What it refers to the slow carbohydrates

Starting a healthy lifestyle, the first thing to look out for - proper nutrition.For a healthy and balanced diet person should consume a sufficient amount of all components of the metabolic products.With insufficient consumption of carbohydrates and fats, proteins are not fully digested and assimilated in the body.In addition, they provide the full functionality of the brain.Slow carbohydrates - the main source of energy for the body.Their share of the amount of calories per day should be at least 40%.

What is slow or complex carbohydrates

rate of digestion and processing of carbohydrates into glucose divides into two types: slow (or complex) and fast.Rapidity of obtaining the body of glucose, as well as its blood saturation, called the glycemic index (GI).In fast - GI over 70, while slow - less than 40. Complex carbohydrates are polysaccharides.They consist of fructose, glucose and other monosaccharides.They provide a complete breakdown of proteins, fats provide energy for the body, e

stablishing the function of liver and brain.

Slow or complex carbohydrates are foods containing a lot of fiber.It significantly improves digestion, normalizes blood glucose levels.consumption of food containing complex carbohydrates for long term energy boosting improves mood, general health, contributes to less consumption of calories.Their molecules contain several thousands of the monosaccharides, which is slowly cleaved by giving energy.Let us see what is the type of carbohydrates:

  • Starch.This polysaccharide long split intestine, slowly assimilating into glucose.It is a long time maintains normal blood sugar levels.
  • Glycogen.If it is not sufficiently supplied with food, the monosaccharide organism extracts from fats and proteins.This substance is indispensable for the human body, it energizes the liver, heart, muscle system.
  • Fiber.This is the most important source of carbohydrates: effectively cleanses the body of toxins, pollutants, cholesterol.This happens due to its incomplete digestion and gut peristalsis stimulation.Eating fiber is a good prevention of intestinal diseases, as well as prevents the process of decay.
  • Cellulose.This plant polysaccharide slowly splits the gastrointestinal tract, releasing large amounts of energy.It has a property for a long time to maintain a normal blood sugar level.
  • Insulin.Vegetable insulin sold by decomposition of fructose.Artichoke and Chicory contains its maximum number of vegetable plant.It is used as a safe sugar substitute for diabetics.

Sources slow carbohydrates

There are certain foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates or slow, they are their sources.Consuming such foods, you will save a long time the feeling of satiety, and glucose, is gradually released into the blood, will give you the energy for a long time.This allows you to cut calories and as a consequence, lead to healthy weight loss by burning fat.These sources include:

  1. Starch.
  2. Cereals.
  3. Cereals, cereals (except semolina).
  4. Legumes (beans, peas, soybeans, lentils, beans).
  5. bread from wheat flour.
  6. pasta from durum wheat.
  7. wild rice.
  8. Mushrooms.
  9. greens (spinach, parsley, lettuce).
  10. vegetables (zucchini, avocados, onions, bell peppers, all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, leeks).
  11. fruits (apples, pears, peaches, cherries, apricots, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, plums).
  12. Berries.

Slow or complex carbohydrates found in most cereals - buckwheat, oats, pearl barley.Doctors recommend the use of cereal for breakfast or lunch, as you recharge your energy and strength for the whole day, will not feel hungry for several hours.Dine better products having high content of proteins.

Value slow carbohydrate diet

If you regularly eat foods rich in slow or complex carbohydrates, you can not only be cleansed from toxins, reduce blood cholesterol number,but also significantly lose weight without having to diet or exhausting hard training.

There slimming process by making full use of the received energy to maintain normal functioning of the body.Fast carbohydrates immediately release a large amount of energy which is extremely difficult to spend as fast, so the unused energy is stored as fat accumulation.

Some people believe that to lose weight you want to exclude from your diet foods that contain a lot of quick energy sources (complex carbohydrates).However, nutritionists argue that nutrition is necessary to get enough of them.In order to lose weight fast, it is desirable to replace the use of carbohydrates to slow.The body metabolizes them at a low speed, gradually getting energy.Such a diet is ideal for a hearty breakfast or lunch.Watch the video about the importance of complex carbohydrates for weight loss:

Table: List of products with slow carbohydrates

glycemic index (GI) - a measure of the speed of digestion of carbohydrates and converting them into glucose, that is, the main source of energy.Knowing the index, you can exclude from your diet foods that contain carbohydrates fast, and add rich slow.Scientists have conducted many studies on the basis of the results was calculated the glycemic index of some common foods.

the purpose of ease of use table was formed, which contains a list of products with their GI.Products in which noted the presence of complex carbohydrates, which are also called slow, have a GI less than 69, which gives you the ability to visually assess which of them should include in your diet, and by what is easier to give up.

Slow carbohydrates - is a great source of energy for the body, purifying it, and full operation.They are absolutely necessary for a complete nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle.This is the only way to saturate the body for a long time without the risk of fatty deposits.Constantly eating food containing these ingredients, you will always be cheerful and healthy, being in good physical shape.