How to properly clean a pomegranate

How often in the fruit shop you pick up the grenades and then set aside with a sigh?After butchering his sheer torture!The grains are flattened, flow, splatter stain clothing, fingers are burgundy for a long time.But I want to enjoy this incredibly delicious and healthy fruit.Especially in a period of beriberi, demi-season, when the body urgently needs to replenish vitamin C. There are a few simple techniques, how to properly clean a pomegranate.Applying them, you will know the true pleasure without undue consequences.

How to clean grenades at home

First of all - put on an apron.Proper cleaning of pomegranate juice eliminates the river from the crushed seeds, but from accidental splashes no one is immune.Next, take a deep bowl, having spread it under a large paper napkin.So you will save a table from stains.Thoroughly wash the fruit and proceed.How to Clean Garnet quickly and easily prompt you to our instructions.

to it remained intact

  1. Before you begin to brush your grenades, you
    need to cut his cap, being careful not to touch the grain.This step is required for all methods of rapid razdelyvaniya fetus.
  2. grope hard edge, makes a long, shallow cuts on the skin.
  3. Keeping the fruit in one hand, the other gently reveal.
  4. As a result, in the palm of your hand should be "flower" of the lobules.

In water

  1. With fruit are cut off the tops.Further, the white veins fruit is cut into slices.
  2. Fruit omitted in a bowl with water, separate the hands of grain.Under its own weight, they sink to the bottom, and peel and pulp resurfacing.
  3. Remove the bowl from the entire husk and grain filtered through a colander.This method is convenient for those who do not want to mess around with excess waste.


  1. How to properly clean ripe pomegranate ordinary spoon?To begin, cut the fruit with a crown and a tail, so to show the seeds.If you will touch their little - do not worry!
  2. makes an incision along the white pulp, which should apply only to the skin, be shallow.
  3. Take a tablespoon of ordinary and uniform movements begin knock fruit circle.The grains are separated from the peel and fall into the bowl.

How to cut the pomegranate

Exotic fruits for the Nordic countries have always been a mystery.Not every Russian knows how to cut a pomegranate to grains remained intact, unharmed.To do this, you need to consider the structure of the fetus.The grains are ripening in the tender flesh, it protects from damage hard rind.To clean the fruit, you need some skill.However, the above methods can quickly deal with this problem.How to open a pomegranate, not to damage the grain?Nothing could be easier - simply cut on the flesh, which lurks in the white veins cut tops.

Video: how to clean grenades in 30 seconds

To see firsthand the above methods, just watch this video.Here you will find the answer to the question, how to clean grenades correctly and quickly.These are simple ways to help you enjoy this delicious and insanely useful fruit without stain your clothes and "stained" hands.A little practice will demonstrate the life hacking friends and show off his skills.