Mozzarella cheese

Delicate Italian dishes were not so delicious, if not mozzarella.This magnificent dairy product perfectly complements the classic kitchen.But its charm is not only in the unique taste, but in the rich composition and dietary qualities.Soft cheese - a welcome guest at any table.If the store options you something is not satisfied, the product is easy to prepare yourself.So treat will become even more useful.

What mozzarella?

favorite gourmet mozzarella - Italian soft unsalted dairy product that is best consumed young.The heyday of taste occur within the first 12 hours.It was originally prepared from buffalo milk.This is a classic, which now has become exclusive.Over time, we began to use cow's milk.The product comes out not less tasty, but the true experts recommend at least once to try a real cheese from old recipes.

Soft structure allows mozzarella to give a different shape.There are the main types of product:

  • bocconcini - cheese in the form of large balls;
  • chiledzhini - mozzarella into small
    round balls the size of a small plum;
  • Perlini - small cheese balls, resembling peas;
  • trechcha - mozzarella, woven into a tasty pigtail.Meets smOkEd option.

composition, caloric value and the useful properties of the product

delicious soft cheese balls, you can feast on even with dietary intake.Nutritional value of cheese is 240 kcal in the absence of carbohydrates.The proportion of fat weight does not exceed 20-25%.The protein portion occupies 18-20%.With such a composition mozzarella elegantly complements the daily menu as desserts, appetizers, main dishes make up the ingredients.

Cheese has a number of useful properties:

  • improves heart function due to potassium;
  • strengthens bones and the nail plate due to calcium;
  • maintains water balance using the sodium content;
  • maintains vision and improves the skin due to vitamin A;
  • promotes regeneration of bones and muscles with the help of phosphorus;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels, asIt contains choline.

How to make mozzarella cheese at home

Since mozzarella recommended to use young, it is useful to master the skill of her self-cooking.House is done without any tools, the process will not cause difficulties even for beginners queens cuisine.But the dishes are decorated with elegant taste of soft cheese, fresh and useful as possible.The smaller the mozzarella was in the fridge, the more nutrients it is saturated.


To prepare the mozzarella cheese will need:

  • 1,5 liters of milk of average fat content.If you can get a buffalo - take it, do not hesitate.
  • 250 ml of distilled water.Absolutely can not borrow directly from the tap.
  • 2 pack.rennet.Suitable pepsin, acidin-pepsin.It is used for coagulation of the milk.Without this enzyme cheese production is impossible.
  • 1/3 hours. L.citric acid.
  • 1 ch. salt.

Step recipe for mozzarella cheese at home:

  • Pour the milk into the pan, allow to warm up to 25-28 degrees.
  • Dissolve half a cup of water, citric acid and slowly enter into the milk liquid.Do not forget about the constant stirring of the mixture.Bring it up to 30-35 degrees.
  • Dissolve half a cup of water rennet, pour into the pan with preparing cheese.Bring the mixture to 40 degrees, cover and remove from heat.
  • Leave the pan with the milk mixture for 15-20 minutes, allowed to ferment the milk curdle.
  • After the desired time, the product is divided.A dense mass of cheese whey and transparent with a yellowish tinge.Mix the mozzarella future, so that it broke into small pieces.

  • resulting mass scoop spoon and spread on a fine sieve.Good press down to all the whey out.

  • Be Careful, the cheese does not leak.The result - a dense cheese mass, do not fall apart.

  • Put cheese in a heat-resistant bowl and place in microwave for 1 minute.Make sure that the future is not boiled mozzarella.After half a minute, then turn it over.

  • After microwave get stringy cheese, as in the photo.Well remember the product, like plasticine.Remove serum exiting.

  • mozzarella Season with salt and knead well again.If desired, add the basil.Allowed additional heating and stretching.So cheese acquire proprietary structure.If you want a more gentle and mild products, eliminate stage reheat.

  • Give cooked mozzarella desired shape.Keep in refrigerator cheese sealed in trays.

What can you make with mozzarella

Delicate cheese balls easily fit into any dish.They are used for salads, appetizers, pizzas, pastas, baked dishes warm.The beauty of mozzarella in its dense consistency - it melts, but does not spread.Gets a great hot dishes tyanuchim cheese.These sandwiches are very fond of the children, who need a game element for the absorption of food.

offer some easy and tasty recipes:

  • Caprese Salad - a classic of the genre.It looks elegant, preparing easily absorbed instantly.Cut thick slices tomatoes and mozzarella, place them one by one.On top sprinkle with basil and pour the olive oil.

  • salad with mozzarella and shrimp.Arrange on a plate with half a tomato, cheese cubes, sliced ​​green onions.Fill optional basil, salt, olive oil.Top with cooked shrimp.
  • Pizza Margarita - is prepared without meat.Put the dough on the garlic-tomato sauce, some basil leaves, sprinkle with oregano.After 5-7 minutes of baking sprinkle with chopped cheese on top.Return to the oven for a couple of minutes to melt the mozzarella.
  • Fried cheese in breadcrumbs - delicious hot appetizer.Slice the mozzarella slices, thickness of 1.5 cm. Obmoknite in egg and roll in breadcrumbs.Fry in a hot pan on both sides for a few minutes, the cheese had melted.

How can replace the mozzarella cheese?

soft Italian mozzarella get is not always easy.However, in some recipes it replaced by other cheeses that will reveal the taste of the dish and give it new notes.If the counter did not have the desired packaging, look for a number of Adygei cheese or suluguni.Some housewives recommend the use of cheese or cottage cheese "Health", but they have a structure of the curd, so do not always fit.If you want to bake - take suluguni unsmoked.He perfectly melts and stretches.Classic cheese is also suitable.

Video: how to make mozzarella cheese at home?

mozzarella Cook in the kitchen easily.The main thing - to get rennet and take the milk that is turned off.The first time is better to do on a clear instruction not to miss the most important thing.Follow all instructions and tips, then mozzarella is better than shopping.Strictly maintain all technological nuances.This is especially true temperature, it affects future structure and flavor notes of cheese.

Video instruction below about cooking mozzarella house has text prompts.It is easier perceived.We recommend that the first time to use a smaller number of products, to master all the subtleties.Gather all the necessary ingredients and utensils.Do not forget about the kitchen thermometer, since the production is based on precisely seasoned technology.Watch the video to start cooking.So you'll have an idea of ​​the sequence of actions.You can make yourself a little note that it was not necessary to unwind the video back.