Milkshake with ice cream

Well, if the house is such a useful device as a blender.As an indispensable tool in the kitchen, it also allows you to prepare delicious cocktails aircraft, which are not inferior to taste expensive yoghurts.And if you tried to shake up a milkshake with ice cream?If not - it's time to fill this gap.Let's learn about a simple recipe for making it.

How to make a milkshake at home in a blender?

For preparation does not require any expensive products.Your favorite fruit juices fit perfectly.You can add the desired proportions, and other products - honey, vanilla sugar, cocoa, jam.It is best to use a simple cocktail ice cream without fruit flavors (they may spoil the taste).In preparing the delicacies will leave no more than 5 minutes.

with ice cream and banana

Let's learn the recipe classical cocktail with ice-cream and banana.Nothing hard there - he is literally two minutes.And its delicate taste like the whole family.If you have previously it has not done - we recommend to try.Of the

se components out almost 750 ml of the drink, that's enough for 2-3 people.

  • Ingredients: 2 medium sized banana, 2 regular ice cream cups and 350 ml of milk.
  • cleared banana peel, break every 4-5 large pieces.
  • Remove the ice cream from the cup, cut each one into 4 pieces.Put together with bananas in a blender.
  • Pour milk and whisk 10-15 seconds.

If you - a lover of sweets, we offer to try to cook one more treat.The ingredients we need a bit more than in the previous recipe.Sweets candy give our drink (it can be replaced with condensed milk).Specify the number of missing ingredients for 600 ml drink - 2 full servings.Let's go step by step.

  • You will need: 1 banana, peach or 100 ml of orange juice, 1.5 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon of condensed milk (caramel), 250 ml milk and 2 ice cream in cups.
  • Divide the banana for 4-5 pieces, transfer to a blender.
  • Pour milk and juice, sprinkle in sugar.Beat 15 seconds.
  • before pouring the drink into the glasses - put on their inner walls or caramel condensed milk (as in the photo).Carefully pour the drink, being careful not to mix the contents.Try to decorate each glass a small piece of banana.

of strawberries and ice cream

Milk cocktail with vanilla ice cream and strawberry - one more beloved by adults and the children treat.Delicious and nutritious, it is perfectly suitable to quench your thirst on a hot summer day or recuperate after working days.Let's look at the most simple and quick recipe:

  • Ingredients: 200 ml milk, 200 grams of fresh strawberries, 2 vanilla ice cream cone, vanilla sugar.
  • Separate cups of ice cream, divide it into small pieces, put in a blender.Top sprinkle strawberries.
  • Pour the milk, add 2-3 teaspoons of vanilla sugar.If desired, pour another 100 ml peach juice.
  • beat until foaming, then pour the liquid into chilled glasses.Top each glass can be decorated with strawberries or a slice of orange.

speak about the recipe preparation strawberry cocktail with cream and ice cream.Sweet, rich, carrying benefits to the body, he is loved by many of us since childhood.Its calorie content will help satisfy the need for sweet - for example, confectionery products.Harm, in contrast, he does not carry.Of this amount will constitute three portions.

  • You will need: 250 ml milk, 100 ml cream, 2 ice cream in a cup, 350 grams of fresh strawberries (raspberries), 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Divide the cream into pieces.Together with strawberries Put into a blender.
  • Stir the sugar, add the cream, pour the milk.Beat 15 seconds and serve.

with fruit juice

simplest milk shake is prepared with the addition of juice.To prepare a single serving will need a glass of cold milk, one ice-cream cone, and 50-60 ml of your favorite fruit or berry juice (eg, cherry).Pour the cream with milk, juice, and start whisking.

Video: Cocktail with ice cream and chocolate

If you want to drink was cold - along with the ingredients, place a few ice cubes.To make it more useful will add the eggs.Another piece of advice: that there is a lot of bubbles - whip cocktail at maximum speed.Finally, we offer to see how fast to cook refreshing chocolate shake.