How useful persimmon

Sunny fruit, pleasing saturated colors cool fall day or the cold of winter, gives a delicious flavor and charm of the hot tropics."Divine Fire" - a variant of the name of persimmon.The minimum calorie at a high level of sugar content, rich mineral composition, immunomodeliruyuschie properties distinguish this fruit.How useful persimmon and why is it so popular on all continents?More than five hundred varieties used in the composition of salads, desserts and pastries, and wine, liqueur and beer on the basis of its highly prized by gourmets.

Benefits and harms of persimmon

fresh, dried or dried date-plum (persimmon Persian name) contains a unique set of trace elements, minerals, vitamins.Many species, varieties, medicinal properties which are invaluable in the prevention, treatment of diseases, have specific characteristics compared to other fruits.Useful if the persimmon for the body of men, women, children, and that it heals?

high nutritional, taste characteristics, dietary value, abundance of nu

trients is highly appreciated by lovers of this fruit.Doctors and nutritionists are united in the opinion that the beneficial properties of sun, divinely delicious berries are unique GMO:

  • When disease prevention:
    • juicy pulp is ideal for getting rid of constipation;
    • sibatol, betulinic acid slows the aging process;
    • stimulates the production of red blood cells, protecting against cancer of the blood;
    • prevents the development of anemia and chronic fatigue;
    • has a useful diuretic properties.
  • the treatment of chronic diseases:
    • decoction of dried fruit is useful for hemorrhoids;
    • low acid content makes persimmons indispensable for patients with gastritis;
    • normalizes blood pressure at higher rates;
    • antiseptic properties useful for the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea;
    • tincture unripe fruit rind relieves allergies.
  • for the body of a healthy person:
    • used in cosmetics to improve skin, getting rid of acne;
    • fills the body with energy, nourishing the brain due to the high sugar content;
    • cleanses the liver from the accumulated "garbage", eliminates toxins and wastes.

Thinking what fruits are useful during pregnancy, be sure to remember the sweet, juicy persimmon.Without causing allergic reactions, it will fill the reserves of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, non-fatty acids, demanded the body of mother and baby.A small amount of calories at high energy potential date-plum leader makes a variety of diets.Eating the fruit of the day 2-3, you will not get fat, and a feeling of satiety for a long time will remain with you.


How useful persimmon flavorful?Minerals, trace elements, with which rich berry, provide up to half of the daily requirement.What vitamins in persimmon make it so useful:

  • Vitamin C has anti-bacterial properties.Provitamin A, P to help restore the body by vitamin deficiency.
  • Magnesium, potassium - useful for keeping the cardiovascular system.
  • Copper increases the absorption of iron, the need for different types of anemia.
  • significant iodine normalizes thyroid function.
  • pectins, tannins improve the digestive process.


How many calories contains fruit and appetizing persimmon than helpful for dieters?In one piece.divinely delicious, useful berry contains 87 to 120 kcal, while on fat accounts for only 5 calories.The persimmon no fatty acid, cholesterol.The proportion of carbohydrates is beneficial to a third of the weight, half of which falls on the sugar, and 35% - to the desired body fructose.

This is useful to eat a persimmon

How useful persimmon for women with weight loss?Part of the diet, being the foundation of fasting days, persimmon - an indispensable guest at the autumn-winter table slimming beauties.For the ability to break down sugars in the intestine and produce energy, we need for an active life, persimmon is highly valued by nutritionists.Children's anemia, nerve pain, caused by a lack of iron, disappear, if you include children in the daily diet of one orange sweet fruit.

Asked whether the persimmon is useful during pregnancy, doctors say that pregnant women should eat 1-2 fruit per day.To prevent iron deficiency newly born crumbs, neonatologists, doctors advise nursing mothers to add to your daily diet fruit half.Thus, breastfeeding, valuable vitamins to get the baby, while boosting his immune system, stimulating digestion.


distinctive astringent date-plum obliged tannins contained in the skins of the fruit.Tannins negatively interact with food rich in protein - seafood and fish, causing intestinal weight and becoming the cause of lumps bezoar (stone).What are the side effects and contraindications:

  • diabetics should refrain from incorporating healthy fruits in the diet.In diabetes huge amount of sugar (up to a quarter of the daily requirement) has a negative impact on the level of insulin.
  • If pancreatitis tannic and astringent berries are not particularly useful, and can provoke an aggravation of the disease.
  • persimmon is useful if people after surgery?Doctors recommend to refrain from fruits persons who have recently undergone surgery Way: With its high mineral and vitamin value, this fruit starts the processes of formation of adhesions.

All of persimmon

The date plum belongs to the genus Ebony, representing the evergreen or deciduous trees.It is cultivated in most countries with warm climates - from Japan to South America.How to grow persimmon and the different varieties?Berry inherent tart flavor and juicy pulp.The ripe fruit, the smaller the fruit contains tannins and has more beneficial properties.

As growing

In late fall, the stores and markets appear bright, eye pleasing sunny color and delicious taste, useful persimmon.Due to high demand on the world markets, the cultivation of tropical plants are engaged in areas with warm climates: in Australia, China, Japan, South America and Eurasia.Ripening fruit are bright orange, with a glossy skin.For an exotic "non-standard", but no less useful species include:

  • Ā«Velvet apple."It grows in the Philippines, it has a velvety skin, similar to the peach and red.
  • Ā«chocolate pudding."Popular in South America.One fetus reaches a weight of 900 g When ripe, painted in chocolate brown shade.
  • flat.It grows in Paraguay.
  • Caucasian.Certain types of fruits are no longer traditional apricots or peaches - up to 4 cm in diameter.


choosing kind of persimmon, most people prefer the wren.Its fruits are less astringent, have an oblong shape.What is different from the persimmon wren?Only the floor.Ripening on the same tree, pollinated female fruit called persimmon, and the wren - male.No less demand Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese varieties.In contrast to the astringent persimmon, seedless Sharon, does not contain tannin, has a firm flesh is light orange.

How to choose

Light orange, green calyx inflorescence indicate insufficient ripening berries.The dark side, excessive softness, brown spots indicate damage to the fetus during transport or storage.How to choose a persimmon that it pleased the delicious taste?Whole skin saturated orange, brown stem, cracks and dark spots distinguish ripe, juicy and healthy fruit.To ensure long-term storage can help this recipe: cut into quarters berry fold into a container and freeze.

How have

deciding what persimmon useful, guided by their own preferences.For salads suitable solid Sharon, in desserts or pastries - Soft wren.How to eat a persimmon?By removing the stalk with inflorescence, make a small cut and eat the flesh of a dessert spoon.Peel eat not: it contains tannins that trigger the formation of gastric stones.Refrain from eating fruit at night to avoid heaviness in the stomach.

Video: Useful properties of persimmon

unique composition, the presence of half of the daily dose of vitamin C, antioxidant properties, the ability to tone and calm at the same time an overloaded nervous system stress - a short list of "good" date-plum.Her love both adults and children.Doctors recommend a diet to add fruits due medicinal properties.How useful juicy persimmon, you'll learn by watching video.