Useful properties and contraindications dogwood

Dogwood - a shrub that brings bright red fruit in the wild, grows in warm climates, cultivated in many European and Asian countries (Ukraine, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Italy).It is common in nature, can grow in any weather conditions.However, little is known among ordinary consumers not widely used as a food or drug substance that looks unnecessarily since this - one of the most useful for human health berries.

The dogwood is useful for the body?

Dogwood - a plant that from the cortex to the seed has medicinal properties: diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent (treats poisoning) action.Berry normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in normal blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes metabolism, blood sugar levels.

enormous variety of useful properties results in a plant that is used when creating medicaments are included in the diet of diabetics and pregnant women, children, people with gastrointestinal disorders work, high blood pressure

.Use it in a variety of ways: as jam, candied fruit, dried fruit, fruit drinks, teas, which improves the taste of berries makes a nice remedy for the whole family.

In diabetes

Extracts of this plant are used in the manufacture of medicines for people suffering from diabetes, as berries:

  • help to reduce blood sugar levels;
  • improve metabolism;
  • lower cholesterol, glucose volume;
  • improve digestion and intestinal peristalsis;
  • eliminate toxins, improve immunity.


Dogwood traditionally considered the best remedy for hemorrhoids.To get rid of this disease, it is necessary to collect the berries until they mature (suitable as jam) to eat for five days with 2 cups of seeds (or 1 - 2 jars of jam).

When pregnancy

Dogwood useful and essential for women during pregnancy.It eliminates many of the unpleasant symptoms, cures many diseases without involving medicines, so it is necessary for pregnant women.With it is possible to easily, quickly:

  • Eliminate heartburn, which often suffer pregnant.
  • strengthen the immune system that help to better fight colds and infections.Increase
  • potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, which is a great need in pregnant women.
  • normalize the digestive tract.
  • Increase hemoglobin.
  • strengthen the heart, normalize blood pressure, help prevent disruption of pregnancy.
  • prevent obesity - contains substances that contribute to the normalization of metabolism.


Elena, 32 years old: "My mother-in-ate of dogwood jam straight from the pits to cure hemorrhoids.She helped the hemorrhoid is gone, and the operations have been avoided. "

Ira, 28 years old: "I bought last summer dogwood, previously did not take.The seller said that he was healthy and tasty, if the jam boil.I cooked jam in the bread maker, umyala week the whole jar.Throughout the winter did not hurt.This year we must do more! ".

Tonya, 45 years old: "Everything we ate childhood dogwood straight raw, the taste I like.Now I continue to buy from time to time - well helps with constipation and generally normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. "

Natalya, 50 years old: "Take dogwood hemorrhoids must be in the form of decoction, stewed fruit or tea.Good brew powder of ground seeds, which then drink for five days.I tried cornel powder in parallel with the use of ointments, a good result, it perfectly contributes to treatment. "

Useful properties of berries dogwood Dogwood

useful in any kind - dried, cured, fresh, cooked, even the bone is suitable for the treatment of certain diseases.Let us consider the properties of the plant, studying the composition and utility of a particular type and components.This will help to more accurately determine the application for each individual.

Dried dogwood

Dried dogwood, like all dried fruit, has even more nutrients than its fresh or processed thermally analog during drying all the vitamins remain in the fruit.Fruits are rich in:

  • fructose.
  • organic acid.
  • Carotene.
  • Volatile (antibacterial effect).
  • essential oils.
  • Pectin.
  • Vitamins C, A, R.
  • micro- and macronutrients.

Dried fruits are good for the treatment of angina, diabetes, as an antipyretic, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory agent, with gastrointestinal disorders, normalization of blood pressure.Calorie dogwood dried fruit - 44 kcal / 100 g

Fresh fruits have specific sour taste, which may be to the liking of everyone not.However, during drying leaves sour taste, the fruit becomes sweet, pleasant, which gives him an undeniable advantage over fresh.Dried berries under indirect sunlight outdoors or in special drying directly from the bones.

jerky dogwood

Dried dogwood (candied) - is cooked in syrup and dried fruits cornel bush, who for a long time retain vitamin C, volatile (the content of useful qualities, dried and cured identical).And because sun-dried dogwood useful to use for the prevention and treatment:

  • SARS, acute respiratory infections and influenza.
  • sore throat, bronchitis.
  • internal infection.
  • External infections.
  • Obesity (normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss).
  • Anemia, anemia (hemoglobin level increases).

To make candied Kizilova:

  1. Wash berries, remove pits, pour the sugar (1 kg of sugar per 400 g of berries), leave to insist (on the day) in a warm place (22 ° C).
  2. Berries allocate juice, can the him and the pulp pour the syrup (1 kg 350 g of fruit sugar and the same amount of water).
  3. syrup should be hot (85 ° C), soak the berries in it for 5 minutes.Again can the juice and pulp air dry for 15 minutes in an oven (at a temperature of 80 ° C).
  4. Cool berries and repeat the process two more times (for 20 minutes at a temperature of 65 - 70 ° C).
  5. Thereafter, berries placed above the heat source (30 ° C) for 4 - 6 hours for direct drying.


Bones berries are used for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, diarrhea.For this bone are ground in a coffee grinder (roasted or raw) and applied in powder form.Cornel powder has no side effects, and therefore can be used in parallel with the medicines.Roasted seeds, frayed to powder, are also used instead of coffee.


dogwood dogwood jam helps to cope with many colds, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, measles, influenza.Because berry shows children as a tasty and effective medicine.Recipe jam:

  1. Wash dogwood, clean from the bones.
  2. Divide berries on a "handful", put each in gauze.
  3. Blanch in boiling water twice.
  4. Alternate dropping into boiling water and cold water (when the berries will remain in one piece).
  5. Take sugar, water (per kilogram of berries takes 1.5 kg of sugar, 0.5 liters of water), prepare the syrup.
  6. Place to berries, leave for 2 hours.
  7. Then put the pot with dogwood on fire and boil until the mixture takes the form of jam.
  8. 3 minutes before the end of cooking, pour into the pot 3 - 5 g of citric acid.
  9. closures Banks preheat, sterilize, fill to the resulting jam, roll up, wrap up - let is warm until completely cool.Jam is ready!

Contraindications and harm

dogwood Dogwood - a useful product, which has a tonic effect, but because there are a number of contraindications, if such action is not desirable for a person.It is contraindicated in those with:

  • There is a nervous excitement.
  • Gastritis, hyperacidity in the stomach.
  • ulcer of the stomach or duodenum 12.
  • Individual intolerance.
  • Constipation.
  • Duodenitis (inflammation of the duodenum 12).
  • Insomnia (should not be used at night).

Photography: How to grow

dogwood Dogwood - is a shrub that grows in height and can reach 10 m (like a tree).It is distributed in many parts of Europe and Asia, from ancient times to the present day cultivated people and is valued for its beneficial properties.Grows and flowers very unusual: first on bare stems and branches of shrubs appear yellow or reddish flowers that bloom and bloom when the tree has not revealed any green leaf.Next flowers fade, dissolved leaves appear yellowish fruit, which then ripen and turn red, acquiring the characteristic form of dogwood berries.

Video: All the benefits of

dogwood dogwood - useful berry, which contains the amount of vitamin C, 20% higher than the daily rate for 1 person.Berries help to quickly absorb iron, which enters the body with food, make blood vessels and elastic tissue.Vitamin A, included in its composition, has beneficial effects on vision and firmness of the skin.The berries have a lot of nutrients, you need to know and use for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones.Learn more about the benefits of this berry, look at the video: