How to marinate onions in vinegar

With the approach of cold weather the human immune system needs to be recharged vitamins.For their preparation is necessary to combine two things - cooking and eating pickled onions.Before you start cooking is not even necessary to go to the shop, all the components can be at your fingertips.How to marinate onions in vinegar, so it was a great company herring salad or kebab?We will understand more.

Which vinegar is needed to delicious pickle onions?

There are many variants of vinegar, "Apple", "70 percent", "9 percent", "balsamic" and "wine"."Apple" has a rich and smooth taste, interesting flavor, but also burns fat in the body that is not true of spirit vinegar.Vinegars marked "70" and "9" percent proven in the treatment of respiratory diseases and help to form a good flavor to soups or stews, they are not recommended for people lean.

The most popular vinegar "Balsamic".The sweet aroma, the consistency is thick, it is used in salads, marinades, desserts."Wine" vinegar is ideal for a variety of sa

uces, it is fit for the marinade and improves appetite.Stand both options give the marinade inexpensive and unique taste.Other types of vinegar mixtures are not as widely used for cooking.

How to marinate onions in vinegar - recipes with photos

The pickling onions can get a good result at the attention to the process of cooking.The most important thing - to pick up fresh produce and does not exceed the time limit for their preparation at certain stages.For each dish onion marinated in their own way, whether it's barbecue, salad or herring.With step by step recipes with photos posted below, you can easily learn the process of marinating without risking something overcook or overexposed.

By kebab

Delicious meat kebabs achieved by using apple cider vinegar:

  1. 1 kg white onions, wash, clean, sharp knife, cut into slices.
  2. Prepare 1.5 liters of water and 200 ml of apple cider vinegar.
  3. All of this mix in a small pan, add one hour. L.salt, bay leaf to smell, a little black pepper.
  4. resulting marinade lay on a clean jar and close the lid.
  5. also a good idea to put the banks with the marinade in the refrigerator for half a day.
  6. Ready marinade served on a long tradition to always cold appetizers.

Marinade for herring

  1. To prepare the marinade for herring, in a small bowl pour 0.5 liters of water1 cup balsamic vinegar, 150 g sugar, half hours. l.salt.
  2. capacity put on the fire and wait until the boil.
  3. Seeing boiling, turn off the fire and add 3 bay leaves, one hour. L.allspice, mustard seeds 2 hours. l., 5 grams of ginger root (finely cut).
  4. Wait marinade cools to room temperature.
  5. While a bowl of food cools, cut sweet onions and carrots into thin rings (to remove bitterness).
  6. Next to a clean jar are layered herring, onion, carrot, and then pour the marinade.
  7. Bank put in the cold for a couple of days.

For salad

To give the original taste of the salad, add the pickled onions.Here is his recipe:

  1. Take 4 small onions.More will need 250 ml of water, 9% vinegar (50 ml for pickling), 3 tbsp.l sugar and part art.l.salt.
  2. The cut onion rings, place in a jar 1.5-liter.
  3. in boiling water, which should be mixed with salt and sugar, you need to add the vinegar.
  4. When the water boils, pour the marinade onions, add pepper, cover the jar lid, and then wait for 1.5 h. Before cooling.
  5. you can refuel so bow favorite salads and dishes.Cold winter seasoning tastes better than warm.And the question is, how easy it is to marinate the onions in vinegar, for you already decide.

Calorie marinated in vinegar onion

Do not worry about calorie marinade, it is not big.100 gram serving has ~ 82.2 calories, half of them - fats.When such food consumption, body receives and 1.4 g protein, 8.5 g carbohydrates.It's nice to know that in addition to calories, along with pickled onions person receives useful vitamins B5, B2, K, E, PP, as well as to strengthen the body - minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Video: How quickly pickle onions with sugar

If you're used to cook with the help of videos, find other ways of pickling onions on videoretseptu below.After seeing this material, you will learn in one hour is tasty pickled onions with the sugar using conventional products.