Video lessons step aerobics

Step aerobics - is a complete fitness center, with more than 200 items (mainly dance leg movements), performed with the help of a special step-platform.Classes in this kind of aerobic sports spend many fitness centers, but we can deal with on their own.Most suitable for home workout step aerobics video tutorials.In this article, we picked up a training video for different levels of fitness.You need only step (platform) and suitable clothing.

The benefits and advantages of step aerobics

basic element of this type of aerobics - vigorous step, and walking, as you know, is a great aerobic exercise, coaching respiratory system, heart, blood circulation.Such training increases endurance, strengthens the entire muscular skeleton, perfectly burn extra calories.Selecting this sport, you do not reach the muscle weight (which is important for women), but tighten shape, improve coordination.It is also proved that the group exercises to rhythmic music act as an antidepressant.

basic exercises for beginners

If you are unfamiliar with step aerobics, start with a basic level represented by this video instruction.It does not matter if at first you do not overpower the entire workout.Learning of the initial movements in this sport does not require much time.The pace is easy to adjust, if you exercise at home (just pick your favorite dance music).Do not forget to start / finish the warm-up lesson.Gradually increase the load (including raising the height of step platform or weights).

Videos activity advanced

If you are new to step aerobics or just have a good physical fitness, try to master the advanced online training with elements of choreography.This video tutorial will not be boring, not only because of the high intensity and sudden movements, but also thanks to the classroom of a musical composition.Regular classes will allow you to move to a more complex level and eventually even be your ligaments (motion systems).

Step aerobics for weight loss

Step aerobics - effective way to lose excess weight and unnecessary folds on the body.After the load is on the most problematic areas for women: thighs and buttocks.Intensive training at degree three times a week, you get a visible weight loss results in a month.Watch the video presented below exercise for weight loss, over time, add the tempo, the load - and the desired figure correction cease to be unattainable.

Aerobics and fitness for children

need for training of various muscle groups of children are not always compensated by the natural mobility.Teach a child to train the body at an early age, you lay the foundation for his good health in the future.Optionally, give the preschooler to the sport.Learn the basics with it children's aerobics, as shown in this video.Training in the form of a game, the use of improvised sports equipment, as well as lively music will love the kid and his parents will not be bored.