Genetically modified foods

In an effort to find a means of saving humanity from hunger invented genetically modified foods.The increasing population of the planet is no longer poses a threat due to the unique discovery.The man first took control of the important function of nature - the process of evolution by means of GMO, enabling the increasing demand for food.But the phenomenon that at times increases the volume of manufactured products, there is a downside.About her technology creators prefer to remain silent, and such food producers count fabulous profits.

What are genetically modified foods and how they are prepared?

food ingredients from genetically upgraded spread rapidly around the world.Growing analogues costs three to four times cheaper than natural products, with no risk of total or partial loss of the crop.From the US and Canada to China - that the geography of the spread of transgenic crops are seeded on an area equal to 170 million acres..What lies at the heart of the fantastic development of genetic engineerin


Genetically modified products are the result of the technology, which helps to change the hereditary characteristics in animals or plants.The resulting new type contains an altered DNA code combining a biological memory of several organisms.Nature does not have such mechanisms, and humanity has found a way to add fragments of DNA from one organism to another.

benefits of genetically modified foods

Opening unique technology (GMOs) carried an incredible perspective.Come true rainbow of human hope to defeat hunger, and few of us know about the risks.Products marked with GMOs at first did not cause concern because the unique technology has helped to significantly improve productivity.New properties, grafted animal organisms and to plants, genetically modified products have provided resistance to diseases, low temperatures, insecticides.

New products with GMOs were divided into two camps, academic environment, and then the whole world.The debate about the benefits or harm of transgenes does not stop, the study carried out one after the other.But what impact and what consequences brings with it growing, the use of genetically modified products is with complete confidence to prove no one is capable of.Caution in the amount of consumable products labeled GMO - that is the average consumer, which monitors the quality of the food and is committed to health.

food products containing GM ingredients

research path in search of the truth about the dangers or benefits of genetically modified foods is limited timeframe.Since the introduction of the unique technology has been only two decades, but it is not enough to draw conclusions with precision.The emergence of the development of genetic engineering (GMO) can solve the global problem of humanity, covering the needs for food, but at the same time causing doubts about the health safety.

Among the most common concerns - the risk of cancer, food allergies, low immunity, mutation of the use of products.Therefore, there are no official studies proving or disproving these statements, is attentive to the choice of products labeled GMO.They are on the shelves is not so little, since many contain soy, and half of it is genetically modified to yield.

More often than others in the list of food products that contain GM ingredients, these products appear:

  • rice,
  • peas,
  • potatoes,
  • corn,
  • meat,
  • dairy products,
  • honey,
  • tomatoes,
  • rape,
  • vegetable oil,
  • soybeans,
  • chicory.

Chocolate Kit-Kat, Mars, Milky Way, Twix, Snickers, the candy M & amp; M, flakes Corn Fleyks, Nesquik drink teas conversation and Lipton, chips Leis and Pringles, soda 7-up closeup, Coca-Cola - allcommercially distributed foods genetically modified ingredients which are to be marked abbreviation GMOs.For an extensive list of adjacent Calve mayonnaise and Delmi, Heyntts ketchup, seasonings Knorr, Maggi, margarines Delmi, Doughnut - products perenasyschschennye harmful GMOs.

Recognize the origin of products on display in stores, the average consumer is not easy.In appearance of genetically modified foods (GMO products) is almost indistinguishable from the genuine, but there is a secret: if vegetables or cereals look perfect, flawless, then with high probability in front of you are the same products with GMOs.Optionally, the manufacturers or sellers by marking them appropriately labeled, but vegetables, fruits and odorless - it is an occasion guard.

dyes, sweeteners, structuring agents (soy, corn) are found in the compositions of the different food groups, including confectionery with GMOs.Therefore treats - cakes, cookies, rolls - is to cook at home, or to reduce the purchase completely abandon the semis.Try not to buy cheap products, as they may contain genetically modified ingredients, restrict the number of visits to fast food restaurants.

Video: the GMOs are dangerous to human health?

While some scientists say that GMO products are not dangerous to human health, the other - are conducting research in an attempt to prove otherwise.It is believed that the first results of eating transgenic foods humanity learns through two generations.Dates considerable, as the level of concern, because the technology is a unique development of genetic engineering, threatens humanity extinction.The danger of GMO foods and how they affect people's health, you will learn from the video below: