How to cook the dumplings

often time to cook something special is not enough in such cases come to the aid dumplings.They are easy to buy in the store, even easier to cook and taste dishes with like almost everyone.Home food more fun, so knowing how to cook dumplings, you can please yourself and guests.The recipes below will help you in this matter.

Features cooking dishes

What elements are the basis in recipes?This stuffing and dough for ravioli, which must be properly prepared.The first presented several requirements:

  1. During cooking, it is necessary to control the proportion of liquid and flour, checking the dough elasticity.
  2. The dough should be thick - so delicious dumplings are obtained and are not boiled soft.
  3. milk or water to the mix should not be cold, the recommended temperature - 35-40 ° C.

How to knead the dough for ravioli home

Before starting flour sifted necessarily, possible to separate larger particles and to enrich it with oxygen for the splendor of the future product.How to make the dough for th

e dumplings?The basic process - kneading it, to which have to allocate a sufficient amount of time, ie,from 10 to 15 minutes.For the rest of the test is not necessary to use plastic wrap - a wet cloth is also a great option.

classic recipe for choux pastry on the water

to the classic version takes a few simple ingredients:

  • boiling water - 1 tbsp .;
  • flour - 0.5 kg;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.l .;
  • salt - 1 tsp..

Then proceed to the preparation:

  1. Pour the flour on a clean slide table or in a deep pan.Make a small indentation in the middle, which add oil and salt.
  2. Carefully pour half a cup of boiling water into the depression, stir with a spoon.Gradually, just blow the remaining water, without ceasing to stir.
  3. Knead a soft dough, then leave it for half an hour to lie down under a slightly damp cloth.


milk products will be required:

  • milk - 1 tbsp .;
  • flour - 0.5 kg;
  • sunflower oil - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • Egg - 2 pcs .;
  • salt - 1 tsp..

The recipe is not very different from the previous one:

  1. Gorka sprinkle flour on the table, add salt.
  2. Make deepening, pour oil.
  3. In a separate container, whisk together the eggs, mix them with warm milk.
  4. Gradually pour the mixture into the flour.
  5. Knead the dough, watching his consistency, so that it is not stuck to the hands.
  6. Leave it to rest for half an hour under vlazhnovatoy towel.

on yogurt without eggs

If you can not find the eggs in the range of household products - do not be upset, and try to make the dough without them, because you need only 2 ingredient:

  • flour - 0.4 kg;
  • yogurt - 1 tbsp.

cooking process following:

  1. Kefir pour into a deep pan, pour half of the flour gradually.
  2. Stir the mixture until its uniformity, gradually add flour residues.
  3. Knead the dough, put it on the shelf of the refrigerator for about an hour.

elastic dough for ravioli and dumplings in bread maker

If your arsenal of home appliances have a bread maker, then use it to cook the dough.First assemble the right products:

  • wheat flour - 0.5 kg;
  • water - 1 tbsp .;
  • salt - 1 tsp .;.
  • egg - 1 pc.

Next to proceed with the recipe:

  1. Fill the bread maker bowl first liquid components, ie,egg and water.
  2. Then add flour and salt.
  3. Set "Dumplings" mode, turn the unit on for half an hour.
  4. At the end of cooking, leave the dough in the bread machine itself on the hour.

How to cook beef

Another important element of pelmeni - minced it.The meat it uses many different types - beef, pork, venison, bear meat, but there are general guidelines to the stuffing for ravioli was delicious.To prepare the stuffing is required:

  • meat - 0.5 kg;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • garlic - 1 clove.
  • egg - 1 pc.

Stuffing for ravioli cook according to the recipe:

  1. Remove the meat plenochki, excess fat.Rinse thoroughly, cut into medium-sized pieces.
  2. Take 2 onions 500 grams of meat, they also cut into pieces.
  3. scroll through a meat grinder meat and onions.You can add a clove of garlic.
  4. Stir the resulting mass, drive the egg there.
  5. Mix minced to homogeneity, better blender, after thoroughly whipped toppings make homemade dumplings are much tastier.

How to sculpt

When components for cooking dumplings are ready, you can start modeling them.To do this, follow this instruction:

  1. On floured clean the table, place the dough.
  2. rolled out small pieces of thin layers.
  3. Take a suitable glass or glass to cut out circles diameter to receive about 4-5 cm, although you can sculpt dumplings any size you want.Noodles - is something that can be cooked dough for ravioli, if left too much.Just freeze the leftovers and refuel their soups.
  4. Take in your hand a circle, put it in the center of 1 ch. L.filling.
  5. Fold the circle in half, Pinch edges.I should get a crescent moon.
  6. Connect the ends of the crescent Pinch them.Pelmen ready.
  7. To accelerate the process, use a special device - Pelmennica.

step by step recipes for dumplings at home

Given the variety of household appliances question of how to make homemade ravioli has several ways of using the microwave, oven or Multivarki.Interestingly, the dumplings are allowed not only to cook - they turn out delicious, even when frying on a conventional pan.Below you can find the original recipes and choose the desired to know how to cook dumplings at home.

How do mushrooms in a microwave

ingredients you need from the following list:

  • flour - 2 tbsp .;
  • beef, pork - 300 g;
  • onions - 3 pcs .;
  • water - 1 tbsp .;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • butter - 20 g;
  • fresh mushrooms - 250 g;
  • pepper, salt - to taste.

recipe for homemade ravioli this:

  1. cleaned and washed the meat and onion cut into slices.
  2. ingredients mince, not forgetting to add salt and pepper.Add the blended mass of finely chopped mushrooms.
  3. Whisk the egg with salt, pour it with water, pour the sifted flour.Zameshennomu test let rest for half an hour under the cloth.
  4. Cut out circles of dough rolled seams.By adding the filling, blind dumplings.

How to make dumplings at home with the help of the microwave?Please use the following method:

  1. Take special container for microwave oven, pour boiling water there.Throw
  2. dumplings frozen in liquid ratio of 1: 2.
  3. cover, put in a microwave oven.
  4. Stir 2-3 minutes.Cooking time - 10 minutes.

stuffed with chicken multivarka

For the filling you need the following components:

  • chicken - 0.5 kg;
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • salt - to taste.

dough requires such products:

  • water - Article 1.5 .;
  • flour - 4 tbsp .;
  • salt - to taste;
  • Egg - 2 pcs.

First, prepare the filling:

  1. Together with garlic chicken recycle using the grinder.
  2. Make the mixture smooth.

Then grasp the dough:

  1. On board pour out the flour slide.The central recess pour pre-beaten eggs with water.
  2. Knead the dough, leave for half an hour to approach a towel.

Here's how to prepare a delicious dumplings in multivarka:

  1. Roll out dough circles crap out of him.
  2. Using the above instructions, the blind dumplings.
  3. Fill the container Multivarki water to almost half.
  4. basket steaming promazhte butter, put the dumplings there.
  5. Put the basket in the multivarku, close the lid.By selecting "Steaming", set the temperature to 100 ° C.The dish will be ready after 25 minutes after boiling water.

with minced beef in the pot

The composition of the test includes:

  • wheat flour - 2 tbsp .;
  • low-fat milk or water - 1 tbsp .;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • salt - pinch.


  • minced beef - 0.4 kg;
  • salt and pepper - to taste;
  • onion - 1 pc.

ravioli recipe looks like:

  1. Sift the flour, pour the slide on a clean surface of the table.
  2. In the middle, make an indentation where to add the beaten egg and water or milk, pre-warmed.
  3. in ground beef, add the chopped onion into small cubes, salt, pepper.
  4. Roll out the dough layers, crap circles and blind dumplings.Boil them for 3 minutes until soft in a saucepan.
  5. pots inside the grease with butter, sprinkle breadcrumbs.
  6. Add to the broth a little left over after cooking dumplings.Do not interfere, and a piece of butter.
  7. pots close, put in the oven.The temperature should be 220 ° C.Note the 15 minutes.Before baking you can add grated cheese or vegetables for flavor.

with cheese in the oven on a baking

For this dish you will need:

  • store-bought or hand-made dumplings - 0.5 kg;
  • hard cheese - 300 g;
  • a 25% cream - 500 g;
  • onions - 1 pc .;
  • pepper, salt, fresh or dried herbs - to taste.

recipe of ravioli in the oven:

  1. Purified onion finely chop, fry in a pan, previously red-hot oil.
  2. Sour cream season with salt and pepper, grind the cheese on a coarse grater, chop the washed herbs.
  3. Grease a deep baking tray with butter, lay rows of dumplings.
  4. Top distribute fried onion, pour the sour cream, then cover with cheese.
  5. Preheat oven to 180 ° C, place the ravioli casserole into it for 45 minutes.
  6. Do not remove the dish immediately, leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes to cut the finished dish into pieces, sprinkle with herbs.

Delicious recipe with potatoes and bacon

Even this unexpected combination of ingredients is very delicious, and the dumplings thus have a two-chamber structure.Prepare the dough according to any the above recipe using milk, water or yogurt.Filling the same takes you a little longer.For it is required:

  • raw potatoes - 300 g;
  • fat - 300 g;
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • salt, pepper, dill - to taste.

Prepare stuffing as follows:

  1. Boil the potatoes for mashed potatoes.Add the chopped dill, mix thoroughly.
  2. Salo with garlic recycle meat grinder, add salt and pepper.
  3. finished with the filling, start modeling ravioli, using step by step instructions on the photo.
  4. Roll out the dough layers, make circles.
  5. Before putting the stuffing are made of thin dough low partition - it will divide the potatoes and bacon.
  6. Then put a little bit of bacon and mashed potatoes on the opposite side of the septum.
  7. Fold one edge of the circle, Pinch it together with a partition.The same again with another edge.
  8. Connect crescent edge Pinch them.
  9. Cast ravioli in salted boiling water.Do not forget to stir.Once surfaced dumplings, boil them for 10 minutes, drain.

Lazy dumplings, fried in a pan

If you suddenly descended on the guests, and the time to cook does not, try not to cook, and fry the dumplings.The dish turns out not less tasty, and the need for him the following:

  • frozen dumplings, home or out of the package - 8-10 pieces.for one serving;
  • seasoning sauce - to taste;
  • sunflower oil - 2 tbsp.l.

Recipe for lazy pelmeshek:

  1. Take a deep frying pan, red-hot oil on it.
  2. Put the pan frozen dumplings.
  3. Roast them for about 15 minutes.To dumplings are not scorched, stir constantly.
  4. Remove from heat after developing a ruddy crust.
  5. Serve guests a vinegar sauce or mayonnaise.

Videoretsepty: how to make delicious dumplings at home

Dumplings - this dish is not only Russian food.It has counterparts in almost every nation, but especially in the manufacture of a specific people are different from others.Even if some country is not faced with such a delicacy, it is required to borrow the experience of its neighbors, but it will alter the way how to make dumplings in their own way.For example, the Chinese secret - is the use of rice flour dough.

happened that delicious dumplings of our state is prepared in Siberia, so there they are considered local national dish.Do you want to learn how to cook Siberian dumplings, and what toppings do I use?Then be sure to watch helpful videos about the preparation of the dishes are not only filled with meat products, and fish.

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