Recipe anthill

Anthill - cake many familiar from childhood.Delicious, crisp, moderately sweet dessert will please all the guests at your holiday, decorate everyday.A simple recipe anthill please housewives in its simplicity.A total of 30 minutes and the cake is ready.This dessert will gain if you were visited by uninvited guests.Cooking cake turns into a fun game that is worth to photograph, if cooking with children.The unusual shape is an original addition to the holiday table.

How to make a cake Anthill at home without baking

Anthill Cake Recipes without cooking very much: with sour cream, walnuts, biscuits, honey, corn sticks out.Each of the recipes in their own interest and worthy of your attention.All methods are easy to implement.For the preparation you will need a set of simple products, which you can buy at your local store.Consider the most popular recipes.

classic turn-based recipe from biscuits and condensed milk 10 minutes

basis of any cake Anthill - homemade shortbread and condensed milk.If you

do not have time or do not want to mess around with the dough, you can use store-bought cookies.Then the cake is prepared without the help of the oven, ie,without baking.Although a simple set of products, it is necessary to know some subtleties in selecting components recipe:

  1. Biscuits - 500 grams, it is better to take the sand.The fatter - the tastier get dessert.An excellent option is to taste cookies with melted milk.
  2. Condensed milk - 370 grams (one bank).To sgushchenka well and evenly cooked, the product should be of high quality.
  3. Butter.

We turn to prescription murashnika:

  1. Condensed milk must be cooked without opening the jar.To do this, remove the label, and place the jar in cold water, put on fire.For Ant condensed milk should be cooked for at least three hours.Therefore it is necessary to be patient and control the level of water in a saucepan.It is important to add water to the extent evaporation necessarily hot.Otherwise there will be a temperature drop and the bank may burst.
  2. biscuits break into pieces, with not much smaller.
  3. Cool welded condensed milk.Not deliver the bank of boiling water, allow to cool along with the water, which was brewed milk.This prevents the temperature drop and the bank will not burst.
  4. Rub the butter with condensed milk.If using a mixer, the cream will be more airy.
  5. Mix cookies with cream with a spoon.
  6. Spread the mass on a dish with a spoon in small portions, in the form of slides.
  7. decorate dish, sprinkle poppy seeds, grated chocolate or icing sugar.
  8. Put in a cold place to cool.
  9. cut into thin slices and enjoy a cup of tea.

Simple cake with honey without condensed milk

If the house was not condensed milk, or no time for cooking, it is replaced with honey.This recipe Ant suitable for those who are allergic to milk.Cake turns out not less tasty than with condensed milk, but also useful.The principle of the preparation:

  1. 500g.crushed biscuit into small pieces.
  2. 4 tablespoons of honey on the fire to heat.
  3. 200g.Nuts to grind blender.It is important not to make it too small.
  4. Stir hot honey with nuts.
  5. Honey-nut cream pour in the batter and mix well.
  6. Put a spoon on a flat dish in the form of slides.
  7. Give the cake while it brew.Impregnates cookies quickly, so after half an hour cut delicacy.

Hill of corn sticks

This cake has the texture of the air, with the pleasant crunch if prepared correctly.Gorka corn sticks safely may be present at the ceremonial table, along with other desserts.Especially children will appreciate.The composition of the goodies include such products:

  1. Corn sticks - 1 pack.
  2. Oil - 200 gr.
  3. Candy "Toffee" - 500 gr.

To prepare this dessert you need:

  1. in melted butter toffee added.Stirring with a wooden spatula, wait for complete dissolution of the sweets.Mass will be slightly viscous, it is normal.
  2. sticks Pour into a large bowl, pour the hot cream.
  3. Mix well with a spoon, all rods were covered with butter cream.
  4. out onto a plate in the form of slides.
  5. Put in the fridge to cool for half an hour.

With condensed milk and walnuts

original flavor boasts a recipe with condensed milk, if to it to add walnuts.Technology of preparation of this embodiment is similar to the prescription Ant Cookies with condensed milk.It should be condensed cream add chopped walnuts.Kernels pre-fry in a pan or in the oven to dry.The fire should not be large, otherwise you can not see how Podgora nuts.

How to cook a delicious cream cake

to cream turned out delicious, you should know a few cooking secrets:

  1. quality condensed milk.When buying condensed milk, be careful to the composition.It should not be vegetable fats, butter.Only whole cow's milk.Otherwise, during cooking condensed milk will be translucent, not acquire the desired thick consistency, which is very important for the decoration of the cake.
  2. the course of whipping add the softened butter boiled condensed milk.For the perfect combination must be 250 grams.butter, 1 can of milk.
  3. If you have a sweet tooth, then add the cream to the sugar, not more than a glass or a few tablespoons of honey.

How to prepare a cake Anthill

Original and dressy look on the table cake Anthill.Such a treat to complement children's holiday, a great option for a buffet table.This recipe is good because it does not need to cut, and therefore need not be cooled in the refrigerator.For the preparation of the recipe will need such products:

  • Oil - 100 gr.
  • Sugar - cup.
  • Sour cream - 1 cup.
  • flour - 4 cups.
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp..

cream made from such products:

  • Oil - 200 gr.
  • condensed milk - 370 gr.(One bank).
  • Handful of nuts (optional).
  • All the ingredients are mixed with a mixer, cream the air to cook.

following are examples of single-step recipe:

  1. soft butter mix with sugar, vanilla, egg.
  2. Add the sour cream, beat with a mixer carefully.
  3. In this mass pour the flour with the baking powder.
  4. Knead the dough, do not do this for a long time, otherwise will be tough.It should look soft, but not sticky.
  5. mass of mince or cooled in the freezer, then, rub on a coarse grater vegetable.
  6. test strips bake in the oven at 180 ° C, up to a nice golden brown.
  7. Cool cookies, break into pieces.
  8. Dry components mix with butter cream until smooth.
  9. The resulting mass lay out in the paper or silicone molds for cakes.
  10. Garnish with grated chocolate or colored sprinkles for cakes.

Cookies Anthill

all children a sweet tooth, like desserts with the addition of condensed milk.To diversify the sweet table at the children's celebration, cookies do Anthill.Preparing this recipe on the basis of cake.Dough lepim as biscuits any shape: beads, diamonds, triangles.Decorate your work coconut, grated chocolate, sesame seeds, chopped nuts.Put on a plate, the laid parchment, place in refrigerator for half an hour to pour.

Video recipes cake

In the video below, describes how to prepare formic hill with sour cream.Maybe you will be opening that fudge cake really not only without baking in the oven, but in multivarka.For owners of electric meat grinder will be interesting to easy and quick recipe goodies with it.If you watch your figure, you want to reduce the caloric content of the cake, the recipe will suit dietary Ant.

cake cooking Secret Ant hill with sour cream

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