Useful properties of cranberries and contraindications

Mother Nature teaches people to generous gifts, rich in vitamins and trace elements.It is not in vain in the old days people were treated with herbs and berries to give all the necessary in-kind.A rich source of nutrients, saving from scurvy, fevers and colds, strengthens the immune system, since ancient times is considered cranberries.Its unique composition has properties to cleanse the body of toxins and taste qualities are widely used for the preparation of delicious sauces and great desserts.

cranberries: composition and useful properties

inhabitant of the Northern Hemisphere, the cranberry grows in swampy areas with a cool moist climate.For flower elegance, resembles the shape of the head of the crane, it is called "the Crane berry" and the richness of the mineral composition makes it a valuable food for the inhabitants of the northern regions.Useful properties it retains until spring.Harvested in September, the berries are perfectly stored in tanks filled with water, the long win

ter.In Russia, "cranberry" business brought considerable revenue to the state treasury, and fruit drinks, juices, dried fruit included in the diet of most people.

not inferior lemons, grapefruit content of ascorbic acid (55 mg per 100 g of berries) fresh cranberries have unique properties that give people useful vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamins:
    • group B - thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin;
    • K - phylloquinone;
    • beta-carotene (A) and pyridoxine (B6).
    • folic acid;
  • minerals: potassium, calcium, fluorine, iodine, magnesium, iron, etc.
  • organic acid:. Benzoic, malic, citric.

For antioxidant properties, cranberries considered a "rejuvenating" berry.Canadian scientists in clinical trials have shown that the risk of tumors in people who consume 100-150 g of berries every day is reduced by 35%.The inhabitants of industrial cities with a high level of air pollution is vital Zhuravlikha add to the diet, reducing the level of carcinogens in the blood.

benzoic acid, which is a part of a lot of cranberries - a natural preservative, therefore, useful properties, "Crane berries" are widely used in conservation.Dried cranberries and leaves of the plant will be a source for strengthening the vitality and health of the long months of winter, during the spring of beriberi.Drinks, fruit drinks, cranberry tea - great energy, enhancing brain function, to tone the body.

As a natural antibiotic, miracle berry accelerate the healing process with angina, colds, viral infections.Useful properties are invaluable when pyelonephritis, cystitis.If you want to clean the body of toxins, eat for 2 tablespoons.spoon cranberry jam during the month.Clear and thin out the blood, better than aspirin, help to fruit drinks and cranberry liqueur.

Special acidic properties of cranberries are valued in cooking:

  • gourmet meats with cranberry sauce will delight gourmets;
  • «Cranberries in sugar", cakes and other confectionery masterpieces perfectly emphasize the compatibility of disparate tastes - sweet and sour;
  • sauerkraut with the addition of cranberries will not only juicy, crunchy, but also very useful.

The use of cranberry for medicinal purposes

Useful properties of cranberries are widely used in medicine: traditional and folk.Hood fruit used in the manufacture of drugs that reduce the effect of high-dose radiation exposure.To eliminate pathogenic microflora in the gastrointestinal tract environment, pharmacists provide medication based Oxycoccus, such as "Lekran".Perfect combination of fruits and antibiotic therapy.We should not forget that the use of any drug is contra therefore necessary consultation with a physician.

Eating cranberries will be useful, do not have contra-indications to the body in such diseases:

  1. cardiovascular system;
  2. genitourinary diseases;
  3. pyelonephritis;
  4. periodontal disease, scurvy;
  5. reduced stomach acidity;
  6. diabetes;
  7. colds, viral, bacterial infections;
  8. treatment of wounds and burns;
  9. appearance of the skin capillary network.

When high blood pressure

significant content of flavonoids in cranberries strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents the formation of plaques, promotes the resorption of blood clots.Useful properties of fruits are good for enhancing the elasticity of capillaries.Gentle, gradual reduction of high blood pressure - a distinctive feature of the cranberry.Grind the right amount through a sieve or whisk blender.Weigh the resulting mousse and add natural honey (1: 1).Reception for half an hour before eating a tablespoon 3 times a day for a month course normalizes blood pressure.

For colds

natural antibiotics, cranberry has a nice feature to lower the temperature, enriching the body with vitamin C, as required in the cold.Do not forget about contraindications, replace if you have the latest fruit of the wild rose or raspberries.Warm tea with dried berries, leaves, plants, to eliminate the virus;removes pain in the throat.To assess the benefits of treatment, the useful properties of cranberries can those who make "delicious" medicine:

  • Cranberry juice.You will need 250 grams of fruit, a liter of water, 100 g sugar, boil for 10 minutes and let it brew.
  • vitamin-honey tea.100 g berries, 5 - 6 leaves cranberries, 20 g of honey pour boiling water.Drink warm.It helps with bronchitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis.

In diabetes

«good» cholesterol is produced at a constant eating cranberry juice, juice, normalizes metabolism.Stimulation of pancreatic activity due to receive 200 - 250 ml of pure drink lowers the sugar parameters in type II diabetics, the stabilization indicator - for type I disease.Low calorie cranberry, replenishment of mineral substances in the body - the most important beneficial properties of fruit to improve the quality of diabetics existence.

With weakened immunity

Vitamin deficiency, decreased immunity - a serious reason to enter into the diet of the miracle berry.Useful properties cranberry jam (fresh berries, frayed with sugar 1: 1) make up a stock of trace elements;fruit drinks to help restore strength, vigor.To effectively counter the bacteria, the body needs to get a day at least 50 grams of cranberry extract or 250 ml of juice.Magnificent means of enhancing immunity is "union" of sauerkraut with cranberries, 200 g of which at times daily winter will save from the flu, colds.

When pregnancy

future mom eating cranberries is very useful, but subject to certain contraindications.Efficiencies berries enhance immunity, give strength, energize, stimulate the development of baby's circulatory system, improve mental capacity.Reduction of swelling, increase adaptability to the restructuring of the hormone - a huge plus cranberry drinks.However, doctors warn that uncontrolled get involved so useful fruits pregnant is not necessary due to possible contra - allergic reactions, increase the acidity of the stomach.

When kidney disease

Diuretic properties of cranberries, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect will be indispensable for kidney diseases, urogenital system.Cranberry kvass (0.5 kg of berries, 2 liters of water, a cup of sugar, 50 g yeast) has a nice feature wash the sand, to prevent the formation of stones;freshly squeezed juice - 200 ml - cystitis quickly relieve pain in the abdomen, eliminating the inflammation.Berries advantage is that the presence of diuretic properties, not washed supplies potassium excreted magnesium.

How to prepare berries for the winter

for preparations for the winter will be good the whole berries with intact shell.The best option would be storage capacity (drum) of water, which are immersed berries, located in a dark cool place.Do not lose useful properties of cranberries or freeze-dried.Tasty delicacy, saving from colds become cranberry jam that does not require heat treatment.Stewed fruit, juices, fruit drinks, prepared for the winter, lose some useful properties, so cook them before eating preferred using frozen fruit, dried twigs, leaves of the plant.

Video recipe: how to make cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a nice refreshing drink prepared on the basis of fresh juice, water, sugar (honey).To make a useful vitamin cocktail that protects against viruses, strengthens the force, which has anti-inflammatory properties, prepare:

  • small sieve;
  • bowl (the bowl) for fresh juice;
  • pot of water;
  • ingredients: washed, who moved the berries and sugar.

Want to find out what to do next?What are the secrets of cooking fragrant, incredibly useful cranberry juice?Watch our video:

Contraindications to eat berries

Useful properties invaluable berries, even taking into account the contraindications, side effects.To neutralize the past, do not overdo the amount - and your body will be protected.The main contraindications are the inclusion of cranberries into the diet:

  • allergic reactions;
  • gastritis;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • increased acidity of the digestive tract,
  • liver disease.