Baby bedding Ferretti

Baby bedding Ferretti - a great quality accessories for sleep, which is really worth paying attention to caring and loving parents.Italian manufacturer Feretti since its foundation is associated with children's bedding consistently high quality, which guarantees the safety of the kids, health, and deep sleep.

Company manufactures bedding only from 100% natural and durable natural materials - environmentally friendly, hygienic, anti-allergic, unable to accumulate harmful bacteria and dust.In the production of accessories for sleep does not use harmful dyes and so wonderfully soft linens, and nice to sleep on it.

assortment of linen for children from Ferretti

visual appeal and an extremely wide range of kits and other accessories for a child's room - an important advantage of the children's bed Feretti.Parents can purchase bedding that will meet all their requirements in terms of cost, integration, design and the presence of cute pictures and prints, taking into account the child's age.

Baby bedding from Feretti brand is available in two collections - Prestige and Premium.Each collection includes a large number of series, a variety of colors and the content of images, applications.Unchanged in the branded series of accessories for sleep is one - the highest quality and absolute safety for the baby.

set of baby bedding series Prestige

Linens from Prestige series by Feretti sewn exclusively from natural cotton fibers with innovative additive Purista.Children's bed, thanks to this supplement has bacteriostatic properties, and thus prevents the development of mold and mildew.This fact is not only able to provide a healthy and safe sleep quite a small miracle, but also allow parents to bed as long as possible to preserve the fresh and fragrant.

Another advantage of the Prestige line is the use of innovative technology to improve tissue called EasyIron.Thanks to her, you no longer have to spend time ironing bedding, it will be enough simply to hang gently after washing in the washing machine or the laundry.

Baby bedding line Prestige is available in a complete set of 3 or 6 subjects.

child bed linen Ferretti of 3 items includes:

  • duvet cover, 100 x 135 cm
  • pillowcases, 40 x 60 cm
  • sheets with an elastic band.

set of bed linen Ferretti for children from 6 items consist of:

  • blankets, 100 x 135 cm
  • cushion, size 40 x 60 cm
  • blanket cover, 100 x 135 cm
  • sheets with elastic
  • pillowcases, 40 x 60 cm
  • protective rim of syntepon the entire bed (size on the perimeter - 360 cm)

materials of which manufactured linen Prestige lines from Feretti:

bedding is made of 100% cotton with additionaljacquard elements that do not irritate the delicate baby skin.Due to the high density cotton fabric, her beautifully kept bright pictures.

filler for blankets and pillows Ingeo - a unique component, which is derived from natural plant materials.It does not cause allergies, as is subjected to full biodegradation.

Baby bedding Ferretti patterned

Collections Prestige line are carefully designed, using soft colors and original drawings, applications that will certainly like kids.

For newborn babies company Feretti prepared kits Bella rose, Princess and Flowers village.

For babies-boys to the Prestige line are Dogs kits, Ricordo, Sleepy bears and Romeo.

Also Prestige line has a universal kit that will delight unsurpassed design solutions and suit both girls and boys - Jungle multi, Rabbit, Diamond lion and Pony.Your child will fit into their colorful bed happy because the dream will be perceived as a toddler exciting game and fun adventure!

set baby bedding Ferretti of 8 items

The collection bedding Ferretti accessories also includes a set of 8 items:

  • pillowcases, 40 x 60 cm
  • sheets onelastic band, size 60 x 120 cm
  • blanket cover, 100 x 135 cm
  • blankets, 100 x 135 cm
  • cushion, size 40 x 60 cm
  • rim, size 190 cm
  • canopy, 160 x 600 cm
  • sleeping envelope size 55 x 85 cm or 55 x 100 cm

kits Premium line from Feretti with photos

linen line for Premium children -. this exquisite design, funny drawings and pleasant colors, natural materials that do notirritate the delicate skin of the newborn, as well as the convenience and ease of use of bedding.A feature of the series is the use of a unique Premium antiallergic filler for blankets and pillows consisting of corn fiber.

Sets Premium series includes all the necessary for a cot Facilities:

  • blanket, size 100 x 135 cm
  • pillow measuring 40 x 60 cm
  • duvet cover,100 x 135 cm
  • sheets with elastic
  • pillowcase 40 x 60 cm
  • protective rim on the entire bed (size on the perimeter - 360 cm)
  • sheet waterproof
  • breathable waterproof mat under the sheet
  • envelope after swimming
  • towels

If you have a growing daughter, pay attention to the sets Vintage flowers in a white and beige;Princess Pink, Lapin Pink Premium, Petit Bebe and Long Rabbit in pink.

for their boys pick sets from the series Premium Sleeping Bear in beige color, Jungle Multi Premium in pale blue color, Petit Bebe in blue or Long Rabbit in green and blue colors.

I enjoy universal kits?Then choose Safari banana bedding sets in yellow, Pony in beige color, Orsetti in beige color, Orso Di Cristallo in beige (pictured) and Lazy Dunkey in beige and blue colors.They are suitable for both boys and girls.

Accessories by brand Feretti

addition to bedding sets, Feretti also creates the company and other items and things for the children's room, which pleased with its functionality and attractive appearance: cabinets, bedsvarious parameters (height and width), orthopedic luxury mattresses, blankets made of polyester and linen to choose from, sesquialteral blankets, children's sleepwear.Any of these items every parent wants to get a gift!

Here are some additional accessories that are sure to interest you:

  • air canopy, which is a lightweight fabric curtain with soft colors, stylish and understated pattern.Canopy will help to create a child's sense of comfort, comfort and security.
  • Sleeping bag Feretti Bee pleasant colors, in which the baby is warm and comfortable.
  • stylish envelopes for newborns, essential at the time of discharge from the hospital, as well as during the daily walks in the fresh air.
  • boxes on a wall or a crib with pockets for different stuff.This product is easy to pick up a linen Feretti, because it comes in colors that match the bedding.

Benefits of baby bedding Feretti

Excellent linens from the world-famous Italian brand Feretti and accessories for the room a kid - it's beautiful, elegant and really quality stuff, that will provideyour baby warmth and comfort.

All brand children's products company imported from Italy and are distinguished from domestic analogues of the highest quality and attention to every detail of the product.Bedding made so qualitatively, that you will not see any uneven shovchika, and the label will not interfere with the child.

For signature bedding are very easy to care for, kits are easily erased any detergent in the laundry room or the house, and instantly restore their original shape.Baby bedding Feretti easy to lay, Change, hang to dry, and pat dry.

Tip: when buying bedding for kids from Feretti company certainly ask the seller a certificate or other proof of identity and security bedding.Beware of imitations!

Unique design company Feretti

Apart from 100% organic, natural linen and filling of blankets and pillows in the manufacture of children's products Feretti company experts use proprietary technology innovation and development, largely improve the quality of children's bed linen.

Thus, special attention is paid to the following developments:

  • System Purista, is endowed with bed linen for babies unique bacteriostatic properties, which helps accessories for the crib as long as possible to remain fresh and clean nemnuschimisya.
  • the Unique thermal insulation filler Ingeo, which helps bedclothes "breathe" and absorb moisture well.
  • System EasyIron, which makes bed linen almost nemnuschimsya that allows moms and dads do not iron bed baby, it only need to carefully hang to dry.
  • System EvenFill, which is used to create blankets for cots and ensures that no "cold" zones due to the uniform distribution of the filler.
  • System EasyWash, thanks to which all the linens and dressed, pillows and bumpers easy to change and wash in automatic mode or in the laundry room.Parents should not be afraid that the linen will lose its original appearance and excellent quality characteristics.
  • innovative packaging for laundry PEVA shower, made of a special film that is subjected to full biodegradation.

More about bedding for children from Ferretti you can see in the video:

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