How to cook vegetable stew in multivarka

During the summer season a lot of useful vegetables, rich in vitamins.Unbearable heat discourages appetite, but do not give up food costs.Easy recipes come to the rescue of all cooks, even those who do not like to cook during the summer stuffiness.Help comes multivarka, which is easy to rely on.Without this miracle of technology can not do in the hot season lovers helpful, nourishing food.Learn how to cook vegetable stew in multivarka.The dish is certainly likely to appeal to all members of your family.

step by step recipes for vegetable stew in multivarka with photos

Stew is one of the first places in the ranking of summer dishes.In multivarka cook it much easier than on the stove or in the oven.Vegetables do not need to stir, see if oil enough liquid - dish itself is prepared, and the woman engaged in their own affairs.Stew in multivarka has several advantages: the minimum amount of sunflower oil, aesthetic beauty as a result, at the output you get a beautiful layout of pieces rather than a soli

d porridge, a large number of aromatic juice, maintaining all the vitamins with longing.Would you like to cook?

Dietary ragout of zucchini and other vegetables without oil

If you set a goal to lose weight for some time, take advantage of the world-famous Ducane diet, which takes place in 4 stages.You lose weight and commit to this weight.The recipe, which is to include in the diet diet - ragout with courgettes and other vegetables without oil.Take 3 potatoes, and one representative of vegetables: zucchini, squash or zucchini, carrots, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, as well as salt, pepper, dill.

stages of preparation of low-calorie stew with vegetables:

  1. First wash all the ingredients, clean, leave some time in a container with water.
  2. Cut the onion into small cubes or half-rings.
  3. Grate carrots on a grater or a knife crumble, as do professional chefs.
  4. This recipe - diet, so before sending the vegetables just a little grease bottom Multivarki small amount of vegetable oil.Next, place the onion and carrot in, clicking "Warming up".
  5. potatoes cut into large cubes, send in multivarku to other vegetables.Change the mode to "Pastries", set the time on the timer - 1 hour.
  6. Sweet pepper slice or squares.Send to a dish.
  7. Zucchini, squash or zucchini have the right to compete, who nutrients more, but about the same amount of vitamins.Cut the selected vegetable cubes and send to the rest of the ingredients.Add salt and pepper.
  8. tomato dice.If desired, pour over vegetables with boiling water, removing the peel.
  9. Add to stew 100 ml of water, cover Multivarki.
  10. When the dish is ready, sprinkle it on top of the fresh, fragrant dill.Enjoy!

Universal recipe poultry - chicken or turkey

Many men love meat dishes, so the vegetable variation they look without much appetite.To your favorite I joined the useful recipes stew, add a coveted ingredient - meat of chicken or turkey fillet.If you do not have all the components listed in the recipe - not a problem, cook with the vegetables that are in stock.You will need: a pound of chicken or turkey, 4 potatoes, 2 tomatoes, onions, carrots, sweet peppers, a jar of beans, vegetable oil, parsley, bay leaf.

preparation stages:

  1. Deal fillets.Wash, peel from the films, cut into wedges or cubes.
  2. Pour vegetable oil in the bottom of the device, set "Hot" mode at a temperature of 160 degrees.Send sliced ​​breast for 10 minutes to brown multivarku.
  3. onion, carrot, clean, wash.Cut into small cubes or strips.Add the onion, carrot multivarku meat, fry for another 5 minutes.
  4. Potatoes clean, cut into small squares.Send in multivarku to the remaining ingredients.Add a glass of water or a little more, so that the content is completely covered dish.
  5. Tomatoes and sweet pepper wash.Tomatoes cut into cubes, pre-peeled.Sweet Pepper - cubes or strips.Send your vegetables to the dish.
  6. 3 bay leaves and spices (optional) add to the vegetable stew with meat.Align the panel Multivarki "Quenching" mode, leave for half an hour.
  7. finished dish garnish with greens.Bon Appetit!

Potato stew with eggplant

Light, Summer stew fit in a period of fasting.Though the recipe without meat, be satisfied with them at dinner is quite real.Some housewives putting vegetables in a stew on the sequence, the other - all together, little difference in taste when cooking in multivarka not observed.Make a special meal you will be fragrant spices - saffron, cumin, kumis, turmeric.If these are not available, look in the supermarkets presets.To prepare the stew with eggplant, you will need:

  • tubers young potatoes - 6 small pieces.
  • sweet pepper - 2 pcs.
  • young squash or zucchini - 1 pc.
  • eggplant - 1 pc.
  • carrots - 2 pcs.
  • onions - 1 pc.
  • sausage or rabbit ribs - 300-400 g
  • tomato paste - Article 1.5.spoon.
  • garlic cloves - 3-4 pieces.
  • spices and salt.

preparation stages:

  1. Start with onions - cleaned, cut into rings.Send in a bowl on Multivarki roasting mode.Carrots clean, cut into slices, add to the onions for 5 minutes.
  2. Eggplant cleaned, cut into large cubes and season with salt.Leave on for a while to left bitterness.
  3. potato tubers are washed, remove the skin of the young, cut into quarters, if small size.Send Multivarki in a bowl, pour 1.5 cups of water, put extinguishing mode.
  4. young zucchini and peppers washed, cut into cubes.Drain the liquid from the eggplant.Send these ingredients to the dish.
  5. Cut sausage or wash of the rabbit.Put the top layer.
  6. After 15-20 minutes add the tomato puree, finely chopped garlic and spices in the stew.
  7. A quarter of an hour to check the readiness of all the ingredients.If the potatoes are soft, stew ready to serve.

Mushroom stew with beef

How to make your family with the words "stew ready" raced to the kitchen for your favorite dish, and then asked the additive?You need to prepare the meat option with mushrooms!After all, the secret of stew is that it is so diverse, unique and useful, and get used to it just does not work.You will need: a pound of beef (sirloin or neck), 300 grams of mushrooms, 4 medium potatoes, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 cups of water.One young zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, carrots.A vegetable oil and seasoning with salt.

Stages of cooking mushroom stew with beef:

  1. meat will take longer to cook, so it is my first, clears veins, cut into cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Heat the oil in a multivarka, send it to the beef, holding frying or baking mode.Time - 40 minutes.
  2. my, clean, chop the carrots and onions.10 minutes before the end of roasting beef send vegetables multivarku.
  3. remaining ingredients to clean, cut into a favorite way.Add the multivarku water, vegetables, mushrooms, spices and salt.Put extinguishing mode for an hour.
  4. decorate with greens before serving.

Preparation of simple vegetable dish with rice and cabbage

This delicious vegetarian dish on a simple recipe like even meat lovers.It is prepared in season vegetables and winter.All the ingredients are easy to find on the shelves of supermarkets.If desired, add your favorite, healthy foods.For 4-6 servings of vegetable dishes, you will need: 250 g of cabbage, 1 cup granular long rice (water is 2-2.5 times higher), 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, vegetable oil, one onion, carrot, bay leaf, purchasepeas, spices and salt.

Stages of cooking stew with rice and cabbage:

  1. Prepare all the vegetables: wash, cleanse.Onion shred into small squares, carrots - sticks, cabbage - shinkuem.If there are other vegetables - cut into cubes.
  2. Multivarki In bowl add the butter, include "Baking" mode, send all the vegetables for 10 minutes.If you want a dietary option, skip this step and go directly to extinguish.
  3. Rinse the rice under running water.Send in multivarku with liquid and tomato paste (it replaces tomatoes, peeled).Add the saffron, coriander, bay leaf, turmeric and salt.Set "Pilaf" mode or "quenching".Time - 45 minutes.
  4. Before serving, garnish the dish with sour cream and herbs.Done!

How to make stew for a child multivarka-cooker

Many mothers would agree that having a one year old child, can not do the usual multivarka.Pressure cooker - that resolves many of the problems of preparation in minimal time.Children's diet - another complex issue that requires serious approach.Delicious dishes should not cause food allergies.The answer to the question of how to prepare baby vegetable stew in multivarka help diversify the diet of the baby.You will need: 150g of minced veal tender, 3 small potato tuber, 3 florets of cauliflower and 2 - broccoli, olive oil, salt.

preparation stages:

  1. If you weight the meat, make stuffing out of him, having passed 2 times through a meat grinder or processor.Send multivarku in the first layer in the warmed oil to the "roasting" mode, hold for 10 minutes.
  2. remaining wash vegetables, potatoes, clean, cut all into small cubes and inflorescences.Send to meat together with 150 ml of water and a pinch of salt, holding mode "quenching", in 30-35 minutes, or select an accelerated version.
  3. If your kid loves herbs, garnish with minced meat ragout with dill.

Video recipe: delicious beef stew with pork and potatoes

This hearty recipe for beef stew with soft, juicy pork can be your corona summer dish.It is designed for 6-8 servings, easy to replace the first meal at lunch or dinner is traditional.For meals, take 400g Neck of pork, 800 grams of potatoes, 300 g tomatoes, 200 g peppers, carrots, onions, half a head of garlic, salt, spices.Before you can view the detailed prescription in the video below refer to the preparation phases:

Calorie vegetable stew

If you watch your figure and want to stay within the allowable calories per day, you will table calorie food consumption.Easy recipes will not add extra centimeters, but a hearty, rich sunflower oil and spices require increasingly look to the gym.Check out the above-calorie recipes (100 grams, the ramp-up):

  1. Dietary ragout of zucchini and other vegetables without butter - 110 calories.
  2. dish for a child multivarka-cooker - 130 kcal.
  3. Preparation of simple vegetable stew with rice and cabbage - 140 kcal.
  4. Mushroom dish with beef - 180 calories.
  5. Universal recipe with poultry (chicken or turkey) - 200 kcal.
  6. Delicious beef stew with pork and potatoes - 230 kcal.
  7. potatoes dish with eggplant - 260 kcal.