Which foods contain gluten

useful and harmful properties of gluten are the subject of much debate experts.Information about public products contain gluten, it is necessary first of all to comply with the rules of healthy eating, as well as the treatment of certain diseases associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract.With extreme caution should be introduced gluten in the diet of baby food and drink in the presence of certain diseases of the digestive system.

What is gluten (gluten)?

Gluten - a term that brings together a group of proteins, which are high in different seeds of cereals.The substance is also referred to as another definition - gluten.Joined this name is no accident: pure gluten is a powdered composition, but when diluted with water, it forms a dense mass resembling glue.The main contraindication to the use of products containing this protein, is the presence of individual intolerance.

protein adhesive-like consistency was the main reason for its widespread use in the food industry, especially in the

field of baking bread, as well as the manufacture of meat products.When mixed with meat or flour and the resulting preform product is stored longer than usual time, they keep their shape and consistency of different air liver.

A small amount of gluten does not cause significant harm to health.However, the presence of such diseases as celiac disease eat products with its contents is not recommended.The damage caused by gluten kind of its effect on the stomach.

protein blocks the digestive system, causing the body does not receive the necessary vitamins norm.Such a process may cause disturbances and bloating, diarrhea, and a sharp decrease in immunity.

products containing gluten

the record for the content of gluten are cereals - rye, wheat, barley and oats.For use in the food industry produce protein just from these cultures.The material is then mixed with water and becomes an ingredient for the preparation of a wide variety of categories of products:

  • bakery products, flour;
  • sausages, minced;
  • drinks made on the basis of cereal crops (the most striking example is beer, whiskey and vodka);
  • chocolate products;
  • sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise.

Products that do not contain gluten

answer the question, in which the products do not contain gluten, it is possible on the basis of a simple experience.It is proved that the gluten in contact with iodine changes its color to black or dark blue.However, except in this case it is rice and potatoes.These components do not contain gluten, but iodine color changes due to the high content of potato and rice starch.

not contain gluten:

- rice, buckwheat, corn;

- meat, poultry and seafood;

- vegetables and fruits.

table of contents of gluten in foods

Products with gluten

What foodstuffs gluten no

Meats, Bakery products based on gluten meal

Fresh vegetables, fruits

products minced


Any kind preservation made based thickeners


dairy products made with the addition of stabilizers


Vinegars, sauces, mayonnaise-based stabilizers, thickeners containing gluten grains

Natural dairy products

Fast food mixes (food and beverages)

sauce, vinegar, mayonnaise-based natural ingredients

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with gluten grains

drinks containing no gluten grains

any product containing the following components:

- dye E150;

- isomaltol E953;

- E965 maltitol;

- maltol E636;

- fatty acids E471.

Bakery products without gluten content of flour