How many calories in a banana

Qualified nutritionists recommend a daily consume a maximum of water, fruits and vegetables.However, for bananas, in their opinion, should be treated with caution - this fruit is one of the most high-calorie, far surpassing in this indicator, such as citrus fruits.Let's find out how many calories are in a banana, it will help you to calculate how many fruits you can eat throughout the day, without harming the figure.

Calorie Banana

Talking about calories of this tropical fruit is difficult.There are different varieties, more or less calories.Other products of this fruit can be either very high (eg, banana chips), and moderate energy value (natural juice).For a complete presentation will consider any species of fruit appearing in the domestic market.


Banana - one of the most popular overseas fruit.But many people trying to lose weight or who take care of their own figure, wondering what is the caloric this product.Given that the weight of 1 pc.Banana is approximately equal t

o 200 grams, subtract that number from the weight of the rind (40-50 gr.).That is, in a banana without a peel is about 120 calories, if the fruit is unripe, perespevshego calorie fruit (with dark spots on the skin) - 170-180 calories, which is about equal to the energy value of 120 g.boiled chicken.

in dried banana

100g.dried fruits are very high in calories compared not only immature, but even with natural perespevshimi fruits.It reaches 320 kcal.Given that the average weight of dried banana one size 20 cm. - About 25-30 grams, it turns out that its caloric content of up to 100 kcal.Eat this fruit is dried - the best option for a quick bite to eat, as they allow you to quickly get a sense of satiety.Lose weight with the help of dried bananas - task difficult.

The banana chips

If fresh fruit is cut into thin slices and fry on palm oil - will receive the so-called banana chips.They are not yet common on the domestic market, but the big supermarkets sell this product for a long time.Delicious chips are traditionally included in the composition of various mixtures treated with exotic fruits.However, they can not be used for people who take care of their body shapes.Calorie chips is very high: 490-500 kcal per 100 grams.Plantain Chips are another drawback - the minimum content of nutrients.

The unripe fruit

Fresh, unripe fruits are greenish-yellow color and a pleasant aroma.In 100 g.banana contains about 70-80 calories.Residents of countries that are exporters of fruits, rip them from the trees underripe, not waiting until they "dospeyut" and covered with dark spots.If this is not done in time - peel may crack and palatability will become less pronounced.Fresh bananas are traditionally used for cooking all sorts of original culinary dishes.

In a fruit overripe

But fresh bananas will not be stored for a long time, even at the optimal temperature (+ 10 ° C) and humidity.If the peel of the fruit is covered with dark spots - hence, it is considered perespevshim.The more spots and dots - the more it is overripe.And, although bananas are sweeter and softer than fresh, low-calorie food fans eat them undesirable: perespevshih calorie banana is about 110-125 kcal per 100 grams.

in banana juice

considered the least-calorie natural banana juice - only 47 kcal per 100 g Importantly, virtually all the nutrients present in the fresh product, and remainin the juice.That is, the juice would be the best option for people who like tropical fruit itself and aspiring to follow a diet.Pay attention only to the fact that this useful juice can be obtained only by means of ordinary juicers.Juice is sold in stores include no more than 30% of banana puree.

Mini banana

Mini bananas are sold in supermarkets and large clusters are called "baby."The average length of the fruit, usually does not exceed 12 centimeters."Baby" is not less sweet than regular bananas, but have a slightly different flavor.The advantage of this sort - a relatively low calorie: 80-90 kcal.Residents of countries that are major exporters of fruit, mini-consuming bananas, while the more popular we have a large variety is used as animal feed.

Green Banana Platano

Platano - is the name of a rare variety, different from the usual less sugar (taste Platano gives sourness) and other shade rind (green or reddish).Consumers Platano is not too popular, but significant advantage of this grade is relatively low caloric content - within 60 kcal.Abroad Platano consume fried or boiled.

Nutritional value of banana

On average, 100 g of fresh fruit contains 1.5 grams of protein, 0.4 g fat and almost 21 grams of carbohydrates (about 8.5% daily for women and 6.5% for men).Its advantages can be attributed the absence of cholesterol, the minimum fat content and high - potassium, fiber, fructose, vitamins C and B6.Disadvantage - the high calorie and high percentage of sugar.

How useful banana

High energy value fetus assumes its relevance to eat for breakfast: it will give you enough energy.In the evening, it is desirable to refrain from bananas.Do not forget that diet diet the best option is the fruit varieties sycamore, containing a minimum of calories.Finally, let's find out what are the health benefits of bananas:

  • High potassium content is useful for the heart and brain.
  • so-called protein tryptophan, contained in a banana, is converted by the body into serotonin.This hormone is also called hormone of happiness - it improves emotional state, promotes nerve and physical relaxation.
  • This fruit helps even the most avid smokers to give up a bad habit.Group B vitamins help the body to eliminate the adverse effect of nicotine.
  • Banana useful for people involved in intense physical and intellectual labor, including athletes: sёv couple of fruit, you will provide the body with energy for 2 hours of work.
  • This tropical fruit is effective in the presence of inflammation of the mouth, stomach ulcers, enteritis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease.It reduces cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, removes toxins and stabilizes the nervous system.