excellent absorbability helps regulate glucose that reduces the concentration of sugar in blood.It supports the well-being of the patient.Stabilization of glucose could be the catalyst that will cause the pancreas to produce its own insulin.Diabetics is recommended to eat boiled or fresh Jerusalem artichoke tubers, 3 times a day for 1 pcs.for 15 minutes before a meal.

For the treatment of joints

large amount of silicon contained in the Jerusalem artichoke.This element processes involved in the growth and division of cells of the synovial membranes, which are inside joints.A total of 50 g of Jerusalem artichoke makes up for the daily requirement of man in silicon.Regular consumption of artichoke can reduce pain, relieve stiffness of the joints.Jerusalem artichokes use in rheumatoid arthritis, myelitis topically for pain relief.

If pancreatitis

pancreatic disease is accompanied by metabolic disturbances and deterioration of blood supply.The use of artichoke is able to improve the metabolism and remove inflammation.If pancreatitis is a daily need to eat 150 grams of raw root.Before the meal, washed thoroughly and consumed with the skin, which contains a lot of useful substances.

If pancreatic disease is recommended to drink Jerusalem artichoke as a decoction.If pancreatitis is recommended to eat boiled, drained, moist root of Jerusalem artichoke.But pickled, baked, roasted Jerusalem artichoke should not be used when the patient pancreatic because Jerusalem artichokes cooked so will contribute to irritation of the gastric mucosa.


Jerusalem artichoke can help get rid of excess weight.Jerusalem artichoke root crop contains a lot of fiber, which is capable of purifying the body of toxins, toxins.When the body gets rid of harmful active substances, it speeds up the metabolism and leads to fat burning.When used artichoke improved carbohydrate, fat processes in the body that helps to quickly shed extra kilos.Calorie Jerusalem artichoke is 61 kcal, so it is perfect for cooking for weight loss.

When pregnancy

artichoke is rich in vitamins, trace elements, so it is useful to use the root expectant mothers.More Sweet has laxative properties and is recommended for pregnant women who suffer from constipation.For the laxative effect of Jerusalem artichoke should be consumed raw.In pregnancy, Jerusalem artichokes will contribute to filling the body with calcium and other nutrients.During lactation (breastfeeding), doctors also recommend eating sunflower roots klubnenosnogo.

The use of artichoke men

Vitamins, useful micro and macro elements, contained in the Jerusalem artichoke, can have a positive effect on the stronger sex.Moreover, the use of Jerusalem artichoke is useful for men of all ages.If they are included in the menu of dishes with this root, it will significantly reduce the risk of diseases of the genitourinary system.In using the daily Jerusalem artichokes, men will be able to prevent problems with potency, the development of BPH.

What to cook from artichoke: medical prescriptions

the treatment of various diseases take a decoction, syrup, juice from Jerusalem artichoke tubers.For baths, compresses can be applied stems, leaves of the plant.In cooking, widely used artichoke.Salads, pancakes, soups from the Jerusalem artichoke can help lose weight, normalize the digestive system.For the cooking of the Jerusalem artichoke is perfect multivarka.Combining roots with apples and other vegetables, fruits, obtained tasty and healthy salads and mashed potatoes.

Recipe juice from Jerusalem artichoke tubers

For the treatment of various diseases, experts recommend the juice of Jerusalem artichoke.It effectively helps in constipation, lowers the acidity of the stomach and blood sugar levels and has many other medicinal properties.For treatment it is necessary to use only fresh juice.To prepare it, it is necessary to take a well-washed under running water and peeled tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, run them through a meat grinder, juicer or grate.The resulting refined mass squeeze through cheesecloth, strain.

decoction of raw or dried tubers

for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases using decoctions of Jerusalem artichoke.To prepare it, you need to take 3 or 4 washed root crops Jerusalem artichoke, to fill their liter of water, boil 20 minutes.If pancreatitis drink a decoction prepared as follows: root vegetables 5 or 6 pour 2 liters of water, bring to a boil over low heat, cook for 10-15 minutes.Then strain the broth and drink throughout the day.Drink drug should be refrigerated.

Dried, crushed in the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke flour used for the preparation of medicinal teas, which helps in case of anemia, hypertension, pancreatitis, cholecystitis.To do this, take 3 tbsp.l.powder of the dried root of Jerusalem artichoke and boil them in 1 liter of water for 30 minutes.They drink a decoction 3 times a week for 1 liter per day.When manifestations of pain in the joints good effect gives the bath with a decoction of artichoke.

To cook crushed stalks, sunflower leaves klubnenosnogo (1.5 kg) and pour them 5-8 liters of water.Boil 25 minutes.Then filter the broth.To perform its therapeutic procedures diluted with warm water 1: 7.Lying in a bath of diluted broth should be for 15 minutes.After the procedure take a shower.The course of treatment is 15-20 sessions to be carried out on a daily basis.Instead of fresh green matter of Jerusalem artichoke can be used dried stems, leaves (400 g) or Jerusalem artichoke tubers (1 kg).This decoction should be boiled for 45 minutes.

Fresh roots

The diet of the patient with diabetes is useful to include dishes, which include the artichoke.Such a diet can help to reduce blood sugar levels.Jerusalem artichoke (tubers), eating fried, stewed, dried, but the most useful to use this vegetable raw.Jerusalem artichoke is excellent for making fortified salads that doctors prescribe for treatment or weight loss.How to cook vegetable dishes with Jerusalem artichoke is explained below.

Recipe №1:


  • artichoke - 2-3 root;
  • cabbage - 200 g;
  • onions - 1 pc .;
  • pickled mushrooms - 3 tbsp.l .;
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • greens.

Begin preparing salad with that washed all the vegetables under running water.Cabbage chopped and kneaded his hands chopping vegetables, add the lemon juice.Artichoke rubbed on a fine grater.Onions, finely cut foliage and connect with pickled mushrooms.All the ingredients are mixed.Drink freshly prepared salad.

Recipe №2


  • Jerusalem artichoke - 2-3 pcs .;
  • carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • pickle - 1 pc .;
  • greens;
  • olive oil.

To prepare the salad, you must artichoke, carrots grate coarsely and chop the cucumber and greens.All the ingredients are well mixed, pour the olive oil.This salad is perfect to replenish vitamins winter sometimes that can help strengthen the immune system and prevent colds.Jerusalem artichoke for this dish should be selected without dark spots, damage.

harm and contraindications to the use of Jerusalem artichoke Jerusalem artichoke

does not contain harmful substances.But some people have been idiosyncrasy of this vegetable.Patients suffering from flatulence, using Jerusalem artichoke can provoke increase in the gassing process.Such people do not have desirable root of Jerusalem artichoke.Jerusalem artichoke can not be abused, because even a useful product with immoderate use can cause negative reaction of the organism.

How does the plant and the fruit of artichoke: photo

artichoke - a plant with a strong stem, yellow, rough, rigid leaves.In Jerusalem artichoke oblong tubers, which can have the color brown, yellow, red color.Shape of tubers of Jerusalem artichoke is similar to ginger root.Root crops Jerusalem artichoke ripens in September.They can spend the winter in the ground and it does not lose its healing properties.