How to cook a pink salmon in batter

With the approach of the holidays all housewives are concerned about the composition of your holiday table.We are confident that no meal would not be able to do without fish.Properly cooked fish complement the symphony its unique flavor notes.Pink salmon in batter for that fits best.We will share with you a few ways of manufacturing festive and everyday dishes with pink salmon.Frying pan, oven, multivarka - all on your arms.In fact, it's simple!

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Fried fish fillet in batter

Whateverrecipe you choose, before you have to get rid of head, guts, fins, scales, bones.First, remove the scales from the salmon, then cut off his head, fins, pull out the entrails and cut along the ridge line into two parts.So it will be easier to get rid of the bones.Well, they are few.After that, prepare the fillets.That is, cut what was left on the small size pieces.

After treatments with fish time to move to the batter.To cook it you need the milk, flou

r, eggs.Mix all the ingredients necessary so as to obtain the consistency of thick cream.Pink salmon - lean fish and batter sticks to it very willingly.The resulting fillet pieces add up in a bowl of batter, dip all sides immediately lay on a frying pan.Instead of water, you can also use yogurt, which will make the shell of the fish at the output even more magnificent.

a pan must be very hot vegetable oil.Through roasting, salmon in batter becomes juicy and very rich taste.Fry does not need more than 5 minutes on each side.An indication of readiness is the emergence of a golden crust.The fish is then removed from the pan, served with herbs, slices of lemon or tomato.

Pink salmon perfectly with the side dishes containing starch: Young boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice.Fans can add soy sauce, which will give piquancy, saturate the finished product a spicy taste.It is also good in this company and green leaf lettuce, but sophisticated salad with potatoes and rice better and defer to other cases.

Baked salmon in the oven

dishes if they bake in the oven, always characterized by a different set of taste, rather than fried, boiled or steamed.High cooking temperatures not only reduces the time required to bring the product to a drinkable state, but leaves most of the starting material in vitamins and minerals.

To cook the fish in batter with oven, you need to:

  • first not fully cook pink salmon manner described above, that is, remove it from the pan whenbatter slightly turn yellow;
  • after that these blanks are lubricated by sauce (for this purpose is to mix ketchup and mayonnaise, add salt, pepper, chopped garlic);
  • then sent pieces of fish in a preheated 160 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

finished dish out lush, very juicy and flavorful.

In this method of preparation is necessary to use the pan, greased with vegetable oil, but it is better to lay on his bed and the wall of the parchment paper.Using these methods will save you from sticking oiled pieces of fish sauce to the pan and make the kind of products obtained more appetizing.If you can not determine the willingness to face courses - open the oven and pierce with a toothpick one of the pieces.Floss should be pass through easily without resistance, and accrue to dry.

recipe for salmon in beer batter

In this case, the procedure is different only in that instead of water used in preparing the batter light beer.Better to use unpasteurized lager beer, but lovers of spicy notes can buy dark or honey beer to give the dish flavor of the original.Thanks contained beer substances, batter, and, therefore, all the dish receives a special, unique flavor and taste.

This fish is very well combined with acute adzhika, so it is advisable to grease the finished product this sauce before serving meals on the table.Beer not only adds flavor and taste, but also contributes to changing the texture of the fish fillets, making it juicier and more tender.

Some people can not tolerate the presence of fear smell of alcohol, which is a long time eroding out of the oven, frying pan after cooking batter of beer.In fact, beer does not leave behind such a trail, it is checked hundreds of chefs, offering meat and fish dishes with beer.


Pink salmon cooked with the batter - a dish that is not designed to diet.Although the fish is a low calorie, and is even used in some weight loss diets, however, the method of preparing it in large amounts of fat, using flour, eggs makes the fish very nourishing and is not recommended for people seeking to lose weight as a routine diet.

prepare meals in 30% consists of fat.This high fat content explains how the properties of the salmon, and the way of cooking in fat.It is also worth noting the high protein content (to 40.5%), and this protein is largely - digestible fish fillets containing fluorine mass of phosphorus - such nutrients for our teeth and bones.The amount of carbohydrates (the remaining 29.5%) just makes this product is of little use for diet slimming people.

total calorie 208 kcal per 100 grams of finished product provides 10% of the daily value of consumed products, so if you value your figure, you should use the pink salmon with tempura only as a supplement to garnish, but not as a main dish.In this case, you can enjoy the taste without harm to their own health and figure.

Video recipes for salmon in batter

Want to cook like a real master?Watch the video, in which chefs professionals provide basic instructions on how to quickly and easily prepare wonderful dishes - potato soufflé with pink salmon and fish in batter.

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