How to cook wheat porridge on the water

Wheat cereals - a dish known to everyone since childhood.This source of huge amounts of vitamins and other nutrients to the human body.The inclusion of cereals in the baby food diet gives them health, growth, full development, energy, quickly restores the intestine dysbacteriosis, it is widely used in diets.And to this unpretentious dish I liked everything - the main task of the mistress - to learn how to cook Pshenko to ordinary water.Quest is quite doable if you have in mind, there are several important secrets.For more information - on.

Preparations of cereals for porridge

In order for your wheat porridge turned out all the dishes on the glory, it is important to pre-prepare the rump.It must go through several stages of purification - then you'll have to cook crisp dish as a garnish, which will be combined perfectly with anything and never will spoil the taste.Discover several techniques that will help you in this matter.

  • Sifting wheat.First of all, you should remove any debris th
    at could get in the package, along with cereal (different dust, impurities).This fine semolina, so on the screen will be all that is necessary is to remove.
  • Toasting cereals.The second preparatory stage before cooking porridge - is giving integrity grains (so the dish will turn out crumbly).To do this, take a dry frying pan, pour in the corn and fry it until obtaining a light golden brown on low heat.You should feel a pleasant nutty flavor.
  • Drying.If the previous method for some reason you do not like - just air dry cereal for a few minutes in the oven.
  • Flush with water wheat porridge should not be, because that way you will not get crumbly properties of food, for which reason the taste can go bad.

These recommendations are used for all cooking methods Pshenko.Note that during the roasting cereals, starch occurs changing the structure of the process (its fibers are destroyed), thereby reducing the viscosity of the porridge, it becomes crumbly, tender.Using the above rules, you will get the perfect side dish, which will be combined with the main dishes (meat, fish), vegetables (salad with porridge and tomatoes, for example), mushrooms.Even this method to maximize your breakfast consisting of sweet wheat cereals, cooked in milk.

How to cook wheat porridge - recipes with photos

If you come to create from ordinary wheat groats real masterpiece, to all members of the family was eating her cheeks - arm yourself with a few recipes ideal as possible to prepare the garnish.The result must turn out a tasty dish without adding the main, and in combination with any meat or fish.Below are selected different methods of cooking Pshenko on the water, which you can read step by step.

simple method of cooking in a pan

Even such a simple method of cooking porridge in a pot can be incredibly delicious.To do this, you do not need expensive various kitchen appliances and wise recipes.It is important to know a couple of key elements in the right proportions of ingredients and all gourmets, households will be delighted with your talent skilled chef who prepares even ordinary Pshenko insanely delicious.Discover below how to do it.


  • glass of wheat.
  • Half a liter of purified water.
  • couple tablespoons of butter.
  • Sol eye.

Step by Step:

  1. Pre-prepare wheat groats, according to the recommendations set out above.
  2. Boil the water, immediately throw salt, followed - wheat porridge.Turn down the fire and simmer until until all the liquid is absorbed in the rump.Do not forget to stir with a wooden spoon.
  3. Throw butter, remove from oven and cover the pan with a lid, and then wrap a warm towel and leave for half an hour.
  4. Delicious porridge is ready.

recipe with butter in multivarka

Prepare wheat porridge in multivarka, and you will see how it is quick, convenient, tasty and original.This miracle of technology will do without you to the dish turned out crumbly, tender.Products minimum costs almost zero and the perfect healthy dish of Pshenko offers.It is also a great option tasty and healthy side dish for the kids.Kids will love this food, and they will be asked to supplement.Discover how to cook millet porridge in multivarka on.


  • Two multistakana wheat cereals.
  • couple tablespoons of butter.
  • Four multistakana purified water.
  • Sol.

cooking process:

  1. roasted grain wheat cereal in a bowl sprinkle Multivarki.
  2. Pour water, salt.
  3. Select the display "Krupa", shut down and wait proc sound signal that the dish is ready.
  4. Open multivarku, roll butter, close, leaving the mode "heating" even minutes 10.

millet porridge Artek bags

There are simplified versions of packs of cereals, thanks to which the hostess greatly save your time - it's milletcroup "Artek" bags.There have already passed the necessary grain handling, do not require pre-treatment of cereals.This will be an ideal option for those who do not like to wash the pots stubborn food residues, because the bag is specially designed for cooking and Pshenko not come into direct contact with the dishes.Here is how to cook a mess.


  • One bag of "Artek" millet porridge.
  • Half a liter of purified water.
  • Sol.
  • Butter 20 grams.

How to prepare:

  1. In a saucepan pour the water, and Boil podsolite.
  2. Put the bag with the contents and cook for 15 to 20 minutes on medium power of fire.
  3. Remove the bag with the finished porridge, cut and pour the contents onto a plate.
  4. Top with butter.
  5. Garnish ready for use.

How to cook crumbly mess in the microwave

For those who do not have an oven or cooking Multivarki possible option crumbly Pshenko in the microwave.The result will surprise you with its taste, simplicity of preparation.The ingredients that make up the recipe, do not require additional waste and always have on hand for any kitchen.Do not forget to prepare the rump to the heat treatment according to the recommendations at the beginning.Check out the recipe step by step further.


  • glass of wheat cereal.
  • Half a liter of purified water.
  • butter about two tablespoons.
  • Sol.

cooking process:

  1. Take a deep glass pot, designed for cooking in the microwave.Rinse with water, sprinkle in her porridge.
  2. Pre zakipyachennoy water pour cereal, podsolite, throw oil.
  3. Cover and place in the microwave for about 15 minutes to prepare.
  4. Check if the cereal has not yet reached the desired consistency - add a small amount of water and return to the microwave dogotovitsya for another couple of minutes.
  5. Remove the dish, wrap a warm towel and leave for 10 minutes reach.
  6. Kashka wheat ready.

tasty wheat porridge on the water with meat and onions

taste delicious pilaf interpretation, only made of wheat porridge.Classic Uzbek dish, however, is preparing a completely different set of rules, but it will not prevent you to enjoy the unique taste crumbly Pshenko with meat and onions.Time for preparation of such extraordinary yummy you need is not so much, but the result will please all members of your family.Besides, it's a great opportunity to diversify the traditional set of familiar foods that you usually cook at home.Discover step by step with the recipe below.

ingredients Set:

  • glass grains.
  • bulb.
  • Carrots.
  • 500 g of any meat.
  • Spices.
  • liter of boiling water.

Step by Step:

  1. Groats pre-treat with a frying pan.
  2. meat is cut up into middle-sized pieces, chop the vegetables into cubes.
  3. in the casserole fry in a small amount of sunflower oil onion and carrot until soft.
  4. Throw the meat to the vegetables and fry the pieces over high heat.
  5. Moderate ardor of fire and throw spices.You can add a bit of barberry, paprika, salt, Italian herbs if desired.Cover and 7 minutes protomai meat.
  6. Stir wheat groats to the remaining ingredients.
  7. Immediately pour the boiling water and cook until complete cooking (about 20 minutes).
  8. As the water is completely absorbed - the dish is ready, and you can proudly serve it on the table.

How many calories in a dish

Many believe that eating porridge, rich in vitamins, minerals - and the first main path to losing weight.However, this is not the case and should be careful in the selection of recipes for wheat.Otherwise, the dish can be oversaturated with nutrients - which is highly undesirable for those who believe in their own every calorie daily diet.That you are aware of how many calories in a dish of Pshenko refer to the table below.

, prepared by different methods Calorie wheat porridge.

Method millet porridge

Number of Kcal / 100 gram product

On the water with oil


on milk


On the water with butter, cinnamon and sugar


with honey


with meat and onions


with mushrooms and green peas


with nuts, honey and dried fruits


Dietary vegetable salad with tomatoes, wheat porridge, greens, olive oil


Video recipe: how to prepare wheat porridge served with

As you have seen, tasty ways to prepare common wheat groats, there are many.They are all delicious in their own way, and depend on a set of ingredients that you would like to submit a garnish.Contrary to popular belief, that the porridge is not prepared in restaurants, as it is traditionally homemade dish, actually shows the opposite: Pshenko - it is a wonderful addition to a variety of ingredients: vegetables, meat of all kinds, fish.And to be inspired by the process, view a video recipe for a detailed description of how to cook delicious Pshenko garnish.