Zrazy with egg

Recipe zrazy with egg filling was introduced in culinary sources several centuries ago.Traditionally, this dish is prepared from a single piece of carefully chipped meat wrapped in a roll.To produce filler used not only eggs, but also vegetables.Most zrazy hearty with eggs prepared on the basis of several types of minced meat or minced meat.The dish is so liked the hosts, that in a short time has taken pride of place in cooking around the world.

Options zrazy cooking with egg

There are two main options for cooking zrazy - based on mashed potatoes and meat.Fillings are selected according to individual preferences.For example, if desired, are added to the sharp ingredients (condiments, spices, garlic) or fresh herbs (parsley, dill, mint).Potato dish is prepared quickly, but in taste and satiety is not inferior to its competitors meat.

zrazy Traditionally prepared by frying in vegetable oil.However, this method is not always suitable, for example, if you are dieting or practice steam coo


Prepare steam meat or potato patties with reduced calorie several ways:

  • in the oven;
  • multivarka;
  • microwave;
  • couple.

If instead of minced meat or meat you use mashed potatoes, during its preparation, try to use a little secret.The dense mass of solid cutlets prepared by cooking raw potato.After removing the peel root crops better mince or grind a blender, food processor, mixer.With this nuance is mashed elastic and a little sticky.


oven in the oven may cook any variety of original patties with fillings.The process of baking is usually not more than 30-40 minutes.In addition, better use of bread crumbs or flour, and the dish was more delicious and ruddy, top obmazhte each workpiece a small amount of whipped raw egg and then sprinkle with chopped herbs.

zrazy before cooking with eggs, the oven should be pre-heated to 250 degrees temperature.In the cold cabinet dish will be prepared for longer and get less juicy.

In multivarka

Using multivarka recommended to cook cutlets stuffed with minced meat or vegetable (cabbage and rice).If the filling is taken mashed potatoes, you need to take care of in advance that it was most dense.The mass of air will quickly lose shape and dish - attractive appearance.should not take beef and pork To prepare zrazy with whole pieces of meat.The best option - chicken or turkey.

With Multivarki zrazy prepared in several stages:

  • first workpiece need to fry on both sides using the "Baking" mode for 5-7 minutes;
  • then the program changes to the mode "quenching";
  • total cooking time courses in multivarka is a maximum of 1 hour.
  • form Multivarki necessarily pre-lubricated with a minimum quantity of vegetable oil.

A couple

Zrazy with egg, steamed, are considered dietary dishes.it is recommended to use fresh herbs for extra flavor.Chives, parsley and dill were added not only as a filler, but is mixed with minced meat.

To prepare a steam option treats used:

  • steamer;
  • multivarka;
  • homemade design of conventional pans and grills.

Regardless of the method of preparation of steam cutlets stuffed with the lower capacity is required to be filled with a little water.The grid should be pre-oiled and only then put on her zrazy.In the microwave or multivarka in the absence of the desired program, use "Buckwheat" mode.

Cooking Recipes with minced

Stuffing zrazy for cooking is not only used as a main ingredient.For example, a dish of mashed potatoes stuffed with meat found in traditional recipes from many countries.Often such zrazy even consider outstanding representatives of Russian culinary traditions.

cooking beef for zrazy necessary with special attention:

  • to give mass air consistency, it adds white bread (loaf), milk and eggs;
  • extra flavor the dish will give a fresh herbs, mixed with minced meat;
  • if the stuffing in advance to beat off with a hammer for meat, the dish will be more succulent.

zrazy Meat (beef, chicken, turkey)

To prepare meat zrazy used any meat - beef, pork, chicken or turkey.Fillets can chop into small pieces and mince.To mince was more gentle and air is recommended to add a few slices of white bread, pre-soaked in milk.

process of preparation and processing of ingredients is different complexity.First, you need to prepare all the necessary products:

  • 500-600 grams of meat;
  • 4-5 eggs;
  • spices, seasoning in its sole discretion;
  • fresh herbs;
  • a few slices of white bread.

After kneading mince divide the mass into small balls and make cakes of them.In the middle of each workpiece Put the chopped egg with greens and roll balls or patties.Fry in vegetable dish is better or olive oil.

Meat zrazy prepared not only meat, but also the whole meat.The main caveat - the thickness of the workpiece, which must not exceed 0.5 cm when using thicker layers of meat there is a possibility of partial roasting..

Fish fillet fish for zrazy should be selected with special care.Pre-need to remove all the bones, and only then proceed to the manufacture of minced fish.At the request of the workpiece is left intact fish.Outwardly, this dish resembles a roll.For its preparation is traditionally used salmon, grouper or sole.Egg stuffing is recommended to dilute the additional ingredients: fresh herbs, mushrooms, vegetables.


Making boiled buckwheat necessary for the manufacture of zrazy consistency - a complex process, so harvesting is done by mixing the ground meat and buckwheat.Cooking meals consists of several stages:

  • Boil buckwheat, to get 400 g of finished cereals;
  • mix equal proportions of minced meat with buckwheat harvesting;
  • optional add in a mixture of fresh herbs, salt, spices;
  • pre-boil some eggs for the filling and finely chop them;
  • shape cakes of minced meat and then place them on a plate;
  • in the middle of each blank place with the help of a tablespoon of egg stuffing and roll balls;
  • preparing the dish in the oven, multivarka or deep frying pan.

tasty addition to the egg in the stuffing

Egg stuffing for meat and potato patties - a versatile ingredient.However, it is recommended to complement other components to give a rich taste and aroma.The main thing in this case - to monitor the compatibility of the selected products.

Mushrooms and onions

Mushrooms and onions - the perfect complement to the egg in the stuffing Zrazy.The mixture of these ingredients should be pre-fry in vegetable oil, mushrooms and better pre-boil.

Experiments with minced mushroom and onion, there are many.Originally it looks, for example, filling with whole mushrooms or mushrooms in combination with chopped onion and egg.

Cheese with herbs Cheese

combined with almost any ingredients.If you use this product as a filling for zrazy, do not forget that the final dish is best eaten hot.

mixture is prepared in a matter of minutes:

  • cheese grate or cut into thin slices;
  • herbs finely chop with a knife;
  • chop eggs;
  • mix all ingredients.

Rice with cabbage

Rice and cabbage - ingredients that are often used for making quick zrazy.This dish perfectly fit into a healthy diet diet supporters and those who keep to a diet prescription.The meat and minced meat used is not necessarily.

All components are better prepared in advance:

  • rice boil until tender;
  • finely chop the cabbage and cook over low heat until soft consistency.

After preparing the ingredients, mix them in a separate bowl.To taste, use spices and seasonings, and then knead the stuffing.The resulting mass divide into equal small portions and form cakes.Boiled eggs chop at their discretion and use for stuffing.After giving blanks form of balls, a dish can be prepared by any selected method.

zrazy How to cook with whole quail eggs with photos

The original idea for a culinary experiment, you can help make a reality of quail eggs.Comminuted such products are not necessarily better left intact:

Option 1: Quail eggs lay inside each blank to zrazy and form a ball.

Option 2: Use the product for decoration.After forming the blanks, make a small depression on top and place in it a boiled egg.

Video: Baked meat zrazy

A good example of how to cook a baked meat zrazy demonstrated in the video tutorial: