Celery - the good and the harm to the human body

Walking through the markets and supermarkets, you often miss useful products.Most often this occurs because you are not familiar with their taste, and the sight of vegetables are not appetizing.In these lists falls celery.Scientists, doctors and cooks know that the green vegetable is very useful is an aphrodisiac, no healthy diet can not do without this ingredient.

Useful properties of celery stalks and leaves

At present sheet celery tart flavor, spicy flavor.Vegetables are always fresh and juicy, it is commercially available in any season of the year.After lengthy research, doctors have recognized that all its component parts (roots, stems, leaves and seeds) are rich in nutrients.If you eat about 100 grams of vegetables per day, make up half of the daily requirement of vitamin C, more than 85% of beta-carotene and vitamin A. 80%

The stalk of celery isolateduseful ingredients: vitamins B, PP, A, E and trace elements such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium, am

ino acids, asparagine, tyrosine, and carotene.Essential oils endows the vegetable a specific taste and aroma.The beneficial effects of the use of the stem and leaves of celery are many:

  • body cleansed of toxins due to the regular use of this vegetable.
  • strengthens the immune system.
  • Vegetable opposed activation of cancer cells.
  • Celery has a positive effect on inflammatory processes, so the vegetable is recommended for arthritis and rheumatism.Edema considerably reduced, the pain becomes less noticeable in the joints.
  • vegetable has a positive effect on the nervous system, calming and reducing the risk of everyday stress.
  • Hypertension celery positively regulates the pressure.
  • organize the work of the kidneys and liver.
  • as a diuretic is actively used for the treatment of genitourinary diseases.
  • vegetable lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • stem is used to reduce the weight, if desired.Eating celery diet, you will stimulate the digestive system, to feel satiety, receiving a small amount of calories.Your body loses more energy in the digestion, so the weight gain from this vegetable is not possible.
  • Fiber celery activates the bowel, relieving constipation.

Use celery root

vegetable root crop is not inferior to the popularity of its other parts.There a variety of vitamins such as A, C, E, Trace B. - iron, magnesium, selenium, boron, zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium beneficial to almost all the processes in the body.The root of the celery contain essential oils, so there are tart taste and fragrant smell.By the beneficial properties of root are:

  • Improving the state of the organism in case of anemia, anemia, emaciation.This is due to the presence of large amounts of iron salts.
  • Improvement of metabolic processes with the help of fiber, at the root.Vegetable essential for women with weight loss.
  • Ensure the mobility of youth and joints, removing excess salts from the body.
  • Strengthening the nervous system using magnesium salts.
  • beneficial effects of wholesome vegetables for heart disease and diseases of the joints.
  • Stimulation memory, concentration and attention.
  • FEELING BETTER, body toning and strengthening the body's physical form with regular use celery.
  • blood pressure lowering.
  • Benefits for men - increasing potency using celery root.
  • Strengthening immunity for colds, viral diseases.

How to take the plant for medicinal purposes

To strengthen the immune system are advised to drink juice from celery (leaves, stalks).At constant fatigue, feeling of lack of sleep, irritability, stress, you need to make up for the lack of trace element magnesium.Stemmed celery need to chop, consumed right before bedtime - from 100 to 300 AD This will provide a useful snack healthy, deep sleep, and soon you will receive the adjusted nervous system, get rid of the lack of sleep, constant fatigue.

When edema, impaired renal work, wash, cleanse the body from within.What part of this vegetable to choose - you decide.Finely chopped stemmed celery root juice or a beneficial effect on kidney function, prevent the occurrence of stones, remove swelling.1 tbsp.l.seeds useful vegetable, filled a glass of boiling water, hold 30 minutes in a water bath.Take 3 tbsp.l.in the morning and in the evening.To taste, add honey.For prevention used as vegetable salads, soups.

To lower blood glucose, brew 20 g of fresh leaves of celery, bay glass of boiling water, hold water bath for 15 minutes.An hour before a meal drink on 2-3 tbsp.l.infusion.If you have problems with joints, wash 1 kg of green vegetable with tubers, grind in a meat grinder, then just miss 3 lemons.A mixture of leave in a dark place for a week.After - get rid of liquid, add 300 g of honey, keep in the refrigerator.Take a useful mixture of 1 tbsp.l.one hour before a meal.Video instruction about the benefits, dangers, the use of this vegetable will help you make the right choice.

Recipes cooking celery

English salad.You will need a celery - 60 g chicken - 120 g mushrooms - 60 grams, cucumber - 1 piece, sour cream -. 1 tablespoon mustard - on the tip of a knife and greens.The number of servings - 1-2.Chicken boil, then cool.Mushroom stew (optional, dozharit).Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčingredients, mix thoroughly.Fill healthy dish with celery creamy mustard sauce.

Summer salad for children.Take apples - 2 pieces, one piece stemmed celery, solid favorite cheese -. 100-150, the pre-wash products.Apples peel.Rub the ingredients on medium grater, top tuck a small amount of lemon juice.If you're a fan of such a combination, like apples and cinnamon, add a small pinch of this spice.

Vegetarian soup, providing a laxative effect on the stomach.You will need: celery stalk - 300 g, red tomatoes - 5 pcs, belokachanaya cabbage - 300 g pepper - 1-2 pieces, parsley...Boil water, drop all the vegetables there.On low heat cook the soup with celery for about 10 minutes.At the end sprinkle with herbs, to give time to the finished dish with a useful vegetable currently in the pot.

harm and contraindications of celery for the body

If you do not want to harm their health, it is better not to use this vegetable in gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.Harm celery root can manifest itself in the form of an allergic reaction, colitis.During pregnancy, breast-feeding is not recommended to use a vegetable.If you have varicose veins, consult with a doctor on account of the use of celery.


Elena, 32 years: very long time suffered from intestinal problems.There were constant constipation, apparently due to stress at work, malnutrition or lack of sleep.At one point I decided to take a vacation and stick to proper nutrition.Included in the celery diet, and bowel problems vanished.I continue to use this useful vegetable, working, sleeping like a baby, and constipation do not bother.

Oleg, 46 years old: Any man difficult to admit to such problems, but I - no.For a while, my wife and I had a problem in the relationship because of my temporary loss of male power.And I wrote the word "temporary" is not accidental.We tried, and psychologists, and Via gras - is quite different.In a journal wife found useful information on the celery.We decided - why not try this vegetable?Result reality - is now married we were both satisfied!

Lyudmila, 58 years: With age, I started to have problems with pressure, which bounces up to unbearable levels.All ended up calling the ambulance, the blood pressure reduction.And so on repeatedly.I - inveterate Summer Resident, so I kind of lifestyle was not to their liking.A neighbor mentioned celery.I read the information, I realized that this useful vegetable can help me, decided to use daily.Since I do not watch the high pressure surges.Caring for the garden without any problem.