How to store caviar

Jar red granular - not a cheap dining experience, so many get the product on the occasion and for the future for the holiday table.This delicacy requires not only skillful delivery, but also a competent storage.Let's see how to store the caviar house, so it does not lose its special flavor and quality useful to the organism.How long the product will remain fresh in their original packaging, what to do with them after the opening of the banks?

storage methods

known that you can not leave it open capricious dish on a plate, you need to be covered and protected from zavetrivaniya, and how to keep the product purchased for the future?Let's see, what are the ways of home storage of this gentle delicacy.Find out if the freeze dish possibly as red caviar kept in the fridge, how to handle the packaging that the product is no longer port.

The refrigerator

How to store red caviar on a shelf of the refrigerator?If it is not pulled from the factory packaging, then you need to focus on the ter

ms and conditions which are set out on the label.If you have opened a bank or acquired this exquisite delicacy in bulk, you will have to lay out the contents of containers for glass containers and keep them no longer than a week.In this case you must use a clean and dry banks that must be tightly cork.

in the freezer

Frosting granular delicacy desirable only when absolutely necessary.This method of storage is guaranteed not to give the product to deteriorate, but will change the consistency of roe mass.How to store granular caviar frozen?To round elastic grains do not become more like porridge, freeze them, spread out on dry containers that are inside the grease with vegetable oil.Some housewives are laid out on a small treat oiled sachets in portions and store it so successfully for several months.

in plastic pot

containers made of polymeric materials are quite suitable for the storage of this capricious and tender product.Special conditions with this method of packaging is not provided.Containers must be clean, dry, oiled or treated with a strong brine.After filling the container, the top lay a sheet of oiled paper or cover with a tight lid.The main thing - to block the access of air to the eggs.

The tin

unpacked storage tin with a refined dish will not cause any problems.Simply remove the product on the shelf of the refrigerator and leave it there until the right moment (following the shelf life!).If you open the metal container, then leave there eggs can not be soft, otherwise they will get a bad taste, and the oxidation process will contribute to premature deterioration of the product.Put a delicacy in a glass container and use within the next three days.For long content is better freeze.

storage caviar

Terms All kinds of eggs are perishable foodstuffs.On the shelf life depends upon the conditions of preparation and handling:

  • disinfection speed after the catch fish;
  • terms of raw material processing and conservation (in packaging containers);
  • sanitation harvesting;
  • compliance with temperature standards.

important factor is the presence of preservatives.Domestic producers are often limited to safe acids, not giving the ferment product, used as a preservative oils.Foreign suppliers are guided by their guests and long-term transportation delicacy, so their foods contain more preservatives and longer stored.

optimum temperature for storage

The roe is useful in addition to high amounts of protein?Rich set of amino acids, which are destroyed by heat and deep freeze, so you need to store the product at a comfortable temperature for these substances.The best recognized mode from three to eight degrees below zero.The refrigerator is supported range from minus three to zero in the freezer - from 12 to 20. In these conditions for a long (up to one year) storage is better to freeze the caviar, and if you keep it in the refrigerator, it is not longer than a month in a closed container, closer towall of the freezer compartment.

Shelf life roe

Factory granular prepared in compliance with the above conditions, issued in high quality airtight containers, stored for about a year.We sold by weight of the product, this period is 4-6 months.Gentle dish not deteriorate during this time, if kept in optimum conditions: the temperature indicated on the package no longer than the period prescribed by the manufacturer.

How to store open caviar

If you have extracted a sealed container or acquired delicacy by weight, be sure to lay it in small glass jars (bowls) and close the lidor tighten with cling film.Some housewives to protect the grain from drying out and further their "preserve", pour them on top of a thin layer of sterilized vegetable oil.

Another way of extending shelf life - a cool saline solution.This liquid is necessary to rinse the containers, allow to dry, and then place it in a granular caviar.It helps keep the product longer and ice, which obkladyvayut container with the eggs, and if you decide to freeze the gentle delicacy, it is necessary to package on the single portions, after thawing, it is desirable to use them immediately.

Video: how to preserve the caviar in

home Would you like to know what preservatives are used in the industrial production of this delicacy, and how to store the eggs at home?See video of the comments technologist.You'll learn what not to do categorically, whether frozen caviar, which comply with the conditions, so as not to harm the quality of the useful product, how to choose and buy it.