What is fondue

famous Swiss dish, which in recent years has become very popular in many expensive restaurants of any city - fondue.Now there are many varieties, combinations and types of cooking dishes that, although the Fund was originally included wine and cheese.This dish can be a good opportunity to gather a great company and to speak on their topics.

What is and what types of fondue are

When in the old days in Switzerland harvested products for the winter, among them there were a lot of cheese.Because this product can spoil quickly, or dry with time during long storage it had to somehow soften.Prescription of the same family, in the hot wine went down a piece of cheese that melted gradually while stirring and create amazing gravy.Nowadays there are many different subspecies of the initial fund which is not less interesting in taste.

Cheese Fondue

This species is very similar to the native Swiss dish.The cheese is the main ingredient of such a fund, and the wine can be replaced by milk, water or other liqui

d.Cheese dish goes well with white bread or pastries of various special flavor composition.Cooks can prepare a sweet dish of Swiss and salty - it all depends on your wishes.Cheese fondue should reach, so use special equipment for it.

The recipe of this dish combines several kinds of cheese to get special taste.It may be added to flour or starch, oil, cheese mass to be uniform in consistency, does not separate and does not settle.During the preparation of such a fund, it is necessary to be very careful that food is not burnt.It is important to stir the dish from one side to the other through the center, so shabby cheese will melt and turn into a homogeneous sauce.

Sweet fondue chocolate or fruit

This is one subspecies of dishes created quite recently - sweet.To prepare pudding, you need different tropical fruits and homemade lowered into the hot chocolate or cocoa mix.For such a fund, as well as for the other subspecies, are allowed to use several sauces or gravies.This can be a chocolate paste, and milk, cream, strawberry.

In most cases, the sweet fondue - it is the final stage of the meal.It often occurs without alcohol, alcohol additions.With such a meal is important to remember the rules of etiquette.The main point is to remove the mouth piece of fruit so as not to touch the plug.This is due to the fact that the device should go back to a common pot of chocolate.

fondue fish, vegetables or meat

savory fondue with fish, vegetables or meat like most men.For him, matched different sauces and additions.Fondue meat is different from the classic cheese, even when eating etiquette.When eating a meal, meat strung on a special fork, put a piece on a plate with a knife and cut it into small pieces.If there are willing to put all of the right to language, in this case it is easy to burn yourself, as the fund is constantly heated in the alcohol lamp.

In addition to the salty fondue allowed to put the sauce of gherkins, eggs and mustard, mushroom.You can choose and others who like them.It is important to diversity.Fondue can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.Meat and fish options may not contain alcohol.If you order this dish in a restaurant, it is important to be taken into consideration habits, so that the client has received a perfect fondue.

Utensils and tools necessary for Fondue

To make this dish at home, you need to stock up not only need sophisticated ingredients.An important part of the preparation of the Fund is the dishes, which will be in the hot mixture.It is made of heat-resistant cast iron, ceramics, copper, steel.Fondyushnitsa should have a rubberized handle and wooden tips on them to transferring it onto the table, cook not burned hands.

If a family council you decide to cook this delicious Swiss dish at home, be sure to buy a set of fondue.It will include not only fondyushnitsa, but also special plugs with rubberized or wooden handles, containers for extra sauce and a plate of bread slices, pastries, fruit.Take care and portable burner, as fondue, located on the table, it is necessary to maintain the boiling process.

Recipes Fondue own hands with photos

If the dishes to meals already prepared, you have to wonder how to do such a miracle.There are a lot of recipes, among which you can choose the most suitable.It is important to take into consideration the region and locality, where willing to cook fondue.Determine what the recipe is suitable, it is necessary, depending on the available products, their freshness, acquisition opportunities.Consider a very simple, but very tasty, gourmet cuisine options.

classic Swiss fondue

There is nothing better than the original.Only the classic dish is able to bear the best kinds of food, cooking style, the spirit of the founders.This is a standard Swiss pudding recipe cheese fondue.Having prepared this dish yourself at home, you can spread on bread and fork, dipped it into the fondue, feel the spirit of Switzerland.

Ingredients for Swiss recipe:

  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon (not recommended to replace dilute citric acid, so the taste of the cheese fondue will be lost);
  • cheeses Emmentaler and Gruyere 250 g each;
  • corn flour medium or fine grinding - 2 teaspoons;
  • glass of white wine (better to take a dry or semi-sweet);
  • vodka - 2 tablespoons;
  • white pepper (preferably peas, grind and before adding to the dish), nutmeg (same recommendation as for the previous item meals) - on a small pinch.

To prepare the classic Swiss fondue:

  1. rubbed capacity for Swiss cheese fondue with fresh garlic clove cut in half better and a little squeeze juice.Valid skip through chesnokodavilku seasoning and lubricate its shape.
  2. Bring to a boil mixed with lemon juice, wine, warming over medium heat.
  3. The mixture gradually add the grated cheese, which should be pre-mixed together.For stirring using a wooden spoon or spatula.
  4. until the mixture melts, the other portion of the container mix the flour and vodka.Connecting these ingredients together, keep them on the fire a couple of minutes, leading to homogeneity.
  5. Add the spices.
  6. served at the table with a few slices of French bread.

French cheese fondue

basis for the preparation of this dish are the ingredients from France.If you cook or hostess wishing to make fondue, do not happen in this country, then the store has imported cheeses, wines, which will be ideal ingredients for meals.Try to pay attention to the selection of products in the store, this will depend on the unsurpassed taste of French cheese fondue.

Ingredients for cooking (fondue recipe from France):

  • 250-300 g French cheese Comte, Gruyere and Swiss Fribourg (permitted to replace one kind to Burgundy);
  • bottle of 750 g of white wine (preferably dry);
  • 4 teaspoons potato starch;
  • chive.

sequence of preparing the classic French cheese fondue:

  1. Prepare all ingredients (cheese grate, wine to warm up to room temperature, open, clean the garlic).
  2. Fondyushnitsu process garlic, pour the wine back, bring everything to a boil.
  3. very slowly, stirring zigzag wine, add the cheese.Stir until dissolved on a small fire.
  4. Add starch and mix into a homogeneous mass.Thickened mixture of bring to the table with baking slices.

Step recipe chocolate fondue

This dish is a bit like the taste to sweet fountain, which is a frequent guest on the big celebrations, weddings, birthdays.Few people know that he was easily replaced by an exquisite fondue.Such small fondyushnitsy can be placed on each table of guests and create a great atmosphere for socializing, a good time.But if it was decided to prepare the fondue at home, you can use this simple, fast recipe.

Ingredients for dishes:

  • about 200 grams of milk chocolate in tiles, 50 g of white;
  • 100 g natural cream;
  • few spoonfuls of liquor (milk, orange);
  • fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges).

Step recipe chocolate fondue at home:

  1. a water bath to melt all the chocolate slowly, gradually adding the cream and then - liquor.
  2. Separately cut fruit, put on a plate.Skewer one piece and dip into fondue.Bon Appetit!

Video fondue recipe in multivarka

To make a true Swiss dish, not necessarily buy fondyushnitsu.You can use the standard multivarku, just pick up a special recipe.This saves you from the hassle in the kitchen and you can focus on yourself, or visiting family.Be sure to watch the video story below, which describes the step by step process of cooking cheese fondue or other varieties of dishes in multivarka.So you can quickly learn how to cook a perfect, very tasty pudding.