Catherine Mirimanova Slimming System

Women who ever dieted knows that the most difficult thing in this case - the thought of food.Always want to eat, and you're secretly sneak to the fridge to nip off a piece of cheese or sausage.Told himself that one apple does not hurt.One candy, the other - and all down the drain diet.It starts searching for a new technique, and again breakdowns.Common situation?There is a way - diet Mirimanova.It helps to live without hunger, lose weight comfortably.You can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.It is important to follow certain rules.

principles of nutrition on a diet minus 60

Author techniques reduce excess weight - Catherine Mirimanova - by trial and error, I came to the diet, in which the weight is reduced, and the feeling of hungerno.There is no need to count calories.She was able to lose 60 kg of accumulated one hundred and twenty and a half years.He developed a diet based on personal experience.Now it is a program for weight loss is very popular.The author has released s

everal books with diet description.

What are the principles laid down in the diet Mirimanova?There are several, and they are important:

  • Compulsory breakfast.All your favorite and you can have a deleterious to 12 hours.
  • Three meals a day without snacking.
  • Dinner no later than 18 hours.If you go to bed after midnight - allowed not later than 8 pm.
  • allowed tea, coffee, red wine - dry.
  • water to drink at will, but do not forget about it.
  • Observe compatibility of products.

Detailed Mirimanova diet menu for every day

Power System -60 restrict salt.Allowed any method of cooking, besides frying.Spices can be used, but the sour cream, mayonnaise, oil - up to 14 hours only.Breakfast is obligatory, permitted to eat everything.The dinner dishes are allowed to barley, meat, vegetables.Not allowed walnuts, butter and sugar.The diet recommends fruits, red wine and tea.For dinner, you can not any salting.It is important to the combination of products in only one variant:

  • fruits, dairy products;
  • vegetables, cereals;
  • cereals, fruit;
  • vegetables, dairy products;
  • meat, fish;
  • fruits and vegetables.


Mirimanova Diet requires that the breakfast was always - it triggers metabolic processes.It is desirable that it was not too late.In the morning allowed even a piece of cake, coffee with sugar, bun with butter, cheese.It is important that the amount eaten at breakfast was an equal portions with lunch and dinner.You can eat porridge with milk, pudding with cheese, pancakes with meat.Drink tea, coffee or milk products.


desirable that this meal took place within two hours of the day.During lunch Mirimanova weight loss system allows eating very diverse.Valid soups, salads, and the second.What is important is the prohibition of the combination of fish and meat with potatoes, pasta and legumes in all dishes.It is therefore not recommended in the meat soup to put potatoes.Diet permits fill salads with vegetable oil.At lunch there are permissible:

  • pickles in small quantities;
  • fruits, vegetables;
  • meat without fat;
  • cereals - rice, buckwheat;
  • durum pasta;
  • dairy products.


The hardest part of the diet - Dinner on the system minus 60. Good saturation provide dinner options in the system minus 60 with the use of meat and fish.Well tolerated by the combination of vegetables, rice and buckwheat.Rules:

  1. It is important to observe the compatibility of products and do not eat after 18 hours.
  2. You should not overeat, but until the morning meals are prohibited.Allow only herbal tea, water.
  3. Slimming minus 60 trying to diversify the dinner that he did not repeat, but was saturated.
  4. Oil smoking, salads seasoned with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar.

Recipes for the power supply system -60

Prepare a hot breakfast sandwiches.Slices of bread Spread the tomato paste, put a piece of sausage, cheese.Sprinkle with herbs.Put in the microwave to melt the cheese.Quickly fry the potatoes and onions.For lunch, prepare rice salad:

  • 250 grams of boiled rice;
  • 200 grams of boiled chicken, a hundred grams of pineapple;
  • 2 eggs, finely diced onion;
  • yogurt for refueling.

Very tasty vegetable vegetarian soup is obtained.For its preparation should be:

  • fry a small onion;
  • add shredded carrots - 4 things;
  • introduce about half a kilo of cabbage;
  • add greens, celery root;
  • all put out about 15 minutes, then add water:
  • little salt and bring to a boil - the soup is ready, serve it with greens.

For dinner, an excellent dish of calf liver:

  1. about a pound rotate through a meat grinder.Add the garlic, a little salt.
  2. put on a baking foil and lay the liver in small cakes.Preparing it for 5 minutes.
  3. Chop 2 boiled eggs.Pour onto the cake and top close second.
  4. Send back in the oven for another 5 minutes - the dish is ready.

Model menu for the week

See what you can prepare to diversify the diet menu.





Pancakes with apples

soup with vegetables,


grilled vegetables



soup with peas,

baked peppers

beef with tomatoes


Hot sandwiches

Solyanka meat,


Braised chicken


baked potato


baked zucchini

Fish boiled


Fried potatoes

soup with rice,

salad vegetable

Chicken rolls


roll pita


omelet with vegetables

Veal grilled


Baked meat and cabbage

soup, casserole with beans

Skewer fish

list of authorized products

Because this diet are important combination of products, consider the options:

  • fruits and dairy products.Valid cheese, dairy products, the fat content of which is not more than 5%.Fruits - apples, citrus fruit, plums.Permitted spicy greens, garlic, soy sauce.
  • Fruits and vegetables.You can eat pineapple, kiwi, apple.Vegetables are allowed, but ruled out the use of potatoes, beans, pumpkin.Not allowed: mushrooms, avocados, corn.

There are other options in the diet food combinations:

  • Fruits and cereals.Allowed dishes made with rice and buckwheat.You can use soy sauce, spicy herbs: dill, parsley.Fruit - watermelon, apples, plums, oranges.
  • vegetables and dairy products.Eat low-fat milk and yogurt.Prohibited vegetables: potatoes, squash, eggplant.Not recommended legumes, mushrooms, corn.

It is equally important to respect diet in combination products, without mixing them with other groups:

  • Fruits and Vegetables.Acceptable products are described in the previous embodiments.
  • meat and fish.Allowed any kind of meat, but not greasy.Admitted fish, seafood.You can eat scrambled eggs with milk.Not excluded meat offal.
  • Dairy.Permission is granted to milk and milk products.Their fat content - not more than 5%.Recommended cheese - 50 grams.Rye crackers - not more than four pieces.

Videos about diet Catherine Mirimanova

Watch the video and you will see comments of man, emaciated by this diet.Learn about the right combination of foods while cooking dinner.Determine which takes a while to get used to eat right and get the first weight-loss results.You will become apparent to the basic rules of diet Mirimanova and why to avoid disruption of the motivation is very important.

Reviews lost weight on the system minus 60

Elena, 38 years : I have tried many diets.I lose weight and then gained weight, until I met Mirimanova diet.At first it was a little difficult to deal with the combination of products, but I wrote the list and hung on the refrigerator.I get used to the diet a month, but the result has pleased - for this time minus 3 kg.I will continue.Excellent diet advise.

Nina, 25 years : start losing weight in the system minus 60 I met when pregnant gained extra 30 kg.I liked that in the diet do not need to starve.Pre-made menus for each day - a varied diet.The difficulty was that her husband had to cook separately.A month lost 4 kg.I will continue.Mommy, I recommend!

Tatiana, 56 years : stopped working and gained extra weight, and even menopause affects.A friend advised me to sit on a diet minus 60 kilograms.I really liked it, because I can imagine the morning without coffee is not a sandwich, and then it is allowed.For lunch and dinner a large variety of products that do not want to eat.Diet is very comfortable, I recommend.

Photos before and after weight loss

Good results can be obtained if the diet supplement training in the gym, walks, lessons in the pool.Not excluded morning exercises, water procedures.See how changed woman who ate the system minus 60.

you are likely to inspire most of Catherine Mirimanova.See how it has changed, eating in their diet.