How to brew goji berries

Goji - oblong, red berry, native to China and Asian countries.In folk medicine, is popular for its medicinal properties.Chinese barberry used to prepare a variety of tinctures, teas, compotes, has a tonic, a tonic effect.Let's understand how to brew goji berries to keep useful micro and macro elements.With the right preparation you'll get a useful, tasty drink, a beneficial effect on health, leading to the rejuvenation of the body and longevity.

The benefit of goji berries?

goji berries - the source of a large amount of nutrients: vitamins (C, B1, B6, B12, E), minerals, amino acids, mono- and polysaccharides, carotenoids, beta-carotene.The unique chemical composition of Chinese barberry helps the body cope with viral infections, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, accelerates intestinal motility.Fruits goji improve work cardiovascular system: increase the elasticity of blood vessels of the circulatory system, normalizes blood pressure.

Goji - a useful product for weight loss.It accelerates metabolism, promotes detoxification, improves mood, helps to burn body fat, saturates the body with beneficial micro-and macro.As a result, you will effectively get rid of the extra kilos, cleanses the skin, removes toxins and toxins.Berries help reduce appetite losing weight, regain strength, slow the aging process, helps fight with depressed mood.

Brewing and drinking berry for weight loss?

The rate of consumption of diet of berries is 30-50 grams (a small handful or two) a day, divided into two doses (morning / evening).Calorie Chinese barberry high, 100 g 234 kcal, therefore, consider the nutritional value of fruits in the total diet and do not abuse this useful product in the diet.How to brew goji berries for weight loss?

need for infusion:

  • enamelware;
  • glass of hot water - 250 ml .;
  • 1-2 spoons of goji berries.

Pre-wash the fruit under running water, put in the prepared bowl, cover with hot water, cover with a lid.The drink should infuse 20-30 minutes.Drink the broth, and then eat the berries in half an hour before meals.For a change in the finished infusion goji fruit, add a slice of lemon or a little honey, improving the taste of the beverage by increasing the amount of nutrients and vitamins.For more saturated infusion change the proportions of fruit and water.

technology of brewing tea in a thermos

If you do not like cold drinks, the brew in a thermos for goji.You will need a small flask (500 ml) hot water and the daily rate of berries.Rinse the thermos with boiling water, pour washed Chinese barberry, cover with hot, potable water.The broth is ready after 15 minutes.Brewed a thermos fruit goji well insist retain beneficial properties for a long time.Ready drink is convenient to take with you everywhere: at work, athletic training, a long walk with the children.

Eat hot broth in small portions throughout the day, as soon as you feel the first signs of hunger or fatigue.This will help you reduce your appetite, restore energy, improve overall health.Increase the effectiveness of weight loss infusion goji berries help natural "fat burners": green tea, grapefruit juice, ginger, cinnamon, cranberries.Adding healthy ingredients to the finished decoction before drinking, you speed up the metabolism, improve digestion, increase the efficiency of the process of burning excess fat.

Recipes drinks from goji berries

Fruits goji perfectly combined with many foods.Chinese barberry improves taste characteristics dishes, increasing the nutritional value, complementing the beneficial vitamins, micro and macro elements.Sour-sweet fruit used to prepare not only tea, beverages, broths, stewed, but also as an additive to soups, main dishes, cereals, pastries and desserts.

  • Energy drink of goji berries.

Ingredients: 1 liter of hot water, 30 g of berries, 2 tsp..grated ginger, 30 grams of ginseng root, 1 tbsp.l.honey.

Preparation: Pour hot water in the evening in a thermos of ginger, ginseng, insist night.In the morning add to broth goji fruit and honey, leave for a few hours.Ready to drink beverage in pure form in small portions, diluted with mineral water or juices of citrus.

  • Smoothies from goji berries with yogurt.

Ingredients: 200 ml yogurt 1% -zhirnosti, 2 tbsp.l.berries, 1 banana 2-3 strawberries.

Preparation: Mix the ingredients in a blender, whisk 3 minutes.

  • Oatmeal with goji berries.

Ingredients: 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of skim milk, 2 tbsp.l.berries, ½ hr. liter.honey.

Preparation: cook the porridge, for 5 minutes until cooked add the fruit, honey.

  • chicken breast with vegetables and goji berries.

Ingredients: 2-3 chicken breasts, 2 tbsp.l.berries, 1-2 sweet pepper, 1 carrot, 1-2 onions, black / red pepper, salt, turmeric.

Preparation: sliced ​​breast with spice mix, leave for 10-12 minutes to marinate.Chopped vegetables, goji fruit, mix with chicken, fold the mixture into a sleeve for baking.Put on a baking sheet, smooth inside hose ingredients evenly.Bake for 20-30 minutes in an oven, the temperature of 180 °.

  • Cupcake with goji berries and bran.

Ingredients: 200-300 ml nonfat yogurt, 5, Art.l.bran (oat, wheat, rye), 1 egg, 3 tbsp.l.berries, 1 tbsp.l.honey or sugar.

Preparation: Mix ingredients and leave for 15 minutes.Put the mixture into a mold and bake in a wind rack for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 180 °.

Contraindications Goji berries - an invaluable health product rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements.Unique, high concentration of nutrients limits the amount of consumption of Chinese barberry 1-2 handfuls a day.Exceeding the specified volume leads to vitamin deficiencies, allergic reaction, disorder of the digestive system.

Fruits are contraindicated:

  • People who are prone to allergies - skin rash, urticaria.
  • People with gastrointestinal diseases - exacerbation of gastritis, peptic ulcer, diarrhea.
  • People with cancer - the excessive stimulation of the immune system have a negative impact on the general condition of the patient.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to 3 years - allergic reactions;
  • People taking dietary supplements - vitamin deficiencies.

Chinese barberry berries - a dietary supplement that is used a lot of people with health benefits, it helps to rejuvenate the body and longevity.Deciding to take goji fruit, add them to the diet, gradually increasing the amount to the recommended 30-50 grams per day.In the event of an allergic or other adverse reactions, reduce the dose to eliminate the negative effects.If the symptoms do not disappear for a long time, then do not use fruit and consult a doctor.

Video: goji berries for health and weight loss

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feedback on the effectiveness of

Svetlana, 36 years

«My dietician advised to include in the diet of goji berries as an effective supplement for weight loss.Following the advice, I accelerated the process of losing weight to 500 g per week.Very pleased, as the drink is delicious, useful for health. "

Tamara, 56 years

«With the goji fruit, I am struggling with the age disturbances of intestinal peristalsis.On the advice of a neighbor take a decoction.Gone are any problems with the chair, the intestine runs like clockwork, there was courage and extra energy in the body. "

Ruslan, 28 years

«I actively go in for sports: go to the rocking, running around - I want to build muscle, remove excess weight.Goji berries have started to drink a month ago on the advice of a trainer from the gym.Drink well to recover after hard training, gives energy, vitality, relieves muscle pain. "

Elena, 40 years

«I have two children, 10 and 8 years old, who constantly suffer from colds.I heard about the benefits of goji health, improve immunity, but to stop the high price.Recently decided to experiment, I was pleased with the result.Children have practically ceased to be ill during the offseason, feel good, active and mobile.Always hold the whole family prophylactic fruit in spring / autumn.Money is not the problem, save on drugs. "