Waffles in a waffle iron recipe

Children and adults love the delicious desserts, but do not always have the opportunity to spend a few hours to cook for yourself or your family sweets.But if you use the waffle iron, it can be prepared in a short time the exquisite delicacy.It can be soft or crispy wafers in the form of tubes, cones, baskets filled with protein, oil or cream-filled cream.What recipes are suitable for the production of sweets in a waffle iron?

step by step recipes for home waffles in a waffle iron

To make a terrific dessert using a waffle iron, need sugar, flour, eggs, milk or cream, butter or margarine.These products are the basis of all the recipes described below.Waffles can be a decoration of the holidays or a family dinner, they can take the form of a cone or tube, if you plan on dessert with filling inside, but no less tasty are flat wafers, sprinkled with a powder or chocolate chips.Wafer rolls are baked from salted dough with liver pate, cheese or salty cottage cheese as a filling.

To prepare the sweet / salty biscuits with a pattern of cells using either elektrovafelnitsu or special cooking device that heats up at the plate.There are some rules waffle:

  • Firstly, it is necessary to pour the batter into the preheated waffle iron.
  • Secondly, the dough is poured onto the uncovered, oiled device leveled, and then capped.
  • Thirdly, ready Korzhik hot rolled up into a tube or cone.
  • Fourth, bake waffles 0.5- 3 minutes.

products, which is composed of butter or margarine, cook faster than those who are involved in the yogurt / milk.For wafer tubes often use the filling of condensed milk.It is done quickly, easily: for the preparation of this type take a butter cream and mixed with condensed milk with a spoon or a mixer.In the latter case it is done carefully, so that the oil does not perevzbilos and not separated from it water.

resulting sweet mixture using a pastry syringe filled with cooled tubes.But the waffle cones are used as well for ice-cream cups.Another of biscuits made using the waffle iron, making the original baskets and fill them with a variety of fillings.Consider the popular recipes with photos for making baking using the waffle iron.

recipe for crispy waffles in the waffle iron

quickly prepare crispy biscuits.If they tighten the jam, jam, condensed milk and nuts, you get a very tasty delicacy, which will be a hit at any party or celebration.And if you prepare this dessert for a sweet tooth, their children, they will be just as happy.There are many recipes of wafers that are cooked on gas and elektrovafelnitse.Some of them involve the use for the manufacture of test eggs, milk, and others do not.Below is a popular method of making crispy wafers.


  1. 4 eggs;
  2. 2,5 cups flour;
  3. 1,5 cup sugar;
  4. 100 ml of sour cream;
  5. 1 hour. L.soda;
  6. salt.


  • break eggs and egg yolks, place in a bowl and whites in another.Whisk the whites, refrigerate them.Soda connect with sour cream.Stir.
  • mash yolks with white sugar, then mix everything with sour cream, flour.

  • Add the foam of the proteins in the dough.Desirably, it is uniform.Knead the dough mixer is best, and then upload it to a tablespoon of baking waffle center.If you are using a waffle iron for the gas stove, then cook on one side for 1-2 minutes, and then another as much.

How to cook the dough on a Viennese waffles for waffle irons

If you want to make a delicious and original wafer cake, the cakes to easily make yourself.To do this you will need a special device and specially prepared dough.Viennese waffles are perfect as the cakes for the cake, because they are soft inside and crispy outside.How to make delicious dough to make them look at below.


  1. 1 cup flour;
  2. 4 eggs;
  3. 200 grams of white sugar;
  4. 120 g butter;
  5. 2,5 cup of cow's milk;
  6. 0,5 Art.l.yeast (dry).


  • Divide the egg yolks 4, 4 protein.Recent whisk until frothy and cool.
  • Using a blender combine the salt, egg yolks, flour.

  • The resulting mixture pour in a little warm milk, melted butter.
  • Pour the dough a little bit of rum, sugar, salt, yeast, chilled proteins.Stir until smooth and leave it for 20 minutes.Pour a spoon the dough onto the center of the waffle iron and bake.

Recipe soft waffles in the waffle iron

Delicate, soft waffles are easy to prepare in a waffle iron.This dessert is ideal for those who do not like the taste of crunchy confectionery.Soft waffles are delicious, if before use sprinkle with powdered sugar and grated chocolate (pour the melted).When making this dessert take more of butter and dough made thicker than for the preparation of crispy biscuits.


  1. 5 eggs;
  2. 200 g flour;
  3. 200 g of sugar;
  4. 250 g butter;
  5. vanilla.


  • a water bath melt the butter.Beat eggs and quickly connect them with the sugar, vanilla and salt.
  • Mixer whisk this mixture with the addition of melted butter to it.Add flour to the resulting composition in an amount such as to obtain dough with a thickish consistency of sour cream.

  • Big spoon lay out the center of the waffle-mix the ingredients and bake for 4 minutes.

How to Bake Belgian waffles

If you wish to make an unusual dessert for your family, then do the following recipe for Belgian waffles air.They have a delicate flavor and served hot.Belgian waffles are perfectly combined with different berry jams, fruit syrups, but especially delicious to eat them with cold ice cream.Dessert is sometimes prepared with mineral water with gas.Below is a detailed recipe for waffles on a gas or electric device that is ideal for cooking a hearty, delicious breakfast.


  1. 1 cup milk;
  2. 300 g flour;
  3. 3 eggs;
  4. 150 g butter;
  5. 100 ml mineral water with gas;
  6. cup of white sugar;
  7. 0,5 h. L.disintegrant.


  • Protein whisk in the foam, cool.Yolks connect with sugar rub.To this mixture, pour the melted butter, add salt.
  • In a separate plate, connect the baking powder, flour, milk.To the dough pour powdered egg yolks, protein foam, mineral water.Stir the mixture until all lumps.

  • Big spoon dial dough and lay it on the waffle iron.

simple recipe diet wafers

Waffle Maker is perfect for cooking crispy diet biscuits.They can be an ideal option for those who prefer to lose weight and low-calorie food.Dietary waffles fit and kids, as a dessert.This dish is prepared without butter, so its caloric content is less than that of wafers made by other recipes for waffle.


  1. 2 eggs;
  2. no more than 100 grams of sugar;
  3. 1 cup of yogurt or any milk;
  4. 1 tbsp.l.vegetable oil.


  • Beat 2 eggs with a mixer.
  • Add the yogurt / milk, flour, stir, pour the vegetable oil.

  • waffle iron lubricating oil and pour it on the center 2 tbsp.l.test.
  • Bake 3 minutes.

How to make chocolate waffles in a waffle iron

original, bright and have a refined taste chocolate waffles.To make the biscuits of the original and unique taste, use quality cocoa during the manufacturing process.Chocolate wafers perfect for tea or as a dessert for any holiday or family dinner, they perfectly complement the taste of coffee.Consider this a quick way to prepare delicious dishes using the waffle iron.


  1. 4 eggs;
  2. 250 g flour;
  3. 200 grams of white sugar;
  4. 150 g butter;
  5. rum (tablespoon);
  6. salt (a pinch);
  7. 1,5 Art.l.cocoa.


  • melted butter connect with pre-whipped with sugar, salt, egg.Stir mixture with a mixer until smooth.
  • Gradually pour in the resulting composition of cocoa products, flour.Stir.

  • can put the dough in the center of the waffle iron and bake on each side for 30 seconds.
  • Ready sweet pancakes immediately displace a cone or tube.

Video recipe of thin wafers in a waffle iron with condensed milk

What to do when unexpected guests come and treat them nothing?Solutions to this situation, there may be many, but if you have a waffle iron, then with the help of its easy to make nutritious and delicious dessert for the whole family and guests for a short time.A popular dish steel tubes with cream of condensed milk.Stunningly simple recipe, which is shown in the video, you will quickly make this dessert.