Drinking Miracle yogurt (photo )

you diet and do not know better than to dilute your diet or suffering from such a disease, like diabetes?Miracle yogurt is considered the best option, as it helps to keep normal weight have a positive effect on human health.Using mineral micronutrients and bacteria included in the composition, it can be easily given to children.

The history of the "miracle" yogurt

product appeared on the Russian market in 1998.Prior to this, the company produced natural juices and dairy products.This period was marked by a change in the preferences of Russian consumers.If in the early 90-ies of people prefer to choose foreign products by the end of the century wanted a natural product with no colorings and additives, drawing attention to the domestic producers.

new brand of yogurt "Miracle" has become popular in the market.Quick start and contributed to the success:

  • consistently high product quality,
  • many kinds of desserts,
  • reasonable prices.

This line of "Miracle Yogurt" has become massively expand, due

to which the Russian market was able to see a wide variety of desserts "Wimm-Bill-Dann".

All Manufacturer of the product

Company "Wimm-Bill-Dann", many still believe the western, which is very conducive to the European title.However, it has helped the two owners - Sergey plasticine and Mikhail Dubinin, opened the company - to expand their business quickly.The company came by a fluke, because, as noted by Sergei Clay, in the early 90-ies domestic stores did not spoil range.Thus, it was not a natural juice in cans - inconvenient juices sold packets in addition it was necessary to dilute with water.

This remark was the beginning of work of "Wimm-Bill-Dann": entrepreneurs have written a draft, took a loan and started to work.Just a year later the company has been expanded, as it became known businessmen invest: David Yakobishvili and Gabriel Yushvaev.In 2011, "Wimm-Bill-Dann" was included in the group of companies PepsiCo.At that time the company employed more than 13,000 employees at 30 production sites.This organization is considered to be the largest producer of dairy products in Russia.

Cost yogurt

basic than attractive products of the company "Wimm-Bill-Dann" - a small price, making desserts under this brand can afford even the people with the lowest incomes.

Drinking yoghurt 800g

80 rubles

Yogurt 475 gr

49 rubles

Drinking yoghurt 290 gr

39 rubles 40 kopecks

What part of the drinking yoghurt, "Miracle"?

ingredients in products of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" is always indicated on the package.They are similar for all kinds of dessert, however, have some differences when using additives and flavorings.Let us consider in more detail, which includes products on the example of a dessert flavored "apple-muesli»:

  • Skimmed cow's milk
  • uncollected cow's milk
  • Pasteurized fruit filling (water, apple, mix cereal, apple juice, raisins, nutsStabiliser, wheat, flavors, citric acid, natural dyes)
  • white crystalline sugar (5,6%)
  • leaven (Lactobacillus acidophilus, pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria)
  • Stabilizing system Koloidan Rabb (guar gum, gelatin and acetylated starchadipate)

use products for the human body is shown in the video:

Calorie and nutritional value of yogurt

yogurt is designed for everyday use, as it contains all the necessary trace elements and lactic acid bacteria that improve digestion, raises the tone, quickly restoringforce.Due to the low fat content it is ideal for people who decide to lose a few kilos.The main thing - to follow the product's shelf life.

in 100g of the product contain (as a percentage of the daily value of 2000 kcal / d.):

  • 92.03 kcal or 385 kJ (4%);
  • 3% fat;
  • 4% protein;
  • 5% carbohydrates.

range of products and flavors (photo)

Products "Wimm-Bill-Dann" is represented by the most various kinds, making yogurt and desserts will satisfy all tastes.

reviews Dairy desserts

Vadim, 34 years

«It is like a family yogurt" Strawberry strawberries. "It is worth inexpensive, satisfies hunger, does not contain a lot of fat »

Olga, 18 years

« Daily consume these desserts for more than two weeks -. Just help but feel hunger when dieting »

Anna, 25 years

« products."Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods" buy for children.They like the taste, convenient bottle, and I - that safe dessert for the child's body, you can take lessons »

Igor, 40 years

« Due to the large weight had to go on a diet -. Yogurt helped to cope with hunger.It does not contain a lot of fat, which is important in my case. »