How to cook buckwheat in multivarka

you have long dreamed about multivarka?And once your wishes come true!Are you excited about this coveted purchase, because we are sure that with such a helper will be able to cook healthy meals and to please their households.Begin development of Multivarki Redmond or another manufacturer with cooking buckwheat groats, you will be surprised what can be delicious porridge out of it.Welded using Multivarki, it will be more tender, crumbly and delicious compared with cooked on gas.How to cook buckwheat using Multivarki water, milk and tea bags?

The composition and caloric content of buckwheat

For growing buckwheat does not apply any fertilizer, so it is environmentally friendly grain.Buckwheat is nutritious, so the strength of it, you will provide yourself with energy for a long time.Useful properties of buckwheat grains allow to use them for food in the treatment of various diseases and cooking for slimming diets.100 g of this product contains about 307 kcal.Buckwheat contains more minera

ls, vitamins, other than cereals.It includes:

  • digestible proteins - 16%;
  • carbohydrates - 30%;
  • fats -3%;
  • minerals - phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, and boron;
  • vitamins - PP, group B, rutin;
  • fiber - 1.3%;
  • starch - 70%;
  • sugar - 2.5%;
  • acid - oxalic, malic, citric.

How to cook a delicious buckwheat in multivarka: recipe with photos

multivarka help housewives cook tasty, crumbly or viscous dish of buckwheat.For preparing buckwheat grains using water or milk.Porridge will especially delicious when cooking it with the meat, mushrooms.Before using for cooking buckwheat garnish it sorted out, removing the pebbles, and then washed several times with cold water.Consider the basic recipe with buckwheat dishes for Multivarki:

Buckwheat in multivarka water

If you want porridge turned out crumbly, then take her cooking water 2 times more than the number of grains of buckwheat.And to prepare dishes using viscous even more fluid.To porridge turned out a delicious, crumbly, groats heated a few minutes on a dry frying pan.To cook grits using Multivarki, it is necessary to spend 35-40 minutes.During this process, you can not open the lid Multivarki to avoid burns from steam.


  • Buckwheat - 210 g (1 cup);
  • water - 400 ml;
  • little butter;
  • salt.


  • Enumerated buckwheat wash 3 times.
  • Pour grits into multivarku.

  • product cover with water, add the oil.
  • Salt.
  • Install the control panel Multivarki program "Porridge in the water" or "Buckwheat."
  • Spoon the finished product on the plates, eat.

Recipe buckwheat on

milk for kids, adults, a great option would be the right breakfast buckwheat porridge with milk.This is a useful dietary and meal saturate the body with calcium and other useful nutrients.Try to cook buckwheat milk porridge using Multivarki.Cooked this way, it has a delicate, unique flavor and aroma, so enjoy even fastidious gourmets.


  • buckwheat - 210 g (1 cup);
  • milk - 500 ml;
  • sugar - 50 g;
  • butter - a small piece;
  • salt;
  • water - 250 ml.


  • loop through and rinse beans.
  • Pour them in Multivarki bowl, pour water, milk.
  • Add to the tank oil, sugar, salt, used household appliances.
  • Replace Multivarki panel mode "Milk porridge".

  • leave a mess in multivarka further 5 minutes after the audio signal of the completion of the cooking process.

How to cook buckwheat in bags for a couple of

sold on the shelves of buckwheat in small bags for cooking.Packaged product they already washed and cleaned from loose chippings and debris.To prepare it, you first Boil water in multivarka and then put in boiling water packaged cereals, 1 ch. L.salt.Next, select on the panel of the household appliance program "Steaming" and time 25 minutes.After cooking, carefully remove the package from the Multivarki, cut it with a fork, eat.

How to change the volume when cooked buckwheat

buckwheat During the cooking process, its volume increased by 2 times, so out of 200 g buckwheat leaves after cooking 600 g of finished dishes.To cook the buckwheat for 4 people, it is necessary to take 1.5-2 cups of cereal, and if necessary to prepare dinner for the family, which consists of 2 parents and 2 children, it is quite enough for 1 cup of buckwheat grains.

Video: in what proportion and how to cook buckwheat in multivarka

There is nothing easier than to cook a delicious dish of buckwheat grains using Multivarki.To do this, you only need to pour all the ingredients into the bowl of the home appliance and select the desired mode on its control panel.After that, you do not need to monitor the cooking process, so you can go to relax, to do other things.Look at the video as multivarka makes it easy and quick to cook buckwheat porridge.This method of cooking retains the nutrients of the product and make it delicious, delicate.