How to create a menu for the week for the family

Many women have long been familiar with the planning of the household diet.This event - not easy, because you need to consider a lot of nuances: the tastes of each family member, income and range of products.However, drawing up menus for a week for a family helps in solving many problems: diet loses uniformity, the hostess gets rid of daily stress, and the whole family happy!

Why do we need a menu for the week?

With the right approach to plan a family ration for a week does not make difficulties.It should be a piece of paper to paint part of the daily meals.After that there is the necessary assessment of the products to be made in the procurement list.This approach is considered to be mainly for the management of housekeeping.He gives a lot of advantages, such as time savings, finance, the ability to change the diet towards a healthy diet.

Save time

proper planning menus for a week for the whole family greatly saves your time.When it was premeditated diet, you can buy products in a

dvance.Moreover, it will be possible to prepare some dishes in advance.You will not need to buy a day preparing food in a hurry, it will save from rash purchases.Save time lies in the fact that you do not have to frantically search for a suitable recipe cookbook or a long time to come up with what to cook.

financial benefits

Budget planning for the family menu a week saves you money, because the number of spoiled food, which did not wait for their time in the kitchen, is minimized.In addition, no longer chaotic shopping in a hurry when we buy unnecessary products or more than is actually required.Sometimes it happens that recklessly purchased the product becomes obsolete.But when we come up with dishes from it, sometimes lacks some ingredients are not always cheap.Economical for the family menu a week will allow you to set aside money for other needs.

balanced and healthy diet

Making inexpensive family menu a week helps to organize a balanced diet.Meals will be consistent, because the chaotic approach than fast feed, fill the stomach with hunger, will be gone.Deliberate and planned process will allow you to take into account all the principles of a healthy diet.This will not only help to lose weight in the case of dietary menus, if required, but also improve the quality life.After all, a healthy nutritious - a healthy internal organs, outer beauty, well-being and mood.

principles and rules of planning diet

for diet planning for a family for a week to learn to make the menu, purchasing the plan foods and cook a couple of times a week courses, which takea lot of time.First, let's write a list of dishes, which you have mastered cooking.Immediately you can not remember everything.But no hurry.At the time of the menu for the family should be guided by the following principles:

  • accounting features your family's food sufficiency.
  • Stocks products - before shopping audited cabinets, refrigerator.Sometimes it can be still on hand products that can be included in the menu.
  • Accounting tastes of each family member - if the child loves fish, then cook it on Monday, a man can not live without meat, chops do the next day.Consider the principles of a separate food.Alternate days on favorite dishes of each household, then all will be satisfied.
  • If the expected arrival of guests, you need to plan to add additional products.But it happens that guests arrive unexpectedly, whereas in the refrigerator should be a plan B.
  • Accounting for sales and promotions in supermarkets, which saves a considerable extent the budget.In addition, take into account price fluctuations of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

lists products

In compiling the list for a family full menu of food for a week to consider the tastes of each family member, your financial possibilities, some seasonal fruits.Taking into account the principles of healthy eating on your list should be the following healthy products:

  • eggs;
  • bird;
  • meat;
  • milk, dairy products;
  • seafood, fish;
  • cereals;
  • greens, vegetables;
  • spices;
  • berries and fruits;
  • vegetable oils;
  • apple marmalade, dried fruit or marshmallows, if you wanted to sweet;
  • unleavened whole wheat or rye bread.

Select menu convenient form

family menu a week form can be printed, electronic or written manually.Through trial and error you yourself will realize that it is more convenient for you specifically.Handy to be family menu with special tools that save time and effort.You can make your computer a universal pattern, each week by filling it on your own.The most convenient form - is the one that combines a menu with ingredients for each recipe.

Sample menu and recipes for a week for the whole family

Below are the approximate menu for the week for the whole family, as well as recipes for delicious dishes.This may be contrary to your culinary preferences and habits.But before having a pattern easily make changes in their own way.


  • Breakfast - buckwheat groats.
  • Lunch - chicken soup with noodles.
  • Snack - a salad of dried apricots and carrots.
  • dinner - salad, stewed in sour cream chicken liver, vermicelli.


  • breakfast - fried eggs with sausages.
  • Lunch - beet salad, vermicelli soup.
  • Snack - fruit salad, or whole fruits.
  • Dinner - vegetable salad, pilaf.


  • breakfast - porridge semolina with raisins.
  • Lunch - Goulash.
  • Snack - ratatouille with rice.
  • dinner - salad of radish and greens, potato zrazy stuffed with mushrooms.


  • breakfast - cottage cheese casserole.
  • Dinner - pea soup.
  • Afternoon snack - potato cake.
  • Dinner - fish stew in sour cream, stewed vegetables.


  • Breakfast - berry dumplings with sour cream.
  • Lunch - Salad with mushrooms and chicken, mashed potatoes.
  • Snack - Yogurt.
  • Dinner - boiled rice, shrimp, green salad.


  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs.
  • Dinner - pea soup with croutons and smoked.
  • Snack - apple fritters.
  • Supper - stewed cabbage with meat and rice, carrot and garlic salad.


  • Breakfast - egg toast.
  • Lunch - Fish Solyanka.
  • Snack - cake.
  • dinner - potato casserole with meat, mint-cucumber salad.

To implement the proposed menu for a family for a week give some recipes.

Salad with dried apricots and carrots:

  • Ingredients: 4 carrots, 2 handfuls of dried apricots, 1 tbsp.l.honey, 2 tbsp.l.lemon juice 2 hrs. l.olive oil.
  • Preparation: clear the carrot and shred on a grater, pour in a salad bowl.Add the apricots cut into strips.Beat whisk lemon juice, honey, olive oil.Refill salad.
  • Pilaf:

  • Ingredients: 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 tbsp.l.spices for pilaf, 1 cup of rice, 300 grams of pork, 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oil, fresh herbs.
  • cooking rice is washed several times, first with warm water, then - in the cold.Pour in a pan, fill with water and cook until tender.Meanwhile, in a skillet tolstodonnom warm up the oil.Clear the onion and carrot, shred.Fry the vegetables in butter until soft.Add the chopped pork cubes.Continue to fry.When the meat reaches the ready, add rice, spices.Stir, cover with a lid and tormented over low heat for twenty minutes.Turn off fire, sprinkle with chopped herbs, insist a few minutes.

Salad with mushrooms and chicken:

  • Ingredients: boiled chicken breast, a handful of croutons, lettuce, 10 mushrooms, 2 tbsp.l.vegetable oil, 5 tablespoons.l.sour cream, salt.
  • Preparation: boiled breast cut into small pieces, pour in a salad bowl.Mushrooms cut into plates, fry in oil until golden.Lettuce tear into small pieces.Add the mushrooms, salad.Fill with sour cream, salt to taste and sprinkle with croutons.