protein foods

Our diet is incomplete without the foods rich in protein to help the body maintain the function of metabolism.Protein foods, having high biological value can help with weight loss and overall healthier body.complete protein is present in a minimum amount in the daily diet of Russians.Related to this is the deterioration of immune system, violation of the hormonal processes and the emergence of heart disease.

What protein foods?

products, edible, containing a complete protein, called protein food.This substance - a construction material for all cells, organs, tissues of human body.Once in the human body and decomposes a protein synthesized on the essential amino acids, some of which are not produced by the human body.In the absence of protein products, suffers total body muscles, the heart muscle is not able to work well without the constant supply of amino acids.

In the case of protein deficiency, to ensure that the own resources of the protein will involve the vital processes.Result - m

uscular dystrophy all systems.Getting the required amount of protein foods, your muscular system becomes strong, the body will be a marked improvement:

  • start the process of skin renewal;
  • improve nails, hair;
  • normalize hormones;
  • activated protective function;
  • happen hemoglobin regeneration;
  • accelerate supply of cells necessary materials;
  • will have a positive impact on the acid-alkaline balance in the blood.

best time of day for the protein products - evening.Protein is digested more than 4 hours, indemnify, restores the structure, disintegrated during the day.By morning, proteins are broken down completely and are able to give your body a high quality building material.Foods rich in protein, not combined with all products.Do not use both meat products and edge hmalnye vegetables, dairy products and potatoes.By following this rule, you do not create an increased burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

list of protein foods

Protein products are divided into two groups.First - products containing animal protein, the second - a plant.The highest digestibility of a protein produced by the body together with the eggs, milk E products, beef.Vegetarian dishes has some underreporting.The utility of both groups of proteins depends on the intelligent combination of protein products.In harmony with each other:

  • cereals - legumes;
  • pasta with peas;
  • eggs - beans;
  • wheat - dairy products;
  • wheat - egg;
  • nuts - legumes.


Animal protein found in dairy products, various kinds of meat, fish, poultry, eggs.These protein products are high-grade, high-quality source of vitality, because they contain all the amino acids not synthesized by the body.The most famous product of protein - meat.It refers to the muscle tissue of an animal, fish or poultry, consisting of a closely related Mezhuyev fibers.On the strength of this connection depends on the rigidity of the meat.

most tender it at aquatic life and wild animals have hard muscles.The human body absorbs every type of meat in different ways.Mince the cooked meat from different animals, it has a higher biological value, as opposed to whole meat piece.For better absorption of protein products need to follow these guidelines:

  • Choose lean meats.
  • prefer red meat fish or chicken.
  • Do not fry meat dishes.Cook for a couple, in the oven.
  • Do not abuse the meat broth.Squirrel there is not a lot, but fat and harmful substances abound.

Eggs, milk - products of animal origin with high protein content.When choosing dairy products, pay attention to their fat content.The larger it is, the lower the protein enters the body.The protein from chicken eggs easily and efficiently absorbed by the body.Number of limit yolks to 1-2 per day.Elevated levels of fat and cholesterol does not make them useful food.

vegetable origin

vegetable proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids are absorbed by 60%.This they yield protein products of animal origin, the digestibility of which reaches 80%.Cereals, legumes, lentils, mushrooms, soybeans - "protein leaders" among the plants.Chinese cuisine is rich in soy, which is not only similar to the meat, but also able to accept the taste.

can improve the digestibility of plant protein foods, if eaten multiple protein products.Try every day to eat proteins of both vegetable and animal origin.Combining legumes, cereals with milk, you will help your body absorb protein contained.No wonder, porridge, boiled in milk, is so popular and is considered an ideal dish for children's diet.The digestibility of vegetable proteins increases when cooked.

Table protein content in

products average rate of protein needed daily adult - 100-200, the table below indicates the amount of the substance contained in 100 grams of various protein products.

Diet for muscle recruitment

Dreaming of muscle definition, not be limited to a visit to the gym and watching motivational videos.Observe protein diet.It will help remove body fat, increase lean muscle mass.Eating protein foods should be combined with the use of products that are composed of small doses of carbohydrates and fats.A diet with a predominance of protein allows sports fans to consume high-calorie food (a moderate amount).The energy consumed during an active workout.

body slowly metabolizes protein products, for their digestion is operated large amounts of energy.This helps to burn body fat.Most proteins goes in muscle, resulting in their increasing.Protein diet health benefits because of the availability of all components, including proteins, fats and carbohydrates.To reduce body fat, muscle designations relief portions should be small meals - six-time, mainly of protein products.

to protein from food is well digested, be sure to drink plenty of pure water.Soft drinks, cocoa, juice excluded from the diet.Foods with carbohydrates and fats make up 30% of the total ratsiona.70% distributed between the protein products:

  • raw eggs;
  • boiled egg white;
  • fat cottage cheese;
  • cooked chicken meat (breast, without the skin);
  • boiled squid;
  • lean sea fish;
  • nuts, legumes.

Carbohydrates and fats are preferably derived from foods such as:

  • natural yoghurt;
  • yogurt;
  • boiled water oatmeal, buckwheat (sugar, oil and salt);
  • vegetables, low-calorie fruits (not permitted grapes, bananas, potatoes and pears).

athletes aimed at increasing muscle mass, a day should eat at least 2800 kcal.Most of the products you need to eat before 16:00.An hour before the workout you need to use a portion of cereals, after playing - a useful drink protein shake.Duration diet with high protein content is one month.Upon its completion, the remaining food should be introduced gradually.

diet menu for weight loss 7 days

Protein diet - one of the most efficient power systems.Protein foods help to not feel hunger, to recover after a workout.On a diet is not allowed to consume carbohydrate and fatty dishes.By increasing the content of protein products, you will lose 5 kg per week.While on the protein diet, follow these basic requirements:

  • last meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Eat six times a day.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Eat only dietary protein products.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Weekly menu protein diet:

  • Monday start with mug of coffee without sugar, a little later you eat 200 grams of rice porridge.Dine boiled chicken with vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil.At the next meal to eat a vegetable salad.For dinner, eat a chopped tomatoes, zapey of apple juice.
  • Tuesday Sutra drink a glass of fresh milk.Later eat a serving of fat-free yogurt rich in protein.Dine boiled beef.The snack snacking apple, dining vegetable salad with tomato juice.
  • Wednesday to breakfast tea, a little later a snack of boiled beef, it contains a lot of protein.For lunch, make a soup with vegetables and brown bread.Then eat the apple.We had dinner cooked meat with vegetable salad.Before going to bed drink apple juice.

  • Thursday start a mug of strong coffee.At lunch, prepare a boiled chicken.Diners boiled or steamed fish with rice.Dining coleslaw with pepper and onion.Before going to bed drink apple juice.
  • breakfast on Friday, let it be a glass of milk.An hour later, a snack carrot salad.Diners boiled fish with rice.As a snack eat vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil.For dinner, boil rice, yogurt drink before bedtime.
  • morning of the first of the day start with a glass of yogurt with toast.At lunch, eat two boiled protein.For lunch, boil a few potatoes.Snacking apple.Dining boiled mutton, before bedtime drink the juice.
  • Sunday morning start with a cup of tea.A little later a snack sausage with bread.For lunch prepare vegetable mix with rice.At lunch - salad with peas.Dining boiled chicken.Going to bed, drink kefir.

What is included in protein foods for pregnant women?

diet of expectant mother should be balanced, include vitamins and minerals.In order to ensure a healthy pregnancy in the daily menu, a woman must be present protein products:

  • Eggs.Chicken, quail.It is advisable to abandon the use of raw eggs.
  • Dairy.Milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream.
  • Cereal products.Cereals, wholemeal bread.
  • Marine fish.Salmon, sardines, anchovy, hake, scallops.
  • Lean meat.Preferably chicken, fish, beef.

protein in the body of a pregnant woman:

  • ensure normal fetal development, it participates in the formation of the placenta, uterus and breast expectant mother;
  • performs transport role in the transfer of nutrients, calcium, and iron;
  • strengthens the immune system (the protein products - the main anti-virus and bacteria);
  • ensure optimal functioning of coagulation and anticoagulation systems.

reviews and results

Elena, 38 years: After her divorce from her husband began to quickly gain weight.Then I did not know what the reason was not in my irrepressible appetite and protein shortages.I jammed the longing and sadness.On the advice of friends I decided to try the protein diet.Its main advantage is the absence of hunger.Now I sit down for a week with a diet high in protein once a month.Happy with the result!

Artem, 27 years old: Before I disappeared for days at the gym.Muscles grow, but they were hard to see because of the small layer Zhirkov.By reviewing your diet, I removed the maximum carbohydrates with fats.Most of the day was eating protein foods.A month passed.Looking at your photos, I see a real athlete with relief muscles.

Ekaterina, 23 years old: I decided to become a vegetarian.Mother frightened me that giving up meat protein, I'll ruin his health.No matter how true!The required amount of protein I get from eggs, milk and plants.I feel great.Mother, seeing flowering my mood, no longer angry and took me for who I am!