How to cook the shrimp in the home

popular and widespread seafood - shrimp.They are not only a great snack to beer, but also dietary product.They are used in salads, main dishes, appetizers, pies.How and how much to cook shrimp?Cooking need to be right.For example, if the product is to digest meat is rubber and spoil the taste of the dish.

How to choose shrimp

Now on sale there are fresh and frozen shellfish.They can be cleaned or even in the shell.When choosing a certain kind of, well, consider the product.If fresh views increasingly less clear, with the frozen Various questions arise.Nobody do not want to give money for a defective product.Frozen shrimp unpeeled selected, paying attention to the integrity and thickness of the ice crust, which they are covered.

undesirable that the seafood was matted together.The thickness of ice on them should not be more than 1 mm.If these rules are not met, they are frozen properly.Only a quarter of the weight will be acquired after cooking and cleaning.In this case it is better not to save on

cheaper, and buy large, high-quality frozen shrimp.Chefs recommend buying crude types, they do not lose their juiciness.

When selecting shellfish note the tail.The frozen it should be tucked.During cooking, the tail curls up almost in the ring.If it does not, then frozen seafood was not fresh before the heat treatment.Buy shrimp are not worth it, even if at first glance the product of good quality.

What and how to brew

shrimp meat - protein product.For cooking it requires little time (to recall at least the egg).How long to cook them is impossible, otherwise the taste is not the same as we would like, and the consistency of the shrimp will be similar to the rubber.Some species of these mollusks offered in retail chains buyers do not have to cook, you can simply pour boiling water and wait a few minutes.But this option is not suitable for the preparation of all varieties.

Frozen shrimp

First they are washed, thawed.How to cook, depending on whether they were frozen in any form.If the raw shrimp, then cook them you need about 3 minutes.The cooking time depends on the size.It is often found in stores frozen boiled species.They are prepared a couple of minutes.If before freezing, they succumbed to the heat treatment, it is not necessary to boil them, it is more a question of prevention of intestinal infections.To prepare the permissible fill them with boiling water, leave for a few minutes.

Peeled shrimp

They are prepared very quickly.Cleared views do not necessarily cook.Often, they just pour boiling water and allowed to stand for about 4 minutes.Then you need to try the product for readiness.If the dish is still damp, leave it for some time.The main thing - do not overdo shellfish, although it is difficult to do.The finished dish recline in a colander to water glass, and serve.


This kind of seafood do not exist.Name - a well thought out marketing course, but in fact from the usual Atlantic species, they differ only in large size.Cooking time unfrozen prawn is not more than 5 minutes, frozen cooked a little longer - about 10. This is due to the fact that larger species are preparing a little longer than usual.

Tiger prawns

These clams are common in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.Its name was due to cross the black stripes on the body.Tiger species boiled for 4-5 minutes after the water boils.Initially, it is desirable to unfreeze them.Readiness prompt color - from gray they have become a bright orange.Digest them, like all other kinds, it is undesirable.This will affect the hardness and taste of the product

cooking tips

shrimp first and most important rule of delicious dishes from shrimp is not seafood digestion.If you forget about time and a long time to cook, they can turn into a mass of rubber instead of the tasty and tender delicacy.The second important point is to wash them before cooking.Nobody knows exactly, in what circumstances and places they were before they got to the counter.

Untreated raw shellfish have a gray coat color (it is a royal and tiger).Throws them into a pot of boiling water, cook about 10 minutes.In the broth add salt, spices (bay leaf, pepper, peas, cloves).When molluscs float and painted in bright colors, they are ready.But do not get immediately - leave even just for a moment.The larger the shrimp, the longer it is cooked.Buying small specimens pinkish shade you choose is already cooked product.To prepare them do not have to cook.After defrosting the product pour over boiling water, soak a few minutes.

Shrimp good quality and properly decoction, if it has a pleasant sweet-salty taste, aroma of the sea.In order to your table got a good dish of seafood this, follow the advice of chefs:

  1. Shrimp absorb a lot of salt, so when cooking this ingredient do not need to save.
  2. Perfect seasoning for clams is a fennel: green or dried.
  3. original fast food snack from a large shrimp - their first boiled, and then fried in olive oil, adding garlic.
  4. Lemon and complements the dish.

Video: How much time to cook shrimp after boiling

Despite the fact that they are prepared quickly and easily, people often find that the product is converted into clay.Improperly cooked shellfish will not let you enjoy their true taste.How to cook shrimp, so they have turned "a great success"?After watching the video below, you can learn how to prepare this delicacy, and no longer will "choke" rubber clams.