How to cook millet porridge with milk

Millet grits - a valuable product for the human body.Its structure includes a large amount of vegetable fats, fiber and carbohydrates.It is useful to use a dish for people suffering from dysfunction of the digestive system.Even millet porridge - a great way to lose weight.Its unique composition does not allow the fat deposited in the abdomen and flanks.The product even helps to eliminate it from the body.

How to calculate the proportion of millet porridge with milk

to cooked meal was not only useful but also delicious, it is important to observe certain is for wheat and milk.You can take advantage of other convenient and simple way to calculate: a glass of cereals per 1 liter of liquid.Before cooking millet sure to soak for a while in the water.Such actions must be followed when Pshenko bitter.

Recipes millet porridge with milk and photos

How to cook millet porridge with milk?For this purpose, employ two ways.In a first embodiment, cereal cooked with water until hal

f, and only then add the milk.In the second - millet completely filled with milk.Choosing the right method depends on the taste of the individual.But the dish on the water is deflating taste.


  1. advance soaked millet washed and put in a saucepan, cover with milk.
  2. Put on the stove and wait until the liquid boils.Then reduce the heat to the lowest level that is not cooked cereal, and languished.This is very important, because the milk is evaporated faster than water.If wheat is just a boil, then as a result you get a dry crunchy dish on the teeth.
  3. Add a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar powder.For children, the last ingredient of a sweet tooth can put in more.At the end of cooking in a pot cross between a piece of butter, eggs, all stir and remove from heat.It is advisable to cover the container with warm towel, and then wait for the finished dish infusions.
  4. How to cook millet porridge with milk?Total cooking time is 40 minutes.At the end of cooking process Pshenko stir often.If she is still on top of gurgles, it will start from the bottom already burnt.Do not wait until the wheat will fall from the spoon.If, after cooking, you saw that the dish is ready, but still a lot of milk, simply turn off the stove and wait.After 20 minutes, the dish thickens.

Recipe with pumpkin multivarka

For those who have multivarka, there is a way to create a culinary masterpiece as Pshenko with pumpkin.The dish is perfect for infants as well as for the older child.Pumpkin quickly cooked in grated form, and indeed the millet porridge turns a beautiful golden hue.To cook the sweet, tasty dish with pumpkin, you need to stock up on the following ingredients (3 servings):

  • cereals - 160 g;
  • milk- 480 ml;
  • grated pumpkin - 1.5 cups;
  • salt - teaspoon;
  • sugar - tablespoon;
  • butter - 2 tablespoons.

When all of the products procured, millet should be washed, folded into a saucepan.To this add all the remaining ingredients except the oil.Pumpkin crush on a grater, also put to the rump.Enable multivarku, set "Milk porridge" mode.Time for preparation of all food takes less than 10 minutes and for preparation - 1 hour.At the end put in the dish piece of butter.

Loose cereal with milk in the oven

Great taste and unique flavor will have a porridge of millet, cooked in a clay pot planted in the oven or on fire.But at home Can not get no less delicious crumbly dish, adding a variety of ingredients in it.To prepare the porridge, stock up on products such as cereals, milk, salt, sugar powder, butter, dried fruit, cook a pot of clay.Proceed as follows:

  1. To prepare dishes crisp cereal with milk taken in the following proportions 1: 1.5.
  2. Millet wash, put in a pot.Fill it with milk, add sugar, salt, dried fruit.
  3. Place the dishes in the oven for 30-40 minutes.At the end of the process, add the butter.

How to cook thin porridge with raisins and dried apricots

has a great recipe using dried fruits such lovers sparse millet porridge, like raisins and apricots.Prepared dishes will appeal to not only adults but also children.Optional cook porridge on the stove, you can use the microwave, if it exists.Prepare the following products:

  • millet - 250 g;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • baked milk - 500 ml
  • dried apricots and raisins - 50 gr.
  • sugar and salt;
  • butter.

cooking process also is not very complicated.Pre-soak dried fruit, and millet, rinse under hot water.Put it in a pan and pour boiling water for 15 minutes.After - add the milk.Having waited until the liquid comes to a boil, cook porridge for 10 minutes on low heat.By the end of cooking add the chopped dried fruit dish and butter.

Calorie dishes prepared

Millet - a "nourishing" the croup, it is calorie 348 kcal / 100 g ready-made meals you can breakfast and lunch.Then a feeling of fullness you will not leave during the day.Cook millet porridge can be as sweet by adding sugar and milk, and unsweetened.The second embodiment uses water or broth.Which option would you choose, your body gets the required energy.

Video recipe millet porridge with milk and apples

not know what to cook for breakfast?There is a solution - a millet porridge with milk and apples.This dish is not only give you a boost of energy for the whole day, but also please your stomach.After porridge turns out very tasty and nutritious.The process of cooking is very simple.All you need to do is to prepare the products, put them in a pot and put on fire.Learn more about this recipe from this video: