How to marinate skewers of pork

Pork - this is one of the most common dishes of Caucasian cuisine.Of particular popularity it has acquired through its juiciness and tenderness.How to marinate skewers of pork, a dish to meet all your expectations?It is only necessary to know the number of secrets.Most of their concerns making pickles

At its core, the marinade -. Mixture in which meat is soaked.It consists of a mixture of this acid (wine, vinegar, fruit juices, mayonnaise, kvass), spices, spices, onion and salt.The objective of all these ingredients give the meat a delicate texture and flavor.However, before you prepare the marinade, you should choose the right meat.To learn how to do a real Caucasian barbecue, take note of a few marinade recipes.

How to choose meat for barbecue pork

ideal option for cooking meals will be fresh, fresh meat without bones with a moderate amount of fat.Fresh meat is determined by a pleasant smell, and it has cut pink uniform color.

When selecting parts of the carcass pig preference is given to t

he flesh of the neck, Brisket and lumbar region.Not suitable for these purposes, ham, shoulder blade or ribs.Undeniable fact that the skewers of pork obtained the most delicious, juicy and flavorful, but the alternative acts of beef, lamb or chicken breasts.
In the absence of fresh meat will be quite acceptable use of refrigerated and frozen products.The main secret of making delicious kebab of frozen meat is in its proper preparation and how much time it will be in the marinade.To do this, you need to defrost the meat, it is best if it will take place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.This option allows a defrost to maintain taste and nutritional properties of the product.Some cooks recommend meat pickle ice cream and leave for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.Do not re-freeze barbecue, so lost juiciness.The photo shows a view of a fresh meat.

In a bowl marinate skewers

For marinating shish kebab better use of enamel, glass or ceramic pan.Not recommended for aluminum and plastic containers for this purpose, as in the process of marinating the meat can absorb harmful substances released utensils.

Ingredients marinade

What foods and spices for the marinade will need, depending on the selected recipe of marinating.So for the classic recipe barbecue will need onions, dried sweet pepper, coriander, basil, dried, ground allspice, savory, chilli, dried, turmeric, curry, adjika, salt and vinegar.However, this is not a definitive list, it can be supplemented, or certain ingredients may be replaced by other products.Take advantage of ready-made recipes, completing step by step cooking process.

Pork marinated with vinegar

For this recipe you will need:

  • 2 kg of pork;
  • 300 g onion;
  • 1 pack shopping seasonings for barbecue;
  • 250 ml vinegar 6%;
  • salt to taste.

Step by Step:

  1. Cut the meat into cubes of medium size, about a 4 match-box, folded into a cube.
  2. Cut onion half-rings.Put it in a pot for marinating and slightly compress the, wait until the juice starts to stand out.
  3. Put the onions in the meat and mix everything.
  4. Pour seasoning mix.
  5. Add the vinegar and stir again.
  6. reserve the meat to marinate for two hours until tender.Some cooks believe that it is better if the meat stand up in acetic liquid a little longer - sometimes hours 5.
  7. Before you begin to string on skewers, the meat need to add salt.
  8. Fry skewers, placing skewers over hot coals.
  9. Ready skewers served with ketchup or tomato sauce homemade.

Tomato sauce for barbecue


  • 200 g of tomato;
  • 4 teeth of garlic;
  • parsley.

on cooking instruction:

All the ingredients are put in a blender and grind for two minutes at full power.The sauce is ready.

Tip: selecting spices for a shish kebab, you can buy ready-store seasonings or use a mixture to your liking.Try not to overdo it with a variety of spices.In the need to have a sense of proportion.

Many cooks are ardent opponents of vinegar, considering that it only spoils the taste of the dish.In his recipes they offer to replace it with other products, such as yogurt, mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard powder, cranberries, pomegranate juice and tomatoes.

good alternative to vinegar is considered the lemon juice

recipe barbecue pork with the marinade on the lemon juice


  • 1,5 kg of pork;.
  • 5-6 large bulbs;
  • 10 g spices;
  • 2 lemons;
  • mixture of pepper to taste;
  • salt.

Kebab, prepared with lemon juice, not less popular.The process of cooking is not very different from the version with vinegar.The main difference is the use of lemon.To do this, take the lemons, cut in half and squeeze the juice on cut pieces of pork.Watering meat juice, stir well before it.Marinate pork so no longer than 3 hours.

success of this recipe depends on well-chosen amount of lemon juice.If you overdo it with the juice, the meat acquires unpleasant sour taste.

How to marinate skewers of pork on kefir

To prepare you need the following ingredients:

  • 1,5 kg steam pork;
  • 15 g sugar
  • 0,5 l kefir fat content of 3.2%;
  • 6 bulbs of medium size;
  • pepper, salt.

This recipe is a little different from the previous one.Its main difference is that kefir marinade has a softer effect.For this reason, to infuse kebab should a long time - about 12 hours, it is better - sutki.Marinad kefir contains a large number of spices.

During cooking, you need to yogurt gradually permeated the meat.To do this in the usual way prepared onion and meat pour yogurt and mix.Fill with sugar and mix again.We give the meat to stand for one hour at room temperature.Then, remove the refrigerator leave to macerate hours 10-11

Skewer, marinated in mayonnaise

To prepare this recipe you will need:

  • 1 kg of pork;.
  • 300 g of mayonnaise;
  • 3 large onions;
  • spices to taste;
  • salt.

meat, cut into slices, pour mayonnaise.Added to the mixture of spices and onions, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto half rings.All the mix, leave for 1 hour.Meanwhile, prepare grill, kindle the coals.

One of the most original versions of this dish is a barbecue on the wine marinade.In its role as the main component is assigned to the wine (dry white or red powder).Meat pour the wine and leave to marinate for 2 hours.(For such a prescription based on 1 kg of meat 2 will need a glass of wine.) After 2 hours the spices are added thereto and allowed to marinate for two more hours, when the marinade absorbed must be periodically refilled.Salt, as usual, before frying.

marinating shish kebab of pork with cream

For this recipe you need the following ingredients:

  • 1 kg pork loin;
  • 500 g of 20% cream or natural yogurt with no additives;
  • 5 grams of dried basil;
  • 2 large onions;
  • 3 teeth of garlic;
  • mixture of red and black pepper to taste;
  • salt.


  1. Peel the garlic and onion, finely chop them by hand with a knife or use a blender.
  2. The resulting mass is mixed with chopped basil and pepper.
  3. meat is cut into pieces.
  4. Each piece of meat rub received onion-garlic-basil sauce .
  5. Puts the meat in a deep bowl, pour the remnants of the cream sauce from garlic and onions and pour cream.
  6. Put the skewers in a cool place, in this form the meat should be soaked for six hours.
  7. Before you start cooking the marinade merge.
  8. marinade recipe that will be relevant and pork on the grill.

How to marinate the kebabs of pork in the marinade on mineral water

This recipe differs from the previous ones with their uniqueness and creativity.


  • 2,5 kg of pork;
  • 1 liter of any mineral water;
  • 6 heads of medium size onion;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • spices and salt to taste.


cooking process remains the same, except that the role of the acidic ingredient takes the mineral water.Marinate skewers a maximum of three hours.Half an hour before frying in vegetable oil is added to the marinade.To the crude shish kebab can add mushrooms and fry them beforehand with onions in a pan.

prepare delicious barbecue and can be finished with marinades.Their range is amazing.In stores have pickles with mustard on pomegranate juice, marinades with pieces of fruits and vegetables, pickles classic.Their advantage - faster process of marinating.

Tricks in barbecue

  • If barbecue is prepared in the summer, the meat should be cut into larger pieces.So it will be juicier.
  • If the meat was frozen to preserve its richness helps mustard.The marinade is ready enough to add the mustard, slices smeared with chopped meat and leave for an hour or two hours.At the end of this period the meat is marinated to your liking.
  • marinating process is very important in the preparation of meat, how successful will the marinade depends on the taste of the future of kebab.
  • to make a fire for cooking meat, it is advisable to use wood instead of coal ready.Thus barbecue will be more fragrant and soft.
  • to meat during frying is not dry on the coals, sprinkled his homemade wine, water or beer.
  • coals in the grill should not burn, they should smolder.If, during the cooking or charcoal fire breaks out much smoke it or pour a little water, or bring down a special shovel.

to picnic all happy successful barbecue, invite you to learn all the secrets of cooking in this video