How to cook broccoli

Broccoli can be eaten on their own or as a complement to various dishes of meat.It includes a high content of vitamin C, protein, folic acid and fiber that have a beneficial effect on the internal organs.In order to become an excellent broccoli to taste a dish that is full of nutrients, you need to know exactly how to cook it.

How to cook broccoli

basic principle of cooking is the constant control of the process and preparation time.To the vegetable has not lost all useful vitamins for the body and has not got mushy kind of an unpleasant odor, it is important to learn how to cook it.The time and the cooking process can be different, because it all depends on what you're using cabbage - frozen or fresh.


frozen cabbage can be purchased at any supermarket or use a vegetable that you previously put yourself in the freezer.It is important to remember that this vegetable does not require pre-defrost, as this process will lead to a loss of form and type of cabbage.Then obey the whole sequence of


  1. Boil 1.5 liters of water, adding 1 tbspsalt.
  2. Place the florets in boiling water.
  3. Cook should be no more than 12 minutes.
  4. Cooked cabbage to get out of the water with a slotted spoon.


Boil fresh broccoli is not difficult if you follow all of the recommendations.Before the process itself should be carefully washed vegetables under running water and then leave it in salted water for 10 minutes.This will ensure that if, in Kocani contain pests, then salt them liquidate.To properly cook inflorescence, follow these steps:

  • first cut with a sharp knife the main stem.

  • Start separate hands, each bud, but if they fit snugly to the stem, use a knife.Be careful not to damage the shape.

  • Get a large pot, fill it with water and bring to a boil.Even if you have a small head, it is recommended to boil in a large amount of liquid.
  • Add no more than two teaspoons of salt stretcher to 1.5 liters of water.

  • in boiling water gradually start to lower buds.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and boil on medium heat for about five minutes.
  • Then gently with a slotted spoon, remove the pan from the inflorescence.

  • order for them to retain their shape immediately after cooking, pour over them with ice water.

Recommendation: When buying broccoli, pay attention to its freshness.Kochan has to be a uniform bright green color, and if you notice yellow, brown spots or flabby flowers, then the purchase should be abandoned.The stem should keep in shape and to be tough as well as softness is considered a sign that the vegetable is stored for more than a month.

How to cook broccoli in a steamer

steamed broccoli retains all the nutrients, most of which is lost when cooking cabbage in a conventional manner.Before heading out to distribute cooking individual florets and place them in a bowl of steamers.Be sure to cover the container lid, then nine minutes later you get the finished dish.Before serving, it needs to add salt.

Video recipe how to cook broccoli

In order to know how to cook broccoli and get a tasty dish, you must adhere to a phased its preparation procedures, not only in the pan, but also in the microwave.To do this, you can use as a fresh product and frozen, it will not affect the taste of cabbage.Detailed preparation process is shown in the video.