As starched dress

remember how ballerina look in their packs.The splendor of their costumes depends not only on design, but also on how they were starched.Your dress may look even more spectacular!Just learn nakrahmalivat things at home.Our guide will help you with this.

If you want to make your favorite dress became more dense, hard, keep in shape, try to starch.It will transform the look of the dress.Clothing after such a procedure is less wrinkled and dirty.Now we look at how to starch dress at home, to make it more spectacular?

secret of this procedure is simple: the finest airtight film formed by using a mixture of starch on the fabric.It was she who protects the items from contamination.When washing the film dissolves, and with it removes stains and dirt.Can all starched dress or just elements - cuffs, collar or a skirt.

Types starching

degree of starch concentration in the aqueous solution may be different, in this regard, starching can be soft, medium hard and tough.Selecting the desired concentration of

the solution depends on the type of fabric articles.



It is used for things made of light fabrics - flowing summer dresses, blouses and skirts transparent chiffon.

0,5-1 teaspoon of starch to 1 liter.Water


Central stiffness

Suitable for bedding, shirts, blouses or skirts made of cotton and linen.

1 table spoon of starch in 1 liter of water



With it treated certain elements, such as cuff.The method used for starching petticoat in a lush, multi-layered dress.In this case, the design becomes necessary pomp and rigidity.

2 table spoons of starch to 1 liter of water

How to prepare for starching linen?

first step is to thoroughly wash the dress.Then check whether the visible spots remain.Spread each site, considering it a stable light source.If the stains are still found, it does not matter.Withdraw any dirt and get rid of the yellow plaque on things white can with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

simple recipe: 200 ml of water was dissolved 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, the solution was stirred.Each spot on the product is wetted, and dress in the expanded form is laid out to dry.Desirably, the process occurs in vivo, that isnot with a hair dryer or heater, as a practice some mistress.It is important to the gradual drying.Drying in the sun - the best option.Stains will disappear before our eyes.

It removes fat, wine, tea and other pollution.If the spots are barely visible, do not worry, the starch will make thing more white spots and the end is not in sight.

better starched dress?

question is really relevant, because in addition to the traditional method of breeding the starch, has a simple and versatile - use spray starch or liquid.They are available in any hardware store and are very convenient.

Spray suitable for starching specific details of the dress - collar or cuffs.To do this, you will need to iron and agents vial.Sprinkled spray the necessary parts dresses, iron the iron thing.Before you begin Make sure you read the instructions on the use of funds and ensure that it is intended for the desired type of tissue.

powder or liquid starch is used to effect great things, such as tulle, tablecloths, napkins, or the lush Petticoat wedding dresses.Use these tools even easier - just with detergent Add the required amount of money in the car.At the end of the washing process, you will get a great result - crisp dress nice.As in the case of a spray, these means have the instructions for use.For best results, follow all recommendations.

At home, for starch is also used dresses and ordinary food starch.Some believe that the best method based on the fact that a mixture is made of natural potato, rice or corn starch.And, really, except for the naturalness of such a method is good and the fact that the result obtained is sufficient racks.Besides well known starching methods of using PVA glue, gelatine or sugar.However, most often used for the procedure is potato starch.

How to cook the starch solution?

decide on the degree of starching (there are only three, and we wrote about it above), take what is needed for cooking:

  • starch;
  • deep glass or enamel bowl.The glass must be heat resistant, because the mixture may need to boil;
  • boiling water;
  • spoon, spatula, or other device for mixing;
  • product that will be starch.

So, prepare a solution of the following rules:

  1. At the bottom of the container pour starch.
  2. Fill a small amount of cold water and knead thoroughly.As a result, should get a white substance, viscosity comparable with sour cream.
  3. Add the boiling water, continuing to mix the mass.It is important to prevent the formation of lumps.If they are still there, in any case, do not leave them in the mixture.As a result, should get a clear viscous paste.
  4. If the mixture is cloudy - boil for 5 minutes.

nakrahmalivayut How to dress: User

  1. main thing - to give a preparation of the solution to cool to room temperature, the mixture is too hot things can not be submerged.
  2. Place the dress in a container, to ensure that all its parts uniformly absorbed paste.To do this, we straighten all the details.A little "tricky" thing in the solution, turn it over, and violence.
  3. We get dress, check whether the untreated areas left.A little squeeze, to leave no excess liquid.

Drying dress

Dry clothes should be on hangers, spreading every crease.If this is not done, then fold "okameneyut" and spread them will be very difficult.Drying is allowed only at room temperature.It is important to let things dry out naturally, without the use of any available tools, otherwise then it again will be difficult to smooth out.You can not be dried at low temperatures, for example, on a balcony in the cold season.

If you liked the result, and you want to keep it for a long time, you have to starching thing after each wash.But now, it may not be necessary to process the entire surface, and only parts.All at your discretion.

Rules ironing podkrahmalennogo dress

important condition to facilitate smooth procedures - it should be done, until slightly damp cloth.As such, the dress will be ironed easier and you will be able to give it the desired shape.But if the dress has evaporated completely - sprinkle intractable areas with cold water and immediately progladte them.You can use a damp when ironing the gauze.Note also the power level of the iron.To iron starched items can only be at an average heating temperature and without steam.

few important nuances

starch can be any of the products and tissues except:

  • underwear - fabric is virtually waterproof, and therefore less hygienic body.In this case, parts of starch - collar zone buttons or ruffles.
  • things from the black threads, becausethey remain white spots;
  • clothes, sewn in whole or in part from synthetic fibers.

procedure for Petticoats, wedding and evening dresses, knitted dresses, as well as things made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Useful tips

Sometimes after starching clothes may stick to the iron.To avoid this problem by adding a few drops of turpentine paste.Dress will become special luster, if you add in a mixture of half a teaspoon of salt and a little bluing.With methylene blue solution will need to mix thoroughly to a uniform consistency (no lumps) to the product to dye the same over the entire surface.

Using our guide, you will easily their starched dresses and will always look at 100%.