How to properly cook corn

How often mention of boiled corn is associated with childhood, when juicy, sprinkled salt on top of the cob was riding enjoyment.Few thought - and whether the corn is cooked properly?In the era of progress, when every kitchen has a variety of household appliances, cooking methods of maize have also become different from those with whom they were familiar to our parents.Some of them we decided to share with you.

How long to cook the corn until cooked in different ways

Before giving advice on how to cook corn, it is worth saying a little about how to choose the corn that she was cooking, juicy, soft.Grains should be soft, it can be released when pressing on them.Buy the best young cobs, leaves and untreated by stigmata, which will protect from drying out.After making your selection, do not store long ears: the faster they will be welded together, the tastier get it.Which way to do it - choose from the options offered by us.

on the cob in a pan

most traditional way is considered to cook corn in a pa

n filled with water.Cooking time may vary from 20 minutes for young ears to a few hours to more than ripe corn.It all depends on what grade and maturity you have acquired.After a time the water should be drained, covering the pan with a lid.To salt better ready ears.Fragrant grain ready for use and will be even tastier if they are sprinkled with salt, until they have cooled down.

In multivarka

During the cooking process using corn grain Multivarki integrity is fully maintained, and this means that all the minerals remain inside and will bring maximum benefits to the body.Pre-peeled leaves and corncobs hair rinse under running water.Set "Cooking" mode or "Steaming" for 20-25 minutes.The water, which will be cooked on the cob, not salt.To improve the taste you can put a small piece of butter.

Without cob in the microwave

grains separated from the cobs, rinse under running water.The thermo-ware, suitable for use in the microwave, pour the seeds, add water to cover the entire surface, cover with a lid.To determine how much time will be to prepare the corn, you start from the amount of prepared grains.Sticking power of 700-800 Watts, 30 minutes to add to the water a little bit of butter and parsley or dill.Continue steaming for 10 minutes.Can be used as a separate dish or the workpiece to be added to salads.

fresh corn in a pressure cooker

To cook corn on the cob in a pressure cooker, choose items with dairy grains.If they dried up a bit, add the sugar, which will help return the taste properties.To speed up the process water in a pressure cooker preheat, corncobs parboiled.Water should be enough of it to completely cover the surface.All these preliminary procedures will help to get the finished product is not greater than 10 minutes.In the hot cobs rub with salt and brush with butter, which gives the product a special flavor and aroma.

young corn in a double boiler

Young corn cooked very quickly, and some prefer to eat it raw.Calculate how many minutes the process takes, can, depending on the preparing amount.Peeled and pre-washed ears fold in the form of a double boiler.In order to form a sufficient amount of steam, add a glass of water.After 5-10 minutes of the steamer can switch off and enjoy the juicy, sweet young cobs.

Recipes soft and juicy corn at home

For beginners housewives useful not difficult to apply the recipes, having mastered that, in practice, any girl or woman can cook boiled cobs.A variety of ways to make the taste of grains unique and original.Based on the proposed formulation, do not be afraid to experiment on their own, finding more and more new cooking methods.

How to cook corn milk with salt: photo recipe

traditional way of cooking young ears looks like:

  1. Choose smooth healthy ears of corn breast, clear them of leaves and fibers.
  2. To prepare to pick up the pot volume, in which the ears will feel at ease, completely covered with water on top of a few centimeters.Desirably, the tableware has a thick bottom, ensuring uniform heating of the product placed in water.
  3. Load the ears in cold water.The bottom, sides and top of the leaves and lay out the stigmas to get extra flavor.Since the beginning of the boiling Race against the clock for about 10 minutes - enough to milk corn cooked.
  4. Try otkovyrnut one grain and check for taste.It should be soft and juicy.
  5. Remove the corn from the hot pan, add salt and start to the meal.

Cooking corn with milk

unusual, although a bit expensive compared to the traditional method of cooking in milk cereals give mild flavor and delicate taste consumers.Fans of boiled corn must at least once to try this dish recipes.

Recipe №1.

  1. Corn cob clean, you can trim the edges.
  2. in a thick-walled pot, heat the milk, or a mixture of water and milk.To salt is not necessary.
  3. Put the cobs in milk and cook over low heat for about twenty minutes.
  4. ready hot corn need to grease a small amount of butter and allow a few minutes for it to absorb.Sprinkle with salt to taste.
  5. Taste qualities are different from the usual boiled maize for the better.

Recipe №2.

  1. Boil peeled and washed on the cob until half in the water as in the conventional method.
  2. Taking corn, corn cut off with a knife in a bowl.
  3. Boil milk and pour back the grain.Boil an additional 10 minutes.
  4. add a knob of butter before the end of cooking.
  5. Once removed the pan from the heat, do not rush to remove the grain, give them a little bit fed with milk-oil taste and smell.
  6. Season with salt immediately before use warm corn kernels.


Experienced housewives with years of experience in the kitchen will not have questions about the process and the nuances of cooking maize, but they are always willing to share with the younger generation with their culinary secrets,Answers to the most frequently asked questions that may arise during the preparation of boiled corn.We hope that the tips gathered below useful, especially in the summer, when the free market is easy to buy, and then cook the delicacy loved by.

  • How to prepare the old or feed corn

If you find that there are small grains of the recess - this is a sign that the corn has already become old.She can cook in the same way as that of the feed, which is used for bait while fishing (especially carp loves corn kernels).Pre-soak the cobs for half an hour in cold water, so that the necessary amount of moisture gets into the grain.Next, the cooking process is no different from the usual.Cooking time increase up to 1.5-2 hours.

  • Why corn tough after cooking

If the salt added to the water early in the process, then this will be a tough cop, not tasty.Therefore, salt is better at the end of cooking or immediately before use until the ears do not cool down.

  • Do I need to add salt water and when

salt water can, but it's better if it happens for 5 minutes cooking time.Then the grains remain juicy, soft, not gain unnecessary rigidity and unpleasant taste.

  • How to determine the readiness

Based on the degree of maturity of the cobs, determine in advance the approximate time it will take to cook., Young corn need to cook 10 to 30 minutes, more mellow same from one hour to three to get a tasty dish.When the timer expires separate one or two seed and try the taste, they should be soft, succulent, but not hard.

  • Why when cooked dark water

water may darken if you cook the feed grade corn.Sometimes the liquid becomes even slightly reddish and cooking varieties that can be eaten.Pigment red-brown dye, which is under grains, when heated washed out, hence the water staining.water color does not affect the quality of the grain, they can eat without fear.

Videoretsept: corn steamed

Having miracle machine steamer in the kitchen, you can quickly, for 20-30 minutes, cook a few ears of corn.Use the minimum amount of water and cereal grains to obtain uniform heat gradually steamed, the integrity of the shell is not disrupted.A convenient, easy way, which is recommended in the video is suitable for any housewife, even if she is only taking its first steps in cooking.The timer, displayed on a certain time needed for preparation, notifies the end of a sound signal process.